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Plein Air Painting Demo - Bing Vidéos. Oil Painting on Location with Michael Chesley Johnson PREVIEW. WARM OR COOL? Ultramarine Blue vs Thalo Blue ... Many years ago (we won't say exactly HOW many, but it's been a good long while) I set out on what has become a lifelong journey of exploring colour theory.

WARM OR COOL? Ultramarine Blue vs Thalo Blue ...

As a young adult I exhausted every book on the subject at the local libraries wherever I lived, and I never stopped. I guess you could say it's been a never-ending passion, this thirst for colour knowledge. Nowadays of course, my library of choice is Google, and there are endless numbers of articles out there on various theories about how colour 'works'. And there are discrepancies out there too. Lots of them. One thing I've been coming across lately, and I can't really say for sure just when I first noticed this, are articles from various sources which state that Ultramarine Blue is a warm blue, while Thalo Blue is a cool blue. This flies in the face of what I studied about colour temperature 'way back when'. To determine Colour Temperature, most artists refer to the well-known Colour Wheel, which arranges colours in a circle. RICHARD SCHMID Portrait Painting Landscape MAY. Swatland Studios : Learning from Richard Schmid Back Issues.

Richard Schmid. PAPER TOWELS: Viva (one of my most frequently asked questions) PALETTE KNIVES:.

Richard Schmid.

My paletter knives are Italian made (bought many years ago), and are very thin and flexible. There are many brands on the market today; look for the ones called "painting knives", they have the delicacy and flexibility necessary for precise painting. Edge Intimidation, Pastel Painting, Painting Landscapes, Richard McKinley. The handling of the edges within a painting can be subconsciously intimidating to an artist, which can have a subsequent effect on how product is applied.

Edge Intimidation, Pastel Painting, Painting Landscapes, Richard McKinley

When the elements that make up the subject matter of a scene are visually recognized, we intellectually understand that they are separated from one another—that there is space between them, even though they may overlap; unless, of course, they are composed of flat objects next to, or on top off, each other, like pieces of paper. When color is applied to a painting surface to represent this separation between objects, the artist’s hand will often automatically slow down as it approaches an edge and then follow the shape. Conversely, painters often overstate objects by retaining extremely harsh edge separations, allowing no appearance of gradation to occur.

Dee Beard Dean demonstrates how to paint from a study of a plein air Laguna Beach Seascape. How to Make Oil Painting Medium by Mixing Linseed Stand Oil and Turpentine. If the thickness of your oil paint is keeping you from spreading or blending them easily, you probably need some additional oil painting medium to mix in with the paint.

How to Make Oil Painting Medium by Mixing Linseed Stand Oil and Turpentine

What is painting medium? It’s simply the “stuff” that holds or carries the colors in your paint. The oil paint you squeeze straight out of the tube consists of two parts: pigment (little particles of color) and medium (clear oil). Different brands of paint, and even various colors within the same brand, often have different consistencies of medium and pigment which keeps them from mixing easily with each other. The Painting Guide - Oil Painting. Oil paint became widely used in the 15th and 16th centuries, although oil was mixed with egg tempera in medieval painting.

The Painting Guide - Oil Painting

Oil painters gained the advantage of blending and mixing paints directly on the support rather than carefully layering them, as was the case with egg tempera. Because oil paint dries slowly, surfaces can be worked for hours or sometimes days. The key is to keep the paint fresh and "clean" by not overworking and creating muddy color. Peter Fiore: Landscape Painting a Day (10 min) Gabor Svagrik. 18 Tips for Outdoor Painting from Artist Daily.

How to Use and Understand a Limited Palette - PLEIN AIR ARTISTS. I use a limited palette, the typical warm/cool palette, which includes cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red light, alizarine crimson, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue and titanium white.

How to Use and Understand a Limited Palette - PLEIN AIR ARTISTS

Each of these colors has another additional color in it. Once you can identify the color, you will have better results when mixing. Half of Your Painting Relies on This Choice. What's the best white paint?

Half of Your Painting Relies on This Choice

Scott Gellatly says the answer is easy. Gellatly enjoys wearing two hats -- of a fine artist and the product manager at Gamblin Artists Colors -- and this vantage point allows him to definitively comment on which white paint is the best. FREE! English subtitles! Igor Saharov. Full version of "The Vorontsov Palace". Смотреть Бесплатно Урок Сахарова Онлайн "Моне" Tutorial by Sakharov. Flowering grasses & trees oil painting on canvas demo. How to draw tree. Landscapes - oil paintings exhibition by Alex Perez contemporary realist painter. Finalizando pinturas #1, el uso del pincel y los colores, version en Español por Alex Perez. Demostracion de pintura, Rocas marinas en Ventana por Alex Perez -2012 (version en Español) Painting demonstration "Master Class" by Alex Perez Part 3/3.

Painting demonstration "Master Class" by Alex Perez, Part 2/3. Painting demonstration "Master Class" with Alex Perez, Part 1/3. "Lazy Summer Day", a landscape painting in oils by Kathryn Stats. Getting greens right. 1addyrae. COLOR: A Hue More Popular Than White? Most artists were probably not surprised to read in a recent post on that painters go through a lot of white paint.

COLOR: A Hue More Popular Than White?

But at one art-materials manufacturer, another, very specific color outsells whites. It's easy to come across fans of Rembrandt's transparent oxide red. In fact, it's not hard to find artists willing to gush about it. The paint, which works very well as a glaze and mixes cleanly with other pigments, is a transparent earth color that some artists use as a tonal layer for an underpainting or a plein air block-in. "It's a very versatile color," says Kyle Richardson, North American business manager for Royal Talens, the parent company of the Rembrandt brand. Dunaway's setup It's not a hue unique to Rembrandt. "On the label Rembrandt says the paint is 'extra fine,'" says Richardson.

How to mix warm and cool black acrylic paint.