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The Art Classes

The Art Classes

StephanieVALENTIN on deviantART Step-by-Step Digital Painting Tutorial by *Qinni on deviantART Basic Pencil Shading by Snigom on deviantART alicexz on deviantART digital painting Online Drawing Lessons - Composition and Design Enhance the effectiveness of our online drawing lessons and improve the quality of your drawings by understanding the importance of Composition and Design. Learning to draw is not only about mastering the ability to draw what you see. Knowing how to create a balanced and harmonious composition within the borders of your page is also an integral part of making art. There are no official "rules" when it comes composing a visually interesting work of art. Simply use the elements of art (line, shape, form, texture & color) to create your desired outcome. For example: Do you want your drawing to be active & dynamic or would you prefer it to feel calm & peaceful? Click here for important tips on how to light your still life For Teachers: How to teach Composition Video! From still life below, several different compositions can be made. A good composition may be traditional or unexpected; complex or simple. Here are a few examples. Principles of Design:

Alice X. Zhang sachinteng: “The Teenagers” for NEWSWEEKIllustration I did a little while back for Newsweek for an article juxtaposing teenagers of the 60′s with teenagers today. So one half of the spread is Twister circles and the other half is apps. I always appreciate when I get the opportunity to draw woc. AliceXZ → Art livestream online! All the Fury Road I’ve been streaming lately! AHHHHH sorry for the lack of updates here (and everywhere!) He’s quite a handful, high energy and intense so he’s put me quite behind on work these days (he HATES it when I sit at the computer and ignore him haha) BUT I think I’ll be able to get back to my regular art schedule soon! Still streaming watercolor work over at my Twitch channel! My most recent Doctor Who artwork, painted for this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Pick these issues up at Titan Comics Booth #5537 - I’ll be there for a few signing sessions (schedule); I’ll also be on this Doctor Who panel! Phew, I think that’s all for now.

Skapligt enkelt i bildundervisning Hur kan Skapligt Enkelt vara till hjälp i undervisningen? Målet med Skapligt Enkelt har aldrig varit att bli en heltäckande bank för att täcka det centrala innehållet för ämnet bild, men en del av de tips som finns här kan användas i bildundervisning i skolan. Se det som tips till det praktiska arbetet och utforma sedan själv lektionen med syfte och kunskapskrav i åtanke. Nedan ger jag exempel på uppgifter som skulle kunna passa till de olika delarna i det centrala innehållet. Samtidigt som jag gjorde sammanställningen här, insåg jag att det fanns en utmaning för mig att fylla i de luckor som uppdagades. Men tills dess hoppas jag att sammanställningen kan vara en hjälp så som den är. Syfte med ämnet bild: Genom undervisningen i ämnet bild ska eleverna sammanfattningsvis ges förutsättningar att utveckla sin förmåga att Bildframställning Redskap för bildframställning Bildanalys

This Does Not Suck.... … Forgot to mention. To anyone in the LA area who is interested: The Downtown Burbank Fine Arts/Creative Talent Network (CTN) Animation Expo Festival is next weekend - April 19 & 20. CNT will be presenting an entire block devoted to animation and visual EFX artists from feature films, video games and television series, along with associated studios. You can visit with and view the work of artists whose contributions can be seen in some of the highest grossing films in the history of animation. These artists will also be demonstrating their talent, selling books and prints, and giving portfolio reviews and critiques - for you aspiring animators/artists. The event will also host digital artists, studio representatives, street painters, sculptors, and photographers on four blocks of San Fernando Boulevard from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

tallriksugglor Livin' the dream... ::wraps y’all in a bashful group hug:: And a most sincere and heartfelt thanks from me to all of you for giving me such precious reasons to do the things I do. <3 ::sticks her head through the dog door:: Hey, guys! I’m looking for a couple of well-sourced Chris and Darren quotes to use in a small project—have you any favorites? :) unfortunateplottwist: klaine playing monopoly requested by freakingpotter samspratt: Brave “Hair Study” (~1hr) - by Sam SprattSaw a screening of Pixar’s “Brave” last night, really dug the crazy gingerness going on so I wanted to try a quick study of those flowing locks. tysonmurphy: Wow, thanks everyone for the response on these Disney studies! thisdoesnotsuck: Happy St Paddy’s Day drawing. choiart: Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert jackfreak1994: Inspired by the many complaints i’ve received of older Lilo’s resemblance to Nani. tacogrande: A little something for the Klainiversary! scribbledigooks: Sketch dump of Edwin “Pop” and Mabel from Swing Time. alicexz: