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Pascal Campion Animator and Illustrator

Pascal Campion Animator and Illustrator

Aaron's Art Tips Archives - The Art of Aaron Blaise As a chance to experiment with my new Hair Brushes Volume 2 Set and in honor of “May the 4th” I thought it might be fun to do a quick speed painting of one of my favorite characters. Enjoy! Continue reading Sayaka Ouhito Japanese artist Sayaka Ouhito is an illustrator, and perhaps a concept artist. I’m unsure about the latter as I can’t read Japanese and, save for this relatively uninformative interview, there seems to be very little information available about her in English. Other than that, I know little about her, just my own impressions of the delightful drawing and Miyazaki-like charm that make her work so appealing.

Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot The WaterColorBot is a brand-new project from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Super Awesome Sylvia — a friendly art robot that moves a paint brush to paint your digital artwork onto paper, using a set of watercolor paints. Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot is launching now, and is exclusively available through Kickstarter ! Thus far, we have seen our Kickstarter campaign featured on: CNET , Laughing Squid , Adafruit , Hack Things , Tech Hive , Boing Boing , Engadget , , Tech Crunch , Tech Crunch Japan , Jeruknipis , Geeky Gadgets , , Gizmodo Germany , Kickstarter Newsletter , BinaryCSE , TechnaBob , Gizmag , Product Design & Development ( 1 , 2 ), KeerBot , Prosthetic Knowledge , Faveoly , Cool Things , Tech Age Kids and DNA India The WaterColorBot itself has also been seen on:

Romantic Cityscape painter Chien Chung-Wei 簡忠威aimed to be a painter at age 10. He earned the master degree in Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University and was selected as one of the 30 painters in One Hundred Years of Watercolor in Taiwan in 2009. In 2010, he set up the world’s first live demonstration teaching system in Chung-Wei Chien’s Art Studio for teaching watercolor. In 2014, he was selected in the 147th AWS Annual International Exhibition and the 94th NWS Annual International Exhibition; which made him the first Taiwanese painter get selected in the AWS and NWS annual exhibition. In addition, he was also accepted as the signature member in NWS in the same year.

Raphael Lacoste Raphael Lacoste is an illustrator, visual development artist and art director for the gaming and film industries. He is currently working with Ubisoft as Brand Art Director for the Assasin’s Creed franchise, which is noted for its beautiful environments. Lacoste’s other gaming credits include: Prince of Persia: The sands of Time and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. He has also worked as a matte painter and designer for feature films like Terminator: Salvation, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jupiter Ascending and Repo Men. Lacoste’s website features galleries of his work in several areas. He works digitally, primarily in Photoshop, and his images make beautiful use of atmospheric perspective and severely limited palettes.

Games – Amanita Design Amanita Design Creaks Meet Your New Neighbours CHUCHEL Comedy Adventure Game Samorost 3 Full-length Adventure Game Botanicula Full-length Adventure Game Machinarium Full-length Adventure Game Samorost 2 Point and Click Adventure Game Samorost 1Point and Click Adventure Web Game Questionaut Short Web Game for BBC The Quest For The Rest Short Web Game for The Polyphonic Spree Rocketman Short Web Game for Nike Character and Creature Design Notes: An Interview with Character and Creature Designer Joseph C. Pepe I met Joseph C. Pepe in 1990 when he was working as an effects animator and I as a key clean up artist on the Walt Disney Feature Animation film "The Rescuers Down Under". Since then Joe has created effects for every animated Disney Feature leading up to "Home on the Range" (2004), Including "Aladdin", "The Lion King", "Tarzan" and "Mulan". But when Joe left the Feature Animation studio in 2004 he made a career change, becoming a sought after conceptual artist and designer on films like "AVP: Alien Vs.

Новая G-Shock телефон на CES 2012 Casio has unveiled a new G-Shock cellphone at CES 2012. This new G-Shock-tough phone is rated for a 10 foot (3 meters) high drop impact, 1 ATM (10 meters) waterproof depth and it can hold up to one ton of weight. It has a chunky design that looks like they wrapped a resin G bezel around the edge of the phone. katsuyoshi koya Today is not exactly a translation, but it does have to do with the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary book. The book features five special illustrations that have Marth, Sigurd, Eliwood, Ike, and Lucina, each drawn by the same character artists in charge of their respective games. You may view them on the book’s compilation post here, but I wanted to make individual pages for each one, too. So, today, I provide Katsuyoshi Koya (character designer in Mystery of the Emblem and Genealogy of the Holy War)’s artwork of Sigurd. I went out of my way to clean it up for people who wanted the artwork.

Concept Art World Jonas De Ro is a concept artist and illustrator currently living and working in London. Jonas has worked on feature films such as Edge of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending, Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Link: | Twitter All images used with permission by the artist. © Jonas De Ro or their respective copyright holder. Paperpokés - Pokémon Papercraft: BLASTOISE 009 / BLASTOISE - Pokémon PapercraftName: Blastoise Type: Water Species: Shellfish Pokémon Height: 1.6 m (5'03") Weight: 85.5 kg (188.5 lbs.) Interesting Facts: Blastoise is a large, bipedal, blue tortoise-like Pokémon with a tough brown shell and two powerful water cannons, which are like steel in appearance, that jut out of the top sides of its shell. The cannons can be withdrawn inside the shell, or rotated to point backwards; this enables Blastoise to commence jet assisted rams. THE PAPER MODEL Height: 15.9 cm/ 6.3 in Width: 22.2 cm/ 8.7 in Depth: 23.5 cm/ 9.3 in Pages: 7 Pieces: 55 Level: Medium Designer: Brandon Photo: LuIS NOTES: This one is moderately easy, just follow the numbers and included instructions. Download: A4 / Letter

Graeme McCormack Graeme McCormack is a freelance concept artist and illustrator currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He attended the Alberta College of Art + Design. He recently finished working in at Sequence Post on a number of undisclosed projects, a previous project of theirs was contributing work on Halo 4. Link: | Instagram | Tumblr