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FLOSS Manuals (en)

FLOSS Manuals (en)

In Libro Veritas Diagram Ring : open source diagram editor software Create Flowchart diagrams, UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams, DFD (Data Flow Diagram) diagrams and etc. More than 45 predefined symbols More than 15 different styles Easy to use. Automatic edge label positioning. Diagram Ring supports full flowchart diagramming. With lots of flowchart symbols and easy procedure to connect nodes, it's one of the best flowchart tools available. Here is a sample of a flowchart diagram created using Diagram Ring editor: Although being simple, DFD diagrams are one of the most useful diagrams to describe data flow. Here is a sample of a DFD diagram created using Diagram Ring editor: Diagram Ring supports pie charts and simple bar charts. Here is a sample of a pie chart created using Diagram Ring editor: Class diagrams are the most important diagram of UML. Here is a sample of a UML class diagram created using Diagram Ring editor: Here is a sample of a UML use case diagram created using Diagram Ring editor: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

The Best BitTorrent Websites « GeekLimit Posted by AtariBoy | Filed under Software, Web BitTorrent is a great way of transfering large files across the net without putting large loads of servers. All you need are the torrent files. Here are a few of the best sites you can get legal and not-so-legal torrents from. – The origonal site from the creator of the BitTorrent protocol. – 100% Legal torrents, many independant films and music. Linux Tracker - As many Linux ISOs as you can handle, all free of course. - One of the best torrent search engines available. The Pirate Bay – The biggest tracker of them all, many not-so-legal torrents. Torrentspy - Moving towards more legal torrents, a very popular site. TorrentPortal – Lots of Ads, but if you can get past them its a gold mine of great torrents. Demonoid - A great community, invite only. JabberWalker – Another torrent search page. TorrentBytes - A nice simple forum style torrent list site. MegaNova – In the wake of SuprNova, nice fast search.

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