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Worry-free Alternative to Traditional Banking

Worry-free Alternative to Traditional Banking

US Census Bureau releases public API for mobile and web developers The US Census Bureau has released its very first public API, allowing developers to create web and mobile apps based on the government's collection of demographic and economic statistics. The Bureau launched the API Thursday, alongside a new "app gallery" website where users can view and download apps that have already been built. With the API, developers will have access to two sets of statistical databases: the 2010 Census, and the 2006-2010 American Community Survey.

Lary - learn & live Google Glass and Apple’s iBeacon on the way to a bank near you Westpac NZ customers will be able to check their account balances and transfer funds via Google Glass once the device is widely available. Photo: AFP Paul Smith Westpac NZ’s chief digital officer officer Simon Pomeroy said wearable technology would become more popular throughout 2014, and that the bank was intent on making services available on all new technology platforms Westpac Banking Corporation is poised to take a fresh step in the increasingly competitive banking technology race with trials of apps for Google Glass and smartwatches and also branches kitted out with Apple’s iBeacon technology. 20 Game-Changing Technology Trends That Will Create Both Disruption and Opportunity on a Global Level No matter what industry you’re in, your company can’t survive without technology. And these days, even non-technical employees know that technology goes way beyond desktop computers and networks. From smart phones and tablet computers to mobile apps and cloud-based technology, there’s a plethora of technological advancements to not only keep track of, but also to profit from.

Linxo, La meilleure façon de gérer son argent Les Canadiens et les services bancaires Dernière modification 06 mai 2013 En bref 47 % des Canadiens utilisent Internet comme principal moyen d’effectuer leurs transactions bancaires; de plus en plus, ce moyen devient le premier choix parmi tous les groupes d’âge. Bien que les GAB et les services en succursale perdent de leur popularité, ils demeurent des moyens importants et valorisés quand il s’agit d’effectuer de nombreux types de transactions bancaires. Pour 91 % des Canadiens, ces innovations qui permettent aux clients d’accéder à leurs comptes de n’importe où et à n’importe quel moment ont rendu les services bancaires plus commodes.

Sign documents online Best Practices for Monitoring Multi-channel Banking Environments 5 Best Practices for Monitoring Multi-channel Banking Environments I came across the embedded & hyper-linked blog post and thought the members of Bank Innovation might find it of interest. Are you feeling the mounting pressure to keep up with evolving self-service banking applications and meeting consumer expectations around “on-demand” accessibility, consistency and choice?