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Favorite. Generation Y. Z Generation. Millennials. Pretentious Is Not A Sexual Orientation. ‘Sapiosexual’ has to be one of the stupidest sexual ‘identities’ to come along in years.

Pretentious Is Not A Sexual Orientation

New words with the suffix “-sexual” are like catnip for trendy straight people. In the late ’90s and early aughts, we collectively endured the “metrosexual,” a completely unnecessary term for a man who shaves and dares to have a few pastels in his wardrobe. And in the past year, we have watched the rise and fall of the “lumbersexual,” a completely unnecessary term for a man who doesn’t shave and wears flannel. Enter the “sapiosexual,” which Urban Dictionary defines as “one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.”


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Media Photoshop Retouching. Gadgets japonais et Arts insolites. Huge List of Cool Stuff. This Is Why I'm Broke. 20 Irresistible Gadgets. Smart, dumb, candybar, flip, and brick: a visual history of mobile phones.

For most of their history, mobile phones have been shrinking.

Smart, dumb, candybar, flip, and brick: a visual history of mobile phones

Small meant portable; it even, in the not too distant past, was a sort of status symbol. Remember Motorola’s runaway hit, the ultra-thin Razr? But something funny happened on the smartphone’s way to success. Even as the phones themselves became thinner and lighter, their screens started to grow. This trend was driven by consumer demand, but what made it possible were simultaneous improvements in a handful of unrelated technologies. Years ago, your colleagues might have laughed at you if you couldn’t fit your phone in your pocket. If screen sizes continue to grow, you might want to invest in bigger pockets, a bulkier handbag, a man purse, or even a whole new way to carry your phone. Online Portfolios on the Behance Network. Infinity List. › Street Style Blog.

MOOSE Limited. The Flight From Conversation. At home, families sit together, texting and reading e-mail.

The Flight From Conversation

At work executives text during board meetings. We text (and shop and go on Facebook) during classes and when we’re on dates. My students tell me about an important new skill: it involves maintaining eye contact with someone while you text someone else; it’s hard, but it can be done. Over the past 15 years, I’ve studied technologies of mobile connection and talked to hundreds of people of all ages and circumstances about their plugged-in lives.

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Photo Inspiration

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The Sexperience 1000

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You don’t know how to dress.

How to be a stylish designer. 

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