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Johnny Chung Lee - Human Computer Interaction Research

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MAKE I’ve built a lot of stuff with wood in my life, but I do not consider myself a “woodworker” by any stretch of the imagination. When I evaluate a project that uses wood, personally, what I look for is the maximum cool result for the least amount of technical skill and work. Here, then, are ten of my personal favorite bangiest-for-the-buck wooden projects from the vault.

How to: Convert any surface into a touchscreen with a Wiimote - Tablets and all-in-one PCs featuring a touchscreen-enabled display are convenient and fun to work with. But a touchscreen monitor isn’t quite affordable for most just yet. Using a Wii remote (Wiimote) from Nintendo’s gaming console, you can make your regular monitor (LCD or CRT) behave as a basic touch panel. Given below is a simple workshop to convert almost any given surface (be it your LCD monitor, table surface or a whiteboard (or wall) along with a projector) into a touch-enabled surface. All you would need is a Wiimote, a simple utility from the internet, a Bluetooth dongle and an infrared light source. This whole workshop has been inspired by Johnny Lee from his website ‘

Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote In code, the process is as follows (shortened from the original code for space): ' read/write handle to the devicePrivate mHandle As SafeFileHandle ' a pretty .NET stream to read/write from/toPrivate mStream As FileStreamPrivate found As Boolean = FalsePrivate guid As GuidPrivate index As UInteger = 0 ' 1. get the GUID of the HID classHIDImports.HidD_GetHidGuid(guid) Top 7 Free Online Audio Editing Tools Music is everywhere in our life, but do you know creating your own personalized and unique songs or ringtones can be as easy as just opening an audio editing website packaged with beats, sound loops and effects to get a remix? Here are some online tools for doing basic audio editing. Some are more functional with more editing features than others, while some are more distinctive. Aviary Myna Audio Editor Myna lets you easily remix and edit music tracks and audio clips, apply sound effects and record your own voice or instruments. You can upload your own audio or search one in the provided libraries and mix it down, edit clips by trimming, looping, stretching, reversing audios and more, apply effects like Pitch Change, Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ and more, add fade-ins, fade-outs, pan from left to right and modify gain over time.

What can you do with an old pallet? So many things! If you ever come across the opportunity to pick up a few pallets take a look at some of the ideas I have come across for recycling old pallets into furniture and other practical and decorative pieces. I would like to mention that the designs below were found at various sources on the Internet. Wiimote Virtual Room Designer Last year I had to earn my M.Sc. in engineering and decided to make up my own final graduation project, a part of which is this very cheap design tool. Check out the video below! Brian Peek, author of WiimoteLib, saw the video and asked me to write a practical article on how to create something like this yourself. Let’s get started! How to Make a Arduino+Raspberry Pi Robot Platform - Español This is not the definitive story on Pi and Arduino orchestration. Just my version. Paso 3: Berryboot Put the BerryBoot SD card in your Pi and boot it up. 2.

Reviews: Insanely Easy DIY Projects Simplify Your Life We think these DIY projects are easy, useful and fun to do in good company.So, whether you engage yourself in this with a friend, roommate or significant other, you'll end up with something interesting to share through pictures later on!Lets begin, shall we? We think these would make a sweet gift for your roommate. Use bookends as floating book shelves. Practical and clean looking! Labs CUBIT is an interactive surface for multitouch interactions. It was designed with the intention to redefine visual computing and depart from the mouse pointer paradigm. Fingers are seen as points of location, areas of contact, and vectors. Based on these sensory inputs the interface tries to generate graphical widgets which behave along preconceived human notions of physical objects.

Build a Toy Washing Machine The free content provicded by this website is made possible by the following current sponsors. Thank you! Insert Coin: Playsurface open-source multitouch computing table In Insert Coin, we look at an exciting new tech project that requires funding before it can hit production. If you'd like to pitch a project, please send us a tip with "Insert Coin" as the subject line. A Microsoft Surface in every office? Yeah, fat chance. Homebrew antenna shootout The Shootout My plan was to get relative performance measurements for various designs (including mine) of homebrew antennas for 802.11b (WiFi) wireless networks. To do this, I setup a wireless link and changed only the antenna- recording each antennas' performance under identical conditions. I didn't compare them to a commercial directional antenna as my only one has a male connector and I don't have the right cable to hook it up yet. The contestants were (click on each for design specifications).

Processing JS + Multitouch = magic finger tips « Adrian Park We held our inaugural Tinker Tuesday today. The idea is that all the Digital Media Masters students get together on a Tuesday to tinker. Ben Holden asked me about HTML5 and we got to discussing the relative merits of HTML5+JavaScript compared to Flash+ActionsScript and Java applets compiled from Processing. This led to the topic of Processing JS and Ben asked how one goes about porting a Processing app to Processing JS. As I hadn’t yet played with Processing JS, I set about finding out. Turns out it’s dead simple: with the processing.js file downloaded and included with the sketch files, all that’s needed is a simple HTML file that includes processing.js and has a canvas element with a property called ‘data-processing-sources’ with its value being a list of all the .pde files separated by spaces.

Simple canoe There have been a few canoe like objects put up on instructables but this one is really a pirogue- or flat bottom canoe. There is actually a lot of theory on boats like this one but the basic idea is you take two planks, stick them together at the ends with a frame or two in the middle, fill in the hole in the bottom with another plank and then add decks and thwarts and yokes and outriggers and sails and whatever else you feel like. This boat is made from one sheet of 4mm marine ply for the sides, one sheet of 6mm marine ply, for the bottom and some sticks, fibreglass and epoxy to stop the thing from falling apart and to give yourself somewhere moderately comfortable to sit. The canoe is a basic plan intended for two people and fishing gear on calm waters.