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Friendship Day - 5 Fashion ideas for BFFs you can try on this friendship day. RATING No ratings yet. Festival of friends, the friendship day is just around the corner and you must be wondering what you could do to make it special for your Bestie. Ideally, there is whole lot of fun waiting for you and your Bestie but, when it comes to special then; it really means to be special. You can try these 5 matching fashion ideas this friendship day.

Indeed with your Bestie!! Complementing T-shirts There are so many things that complement each other very well like burger and French fries, Nutella and bread; in fact the list is too long. So what? The Friendship Necklaces The fashion market floods with various stuffs on friendship day but, the latest fashion tips suggest you to keep everything nominal. The Crime Partners Tying friendship band is almost a custom for teenagers these days but, try something new this year. The Phone Love Which is your favourite-your phone or your BFF? Get The Lifetime Mark. Buying tips For Wholesale western Wear or Club wear dresses. RATING No ratings yet. With a shift towards the western culture in the metro cities, the trend of going to club and parties is increasing to a extreme level.

And, every time you drop in at a club, pub or discotheque, you always want to look your extreme best in the latest Wholesale Western Wear. Especially, party going girls always keep a check on all the latest club wear clothing for setting their fashion standards high. There are lot of possible western wear that can give any girl sexy and sensuous appearance but, to choose the best outfit is a bit difficult. For this reason, we will suggest you the best tips and ideas that will help you to get the most gorgeous club wear for your next party. While you can always find the beautiful dresses at the wholesale clothing suppliers stores, you should try to find the dress that suite your body posture and structure.

The entire club wear dresses, short dresses and low cut clubbing dresses that are available in the market does not suit everyone. Why Online Clothing Business is popular than Retail Stores in today's time?: charufashions. Initially, it was really hard for me to convince my mom for the online shopping for clothes. You can completely understand how conservative mothers are. But, time has changed and you know what? It’s my mom now who preaches all my aunts about the benefits of searching online wholesale clothing suppliers. The highlights of her preaching seem so true that anyone can understand why online clothing business is becoming popular over the retail stores. Convenient Shopping All the wholesale apparel suppliers are going online as they know that everyone loves to shop conveniently. When sitting at home with just an electronic gadget in hand can allow you to explore the whole clothing world then, why to run in stores for this?

Nominal Prices When money matters for everyone then, why to spend more? More Options Retail stores of wholesale apparel suppliers generally have limited stock but, the online stores have a huge inventory and you have more options to choose from. Crowd Proof. Set The Right Price for Wholesale Fashion Clothing Buisness | Charu fashions. RATING No ratings yet. With our experience, we can tell you that setting up wholesale fashion clothing business are comparatively easier than setting the right prices for the wholesale clothing. It is a blend of art and science along with experimental attitude but in short, it is a nerve-wracking thing.

If you are planning to set up your wholesale clothing business, then you should look at our tips and formulas that will help you in deciding the prices of your products. Initially, the wholesale apparel Manufacturers have to set up a markup and you are not at all allowed to deviate from with this. You have to keep in check the bottom up and top down margins. The wholesale dresses pricing should always incur these factors before coming in the market. No matter if you are one of the wholesale apparel manufacturers or distributors; you have to make sure that you include few important costs before deciding the cost of your products. 7 Tips to choose best Wholesale online shopping stores | Charu Fashions. RATING No ratings yet. The trend of wholesale online shopping is at the all time boom. There was a time when people used to shop at the retail outlets and stores but, the time has completely changed now. Everyone prefers online shopping. And, why not?

Keep comparing Before purchasing any women ethnic wear or Indo-western wear, you should use the comparison tool available at most of the online shopping sites. Use the Zoom Feature When you purchase western wear wholesale online, you should definitely use the zoom feature of the shopping sites to double-check it. Double-check the colour While doing the online shopping, you cannot really judge the exact colour of the cloth. Check the return policy Being a retailer or wholesaler, you must have ample knowledge about the women wholesale clothing business and you must be aware that you have to return some goods at times. Reviews matters Yes, reviews of any product or website matter while you are doing the wholesale online shopping. Payment terms.

5 New Strategies For Wholesale Apparel Suppliers Business | Charu Fashions. RATING No ratings yet. Doing wholesale fashion clothing business might seem easy to most of the people but, this business comes with a lot of worries about profit margins. Every wholesale apparel suppliers tries to figure out new strategies to make a profit. If you also dealing with designer wholesale clothing, here are some new strategies to increase your profit. Special offers All the wholesale clothing suppliers USA have tried and tested this strategy and, they firmly believe that it works.

