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Get latest on teen fashion trends, style tips, shopping tips, and get inspired by celebrity looks.

Style Rewind: 7 Fashion Trends That Are Much Older Than You Think. 1. Tights/Leggings This is probably the single most exploited trend in the whole world and while women wear them today to show off their sexy legs, tights were originally worn by men (and that too for many centuries). By the 17th century, they had gradually been replaced by breeches and stockings. Skirts and stockings anyone? 2. Well this one’s more recent. 3. They were a big hit in the 70’s and have also taken over the current decade, but, did you know that they were first worn over 600 years ago by rich women to keep their dresses from getting dirty in the streets. 4.

Nail junkies, you owe this fashion trend to the ancient Egyptians who used decorated bone, ivory and gold to fix themselves some artificial nails. 5. Say what? 6. If you believe, for a moment, that kohl is a modern invention, you’re highly mistaken. 7. Which style are you a slave to? 6 Bad Fashion Habits That You Need To Break Now.

1. Teetering around in high heels Heels can be like drugs! Once you start wearing them, you can't stop. They make you look tall, shapely and slim! But, hold on, take a step back because you might end up getting varicose veins if you wear these all the time. Don't know what that is? Just google it and be braced for the horror that follows. I'm not saying stop wearing heels. 2. Just because our clothes don't have ample pocket space, doesn't mean we will over-compensate by stuffing our bags with everything under the sun! We are all guilty of this, agreed! 3. Just because it's Zara or Mango, doesn't mean you'll get good quality stuff all the time.

Believe it or not, but mostly you pay for cheaper quality products at high-end brands. 4. Don't do this to yourself. The fashion industry is designed in a way to make people fall for trends that don't necessarily look good. 5. I see a lot of ladies on the Delhi Metro guilty of this! 6. 6 Bad Fashion Habits That You Need To Break Now. Why You Should Have At Least One Red Outfit In Your Wardrobe. To tell the world that you have arrived It's bold, unapologetic and unflinching. The moment you walk in wearing red, all eyes will be on you. Look at Julia Robert's red gown in 'Pretty Woman' or Sushmita Sen's red saree in 'Main Hoon Na'.

It's safe to say that red made their presence felt. via GIPHY To play with people's mind Seeing you in red does weird things to people's (men mostly) minds and psychology proves it. So, the next time you want to give someone some mixed signals, wear red! Via GIPHY Because you're not afraid of your sexuality A red outfit is the most externally primal way of portraying fierce sexiness. When you wear red, it shows that you are not afraid of your sexual prowess, rather you embrace it with open arms. via GIPHY To make a statement & leave your mark It is very hard not to notice someone who's wearing red.

Some studies suggest that you should wear red to interviews and office meetings. Via GIPHY To have an air of mystery around you Everyone likes mysteries. Via GIPHY. 5 Vacation Outfit Ideas For Guys & Girls. 1. Casual Sightseeing For mornings at the museum and afternoons at the craft bazaar, make a statement with casual dungarees and a button down white shirt (over or under). This is one style that both girls and guys can rock effortlessly! If you're on a beach holiday, then just roll the dungarees up and show off your feet in some colourful flip-fops. For colder climates, just top it with a warm jacket and boots. 2. Lunch In Town For leisurely afternoons spent indulging in local cuisine, you’d want to wear something light and roomy. Girls: Just pair your button down from earlier with a tube-maxi skirt & waist belt (add Jacket & boots for cold climates) Guys: Look stylish in some harem pants and your white shirt. 3.

An evening at the bar requires you to transition from a day to night look, but still look effortlessly chic. Girls: Re-purpose that maxi skirt from your lunch escapades and wear it as a tube dress. Guys: We don't want you to carry a heavy luggage either. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 Creative Ways To Wear A Classic Button-Down Shirt. 1. With your boyfriend jeans for that casual-chic look 2. Dress to impress: Under a sleeveless dress or overalls 3. Over a dress or skirt for the boho look 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Which one's your favourite?

Sign In Now Create New Account Reset Password I pledge to restore my sister's dignity, I pledge to quit saying Behenchod. Let your friends know about the pledge you just signed. 6 Ways To Add Cheer To Your Winter Wardrobe. 1. Bold Lips Try incorporating some fun spring colors into your beauty routine. Sure, we’ve loved the dark plum and deep wine lipsticks of winter, but we could all use something more playful as we anxiously await warmer temperatures. 2.

Neon Jewelry The neon trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Use pops of colour here and there in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to go from drab to fab in just a few seconds. You can also add some gold and silver accents for that glammed up look. 3. If you don’t already have outer winter-wear in a bright colour, invest in one. It actually doesn't even have to be a coat. 4. Although it is not technically a colour, it is one of the most awesome ways to brighten up the drab clothes in your closet. 5. Winter comes with a lot of musts in terms of looks, and scarves are among them, so we might as well make the best of it and do the trend. 6. "The fact is, that sometimes it is hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. 6 Ways To Add Cheer To Your Winter Wardrobe. Style Guide: How To Look Glamorous In Ethnic Wear This Winter.

#Tip 1: Opt for cropped jackets instead of traditional knits Cropped jackets are a current rage this season and the good news is that it looks fabulous with Indian wear as well. Take a cue from the hottest runway styles and drape you saree over a cropped jacket or under it, or replace your blouse with a beautifully embroidered jacket, the sky is your limit. A waist length silk jacket also works really well with flared lehengas and a dupatta. #Tip 2: Try creative ways of draping the quintessential stole or shawl No one can deny the old-world charm of a handcrafted shawl or a beautifully designed stole.

#Tip 3: Long coats over Indian wear can jazz up your entire ensemble Long coats with fabulous detailing and cuts will make a bold statement wherever you go and make you the belle of the ball for sure. #Tip 4: Incorporate Velvet in your footwear Paying attention to footwear is also really essential during winters. #Tip 5: Improvise and update your ethnic wear. Fashion Forecast: Rose Quartz and Serenity to be the top colours for 2016. Rose Quartz Decoded: A warmer rose tone that is lighter than the traditional baby pink. Subtle yet sophisticated! Mini City Bag Price: Rs 2,290 Buy it here Pointed lace up ballerinas Price: Rs 2,890 Buy it here Lace detail gown Price: Rs 6,990 Buy it here Maybelline colour show nail lacquer Price: Rs 75 Buy it here Emmie Facet Jumble Drop Necklace Price: Rs 1,200 Buy it here Serenity Decoded: A shade closer to baby blue; think the calm airy sky above us!

Dawn Flower Stud Earrings Price: Rs 500 Tile Print Jersey Bodycon Dress Price: Rs 995 Blue Quirky Sunglasses Price: Rs 2,200 Blue mocassins Price: Rs 2,108 Brights 221 Mono Eyeshadow Price: Rs 350. 6 Ways To Add Cheer To Your Winter Wardrobe.