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Current food trends in NZ

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The real food trend – As we spring forward this Sunday we asked Ray McVinnie what food trends lay ahead. – Bite. 7 trends in food. Coconutters The trend for anything coconut is still going strong, despite recent media claims coconut oil is not good for your heart.

7 trends in food

Sticking to the virgin cold pressed variety is best. Coconut oil is considered a super food for lots of reasons – one 2009 study from Brazil, published in the journal Lipids, showed young obese women had improved HDL (good cholestrol) levels when consuming coconut oil. Nine To Noon, 11:50 am on 22 January 2015. Eight Top Food Trends That Will Rule In 2015 - Ramen - Page 1 - Food photos on Yahoo New Zealand. 3 new food trends to try. With a growing interest in healthy foods, new and interesting cooking ingredients are beginning to emerge in recipes and on supermarket shelves.

3 new food trends to try

We take a look at three of the latest food trends, why they are good for you and how you can include them in your everyday cooking. Coconut flour How do I use it? The healthy foods that will be hot this year. Last updated 10:29, January 8 2015 HUMBLE BUT HOT: Cauliflower might get its turn in the limelight this year.

The healthy foods that will be hot this year

Kale, quinoa and kombucha ruled the trendy healthful-food scene in 2014. But what will take centre-stage in 2015? Will mighty kale take a back seat? Will farro take over from quinoa? The Hottest Food Trends of 2015. The Hottest Food Trends of 2015 Inspire New Menu at the Coffee Club NZ The Coffee Club New Zealand’s café and restaurant menus are getting a revamp this July with the introduction of several new dishes.

The Hottest Food Trends of 2015

The new menu takes inspiration from the hottest food trends of 2015; chic burgers, trendy salads focused on both health and flavour and breakfast items that are equally at home on the dinner table. The New Food Trends You Need to Know About - Viva. Nathan Toleman is the owner of Top Paddock, voted the Good Food Guide’s best cafe in Melbourne last year, and Kettle Black, an incredible destination cafe just south of the central city.

The New Food Trends You Need to Know About - Viva

Later this year he’ll open Higher Ground, a huge new cafe in the CBD and one of the most anticipated Melbourne openings in years. Queues form early at Toleman’s cafes and last all day; as online eating bible Broadsheet puts it, everything he touches seems to turn to gold. Here are his top trends in Melbourne eating right now: Auckland Food Trends 2015. Planning a unique, stand out meeting or event can be a challenge.

Auckland Food Trends 2015

There are so many aspects that come into play including venue, set up, presenters and content. One of the most important aspects that can make or break your event is the food on offer. Organisers like to stick to the humble buffet because it’s a crowd pleaser, but perhaps some of these mouth-watering catering trends can provide some fresh inspiration! Restaurants follow unprocessed foods trend. Instead of counting calories, today's diners are often focused more on eating unprocessed foods and restaurants are starting to take notice.

Restaurants follow unprocessed foods trend

When Panera Bread in the US said this week that it would drop artificial additives from its menu, it joined a blitz of restaurants responding to customers' desire for healthier food. Chipotle said recently that it would eliminate genetically modified ingredients, while McDonald's pledged to use antibiotic-free chicken. Read also:• McDonald's rethinks chicken - goes more natural• Cold food hot trend with the in-crowd Their efforts reflect a new industry reality: Instead of counting calories, today's diners are often focused more on eating unprocessed foods.