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BRIEF: responsibility Social Investments AG Makes Debt Investments Totaling $1.7m in MBK Ventura of Indonesia, COOPAC Norandino of Peru and COAC Mushuc Runa of Ecuador responsAbility Social Investments AG (responsAbility), an investment manager founded in 2003 in Switzerland, reported to MicroCapital that it recently made four debt investments totaling USD 1.7 million in microfinance institutions (MFIs) MBK Ventura of Indonesia, COOPAC Norandino of Peru and COAC Mushuc Runa of Ecuador. The responsAbility Global Microfinance Fund (rAGMF), a microfinance investment vehicle (MIV) managed by responsAbility, made a debt investment in Mitra Bisnis Keluarga (MBK) Ventura, a non-banking microfinance institution founded in 2003 in Indonesia, totaling IDR 2.2 billion (USD 746,045) at a fixed rate of 11.8 percent for a 12-month period. responsAbility Mikrofinanz-Fonds, an MIV managed by reponsAbility and financed by German banks Bank im Bistum Essen and Stadtsparkasse Dusseldorf, also made a debt investment in MBK Ventura totaling EUR 196,011 (USD 248,680) under the same terms. By Diana Baide, Research Assistant Sources and Additional Sources:

Getting Biofuel from the World’s Garbage There is plenty of garbage on this planet; in fact there is so much garbage that many developed countries are trying to dump their garbage on the lands of lesser developed countries, at a fee of course. But does dumping garbage on other places solve the problem? On the contrary it spreads pollutions and diseases. In fact it is more dangerous to dump garbage in the less developed countries (because there are neither technologies available to process it nor enough awareness).

IFC evaluates investment in Nigeria’s mobile money market « Mobile Money Africa The International Finance Corporation may invest in the Nigerian mobile money industry if it is satisfied with the result of the due diligence it is currently carrying out on the industry. Our correspondent gathered that the IFC was keen to play a major role in the country’s emerging mobile money ecosystem and was currently evaluating opportunities available therein. Areas currently being evaluated by the IFC include technology acquisition, e-Float management and agency network, according to investigation. The Principal Associate, Mobile Money Africa, Mr. Emmanuel Okoegwale, who spoke with our correspondent about the development, said a number of international development organisations had also expressed interest in the country’s fledgling mobile money landscape.

Solar Electric Panels & Array Combiners We stock a wide range of solar panels, ranging from the small 1-watt trickle charge panels, up to the very large Kyocera 315 watt PV panels. Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity, and range in size from 1 watt to 300+ watts. Most solar panels up to 140 watts are 12 volt.

Solar Electricity and how it works - Photovoltaic Systems and Components, Grid-Connected Solar Electric Systems, Off-Grid (Stand Alone) Solar Electric Systems, PV Modules, PV Inverters, PV Chargers, PV Battery, PV Mounting, Small Solar Electric Devices Video source: U.S. Department of Energy Image above shows a residential Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System. 1. solar panels 2. inverter 3. breaker box 4. home power and appliances 5. meter 6. utility power grid. (1) Solar Electric or PV modules convert sunlight to electricity. The PV modules generate DC electricity - or direct current - sending it to the inverter. (2) The inverter transforms the DC power into AC electricity for ordinary household needs. (3) Existing electrical panel distributes solar electricity and utility power to (4) loads (appliances). For systems with a battery backup (optional), the inverter also regulates the charge of batteries.

biogas Pipes carrying biogas (foreground), natural gas and condensate Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It is a renewable energy source, like solar and wind energy. Build your own solar-powered water pumping station by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM Issue #91 In the last issue, there was an excellent article by Dorothy Ainsworth on water pumping using mechanical windmills. In this issue I will address another form of "free" water pumping. There are many remote applications where a solar-powered water pump is more cost effective than installing a conventional grid-connected AC pump. I recently designed a solar-powered pumping system for a local farmer wanting to pump water from a lake up to a watering trough for cattle in a distant fenced field. We have also designed larger systems to pump directly from drilled wells up to elevated storage tanks, which provide gravity-fed water back down to remote ranch buildings.

How to Achieve Energy Independence Edit Article Solar (Heat)Solar (Photovoltaic)WindMicro-hydroWaste Vegetable Oil/Straight Vegetable OilBiodieselAlcohol/EthanolAlgae cultureMethane Gas ProductionWood/Ag WasteElectric transportationHydrogen transportationAnimal labor Edited by Evildave, Glutted, Sondra C, KnowItSome and 15 others Welcome to my DIY website for re Back to main site Welcome to my DIY website for renewable energy enthusiasts. The purpose of this site is to share my experiences of designing and making renewable energy projects for very little money. It is a resource for DIY enthusiasts and for educational purposes, to ultimately share thoughts and ideas via the forum.