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3 Periodic Trends

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3.1 Atomic Structure & Valence Electrons. 3.2 Electron Structure. 3.3 Periodic Table. 3.4 Bond Types. Article on Chemical Bonding (Extra Info!) 3.5 Energy & Atomic Structure. 3.6 Electron Configurations. Metals NM and metalloids Activity. Sim electron configuations. 15 Periodic Trends S. Trends in the Periodic Table. Patterns in Electron Configuration. 14 Cracking the Periodic Table Code S. Ws practice orbital and e config. Ws ElectronConfigurationspacket (pgs 1 & 4 and pgs 2,3 each one WS) Answering Essential Questions Practice for Periodic Table Trends. Periodic Table Trends CER Practice. Lab13 DensityAndThePeriodicTable. Lab7 PeriodicTrends. Lab7ListOfElementsWithProperties. Lab Ionic Vs Covalent. Lab PRACTICE metal & non metal. 3 Periodic Trends Demonstrate. Proj The Periodic Table album.