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Minjae Lee

Minjae Lee
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Bruce Timm Career[edit] Animation[edit] Timm brought the Justice League to life from 2001-2006 In 2013, he worked with Man of Steel Director, Zack Synder, in creating a 75th anniversary short of Superman. In 2014 he released "Batman: Strange Days." It is an animated short celebrating the 75th anniversary of Batman and is an homage to one of Hugo Strange's first appearances in the comic books. Acting[edit] Though Timm does not usually work as an actor, he has played several characters in the animated series he has been involved in. Timm made a cameo appearance in the 2009 film Green Lantern: First Flight as Bug Boy, played The Riddler in the 2010 film Batman: Under the Red Hood, and Galius Zed in the 2011 film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Comics[edit] While Timm is known primarily for his work in animation, his first ambition was to become a comic-book artist. Bruce Timm co-created Harley Quinn (with Paul Dini), working from Dini's original design. In 2005, Timm contributed artwork for two comics.

gabrielmoreno Collecting ideas since 2013 › Inspiration Now Conheça o trabalho de quem cria menus e interfaces dos jogos - Conheça o trabalho de quem cria menus e interfaces dos jogos - Fotos - MSN Jogos Eric Bellefeuille trabalha na BioWare como artista de UX, ou seja, ele trabalha nas artes que tem alguma relação com a experiência do usuário. Isso significa que ele cria a arte que o jogador interage, como os menus e interfaces de interação com o ambiente (computadores, tablets, telefones, etc). O artista também cria os menus e interfaces que os personagens usam dentro do jogo, como o computador que o Commander Shepard usa em Mass Effect. Esse tipo de arte não aparece com muita frequência por aqui, mas ela é tão importante quanto a arte conceitual ou a arte final de um jogo. Há todo um desafio por trás desse tipo de trabalho, que é deixar a interface e a interação com o usuário prática, fácil e interessante ao mesmo tempo. Antes de entrar para a BioWare, Eric trabalhou na Eidos (Deus Ex).

Peter Strain Illustration Watercolor Super Heroes by Clémentine French Illustrator About Articles ≡ Categories Popular Advertise Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus Statistics The Design Inspiration © Copyright Popularity 4th Jun 2014 Published Date Share This Share212 Share100 Tweet24 Newsletter Get design inspirations and resources delivered directly to your inbox: Watercolor Super Heroes by Clémentine French Illustrator Clémentine is a French Illustrator/Designer living in Sydney, Australia. “As an illustrator, with an extensive experience and a wide range of styles and techniques, I’m able to pretty up any of your content—magazine, website, children book…” “As an industrial designer, I worked with French luxury brands and Italian Sports brands.” Quick Search Popular Articles Inspirations Lion Stanislav Fab Winding Recycle Pattern Cooler Neo Orient Type Ugur Islim Triple Vision 13mu Spnsored Ad Since 2006. © The Design Inspiration All images copyright their respective owners. Sponsored by MaxCDN

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