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Vers une société plus apaisée ? Note de synthèse N°16. Tendances 2015 pour l'entreprise selon Joël de Rosnay. La saison de la tendance est ouverte depuis quelques semaines et les instituts d’études et agences de communication commencent à partager leur vision des tendances importantes à considérer pour 2015 et l’au-delà.

Tendances 2015 pour l'entreprise selon Joël de Rosnay

C’est Joël de Rosnay a ouvert le bal cette semaine pour l’institut BVA, déjà connu pour le baromètre de l’innovation. Après une introduction en forme de lapalissade dans le style « l’avenir est aux jeunes » et « internet est dernière nous » – difficile de ne pas penser à l’article de Wired « The web is dead« , il a confié son appréciation au combien juste mais un peu facile que le monde politique actuel et les systèmes hiérarchiques des entreprises classiques sont «hors-jeu» Voici les 6 tendances qu’il a sélectionné.

Attention, acronymes et néologismes en vu. BVA Qualitative Factory devrait dévoiler ensuite leur cahier de 16 tendances selon la double approche socio-anthropologique / marketing opérationnel. «Nous sommes augmentés. «GAFAMA» (Google Apple Facebook Amazon, Alibaba). Seven disruptive trends that will kill the 'dinosaurs of retail' Retail has been described as the world's "second oldest profession.

Seven disruptive trends that will kill the 'dinosaurs of retail'

" But that doesn't mean that it is not changing. In fact, some of the most well-known retailers in their categories have suddenly gone extinct. The forces that caused these retailers to vanish are yet again evolving at an even faster pace. Darwin's law of survival is even more relevant for today's "retail dinosaurs" on the verge of extinction. For those unwilling or unable to adapt, there are at least 7 major disruptive trends which will cause the next wave of retailer casualties. 25 retail dinosaurs vanished in the last 25 years Dinosaurs are the perfect analogy for some of the major retailers who have vanished in recent years.

Normally, I do not think of Entrepreneur as a primary retail source, but they recently had a great piece on "The Retail Giants That Disappeared. " In reviewing the list of dead retail dinosaurs, Darwin's law of survival would seem to apply to retailers as well as natural species: 1. 2. 3. 4. Consommer sur abonnement. Target embracing multichannel “In a Snap” with new app - Altavia Watch - The buzz surrounding Amazon’s Fire phone is still on, as both the Android and iOS markets welcome new look-alike apps, as in the case of Target’s “In a Snap” image-recognition app, supposedly similar to Amazon Fire’s Firefly tool, as reported by PC Mag.

Target embracing multichannel “In a Snap” with new app - Altavia Watch -

For Target, this is yet another step towards e-commerce, or rather towards multichannel retail, as it allows its shoppers to shop for Target items by snapping images. Barcode scanning, link research and shelf searching are all things of the past now. Using In a Snap The app, available on the App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, works by recognizing products from images the mobile device is pointed at. For example, you find a picture of a book in a magazine. Innovations Retail - Altavia Watch - (Auteur : Manon Garnier) La startup Californienne, Storefront, propose une plateforme de mise en relation de marques avec des propriétaires d’espaces de vente pour des locations de courte durée, ou “pop-up stores”.

Innovations Retail - Altavia Watch -

Aujourd’hui, les commerçants indépendants autant que les grandes marques recherchent la flexibilité dans leur façon d’atteindre les consommateurs. La Recharge : première épicerie sans emballage - Altavia Watch - Selfridges listens in to customers on social media - Altavia Watch - (Author : Ben Sillitoe) Selfridges is looking to more actively engage with its customers on social media and better understand what consumers are saying about the brand online.

Selfridges listens in to customers on social media - Altavia Watch -

The high-end department store group has invested in technology that it hopes will improve the way it responds to customer queries across social media platforms on a global scale, as well as keeping track of comments made on review sites, forums, blogs and newspaper comment sections. Technology company Synthesio is providing the software, which will help Selfridges gain customer insight in 50 languages from 200 countries, including from key Asian social networks such as Sina Weibo. Selfridges’ marketing and customer service teams will use the information to respond to customer queries and analyse shoppers’ online and offline experiences. “This project is another great example of integrated listening and engagement, which is becoming the de-facto strategy for mature brands.” Source : With innovation, Wal-Mart takes lessons from startups.

By ANNE D'INNOCENZIO Associated Press Posted: 08/12/2014 11:14:54 AM PDT0 Comments|Updated: 6 days ago NEW YORK -- Wal-Mart thought shoppers would like the opportunity to use a smartphone app to scan items they want to buy as they walk through store aisles.

With innovation, Wal-Mart takes lessons from startups

In theory, they could speed through self-checkout. But customers couldn't figure out how to work the "Scan & Go" app during tests in 200 stores, so Wal-Mart nixed it. Details: Wal-Mart is testing same-day delivery of groceries, fresh produce and other products in San Jose and San Francisco in California and Denver. It's also testing same-day delivery of only general merchandise like toys and TVs in Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and Minneapolis if ordered by noon. 7 Retail Trends for 2014 by Infosys.