You can have weekly or monthly special offers on all your merchandise. Eye catching and tempting marketing You might be the biggest wholesale clothing distributors but, marketing is an essential factor to gain more clients for your store. Simplify things Retailers easily get pissed off with those wholesale apparel suppliers who have very stringent and difficult ordering, delivering and billing process.

Exemplary customer service Streamline everything. 7 Things That Retailers Do To Build A Great Fashion Brand. RATING No ratings yet. It’s no wonder then, that so many businesses are setting up or already have an online clothing shop. Starting a fashion business can be easy but to make that a great brand becomes too tricky. So many glitches in the air to promote your business. When it comes to wholesale fashion clothing it becomes so tough; so many questions are in mind. Which type of wholesale clothing distributors you should choose and how many varieties you have to keep pleasing your potential customer.

There are so many great brands in the market but the question arises how they become the great brand or the customer’s favorite. If you also want to build your fashion brand then you should have a glimpse of the below 7 things that retailers do to build a great fashion brand. One- Unforgettable Shop Name: This point speaks for itself really. Two- Initial offers: Offers always attract people. Four- Product Description: Your product description should be right & useful for customers. Tips To Earn Profit On Valentines By Clothing Wholesalers | Charu Fashions. RATING No ratings yet. Ages ago when Saint Valentines was spreading ‘Love’ in the whole World, he didn’t even thought that the ‘Day of Love’ will be celebrated in his name.

But, the emotion of love is so strong that it actually happened. And, it’s simply the wonderful feeling of love that makes the Valentine’s Day so alluring to us and persuades us to do special things for our ‘loved ones’ every year. This year will be no different from the past years. And as one of the leading Wholesale apparel manufacturers, we have always witnessed a ‘boom’ in the online shopping during the Valentine’s Week. While girls try to find their ‘perfect dress’ from the wide range of Wholesale Fashion clothing, the guys try to find the ‘perfect gift’ for their gorgeous girls. And, this fact can help all the retailers to increase their profit margin in the Valentine’s Season. Valentines Season shopping There is just one simple trick for all those retailers who want more earnings this Valentine’s Day. Gift Ideas. 7 Tips For Retailers To Reduce Out Of Stock Situation. RATING No ratings yet. If you try to jot down the worst situations in the retail clothing business, then the first thing that will strike your mind is indeed ‘Out Of Stock’ situation.

It describes that the inventory of the retailer is exhausted. This situation occurs due to various reasons. However, the two most prevalent reasons are: either the clothing retailers have not purchased wholesale apparel on time or wholesale clothing distributors have not supplied the stock on time. Whatever the case is, it directly impacts the retailer’s cash flow along with customer –brand relationship. Hence, it is very important to reduce such situation with smart planning and strategy. Tip.1: Traditional approach The technology has advanced a lot. Tip.2: Use the point of sale data technique Keep a check on the historical data of the sale. Tip.3: Tracking inventory with RFID technology The clothing retailers can use radio frequency tags to keep a check on the inventory. This one is quite effective. 10 Business Basics by Wholesale Apparel Manufacturers | Charu Fashions.

RATING No ratings yet. Want to have a steady monthly income along with ample scope of more, simply become one of the women’s wholesale clothing distributors or a women clothing retailer. Why? You know that girls love to buy women clothing for themselves, right? So, just take the advantage of this addiction of girls to earn unlimited. Since you got the reason for this, you can either open an online wholesale clothing store or you opt for a shop. The nature and structure of your business Everyone wants to have big things in life. Warehouse Whether you have selected a wholesale business or a retail business, make sure that you have enough places to store your goods. Geographical location You must be wondering, why geographical location. The most appropriate supplier The women clothing market is full of a large number of wholesale apparel manufacturers.

Right stocking Product liability insurance Generally, the clothing business could not do any harm to the customers with the products. Marketing. How To Be Successful In Wholesale Women Fashion Clothing Online (with images) · CharuFashions. Retail Trends in the Fashion Industry by Clothi... - Women's Clothing & Fashions Trends - Quora. It’s always good to get an insight of the upcoming trends in your business prior to any major drift. In past few years, we all have witnessed multi-channel, mobile, big data, Omni-channel and various other changes in the retail and wholesale online shopping. This year will be no different. If you are with the fashion industry, we will tell you the retail trends for 2016 that will help all the clothing wholesalers and retailers. 1.

More Payment options In the retail or wholesale online shopping, it is believed that more payment optionswill be made available. 2. There was a time when wholesale clothing distributors and suppliers used to hold a store to sell their product. 3. 'Only price', it no longer matters to the customer. 4. The wholesale apparel suppliers and distributors along with apparel retailers normally keep their online and offline data separately. 5. In this fast pace world, nobody wants to waste their time and energy in repeating things. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.