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Gadgets japonais et Arts insolites

Gadgets japonais et Arts insolites
[62 pictures] UFUNK – The Week End Selection n°84 As the chocolate eggs hidden in the garden, it is now time to discover the Week End Selection n°84! As every weekend, here is a new selection of WTF,... Sunset Lights and Broken Mirrors – 13 amazing photographs by Bing Wright “Broken Mirror/Evening Sky“, a beautiful series of photographer Bing Wright, who capture the captivating lights of sunsets through broken mirrors…... Marshmallow Cat – Cute and adorable Japanese sweets… Here are the “CafeCat“, some adorable marshmallows in the shapes of little kittens and cat paws, designed by Japanese confectioner Marshmallow... 24 new vintage Super Heroes portraits A new selection of creations by Italian artists Marvellini Brothers, based in Milan, who create portraits of superheroes and iconic characters of pop...

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Photo Inspiration Who doesn’t love baby photography, One of the most challenging and time consuming type of photography. It is easily one of the hardest kinds just because of the sheer amount of unexpected drama with the kids. It is also one of the most popular kind of photography too. You see baby photography all around. This gives you an idea... read more The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers This is a repository of the most up-to-date versions of Deviant's lock diagrams and animations. Seen in all of the TOOOL educational materials and slide decks, these files are all released under the Creative Commons license. You are free to use any of them for non-commercial purposes, as long as they are properly attributed and the same freedom for others is maintained in all derivative works. Please note that these diagrams have evolved and developed over time.

10 Blogs That Will Make You Into An Amazing Photographer Now, you really don’t have to struggle in the darkroom to learn the ropes of how to take great photos. That is because the lessons of photography have gone online too. Ten blogs – that’s minuscule compared to the great photography blog sites out there. Just like the art of photography, there is a great variety in the nature of the photography blogs too. There are the general blogs which try to cover everything related to this visual art; there are specialized photography blogs that dive into the niches like wedding photography; there are blogs which only talk about gear; and then there are the personal blogs by some immensely talented photographers themselves. Geek vs Nerd In the ongoing battle between geek and nerd, one must take sides. But how can this be done without a solid argument for both personas? It's time to lay all the cards on the table to determine which is better and answer the question some fear to know: Are you a geek, or a nerd?

The Sexperience 1000 Welcome to The Sexperience 1000, an interactive journey through the sexual experiences and preferences of one thousand British individuals. What’s the favourite sexual position of iPhone users in the North? Do country music lovers over 55 prefer to do it in the dark? Explore the 20 questions of our survey and discover what the great British public get up to between the sheets… Filter Filter by region, age, etc. and compare to yourself. “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun” I don’t usually fawn over celebrities, but Katharine Hepburn is an exception. She is one of my all-time favorite women, and should be one of yours, too. There are many reasons to adore her, to name just a few: her incomparable acting talent, her fiercely independent nature, her willingness to stand up for what she believed in, and her dedication to being her absolute self, regardless of the criticism received for it.

Brainwave/Cymatic Frequency Listing This is a listing of frequencies that various parties have claimed can affect the human mind or body in some way. The following sorts of frequencies are included : Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. "Healing" Frequencies - These are frequencies that various parties claim could be used to heal illnesses of different kinds, or stimulate some region of the body (chakras). The medium used to do this varies - some of these parties used devices that generated EM fields which were applied to a precise part of the body, while others used vibration and sound.

Sunrise, sunset: city photos at the golden hour – Lonely Planet blog In travel photography, light can either be your best friend or a horribly mismatched travel companion. The way the light enters and consumes the scene can either enhance or diminish the destination’s beauty. The best travel photographers know how to spot and utilize the ‘right light’, making their photos leap off the page and irresistible to fellow travelers. 16 Funny and Informative Infographics about Design Who doesn't love looking at interesting and informative images? Today, we're bringing you some of the most informative, and funny, infographics about design and designers. We hope this collection will inspire you to use our tools to create infographics of your own based on your knowledge and understanding of design. We've featured a few of our favorite tools at the bottom and would love for you to share an infographic you come up with. The anatomy of a graphic designer

How to be a stylish designer.  You don’t know how to dress. Fashion has no meaning to you, other than buying a pair of jeans every two years or so. You don’t get the point of wearing anything otther than black. And there you are, a designer. Which means, you SHOULD be well-dressed, stylish, arty, whatever adjectives that fit your fancy.

Design a Vintage Style Swissair Travel Poster In Photoshop Follow this step by step Photoshop tutorial to create a modern, clean, travel poster design for Swissair, and then learn how to transform into vintage poster design. We will use useful techniques related to patterns, visual organization with Photoshop guides, grunge texture to give a distressed look to the composition and adjustment layers for final retro touch. Learn how a range of Photoshop techniques pull together the various elements to create the final design. Black and White Photography: Urban Decay [Urban Exposure] urban decay brief : The urban landscape has many dark secrets, one of those is the dereliction and dilapidation of a previously inhabited urban existence. As cities have grown and economies developed, some areas have suffered. The result is nature fighting back to reclaim land that was once taken from it. . Urban decay was the feature that initially got me interested in photographing the urban landscape.

Quint's Chum Bucket **Contains spoilers** Have you ever had to give a presentation in school or at work, on the heels of someone who had just crushed theirs? How do you follow it up? How do you make yourself standout against the person that the audience is clearly still thinking about or, even worse, comparing you to? People used to say that because of his on stage persona and memorable performances, Jerry Lee Lewis “killed” the audience for any act who tried to follow him.