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Homebrew antenna shootout

Homebrew antenna shootout
The Shootout My plan was to get relative performance measurements for various designs (including mine) of homebrew antennas for 802.11b (WiFi) wireless networks. To do this, I setup a wireless link and changed only the antenna- recording each antennas' performance under identical conditions. I didn't compare them to a commercial directional antenna as my only one has a male connector and I don't have the right cable to hook it up yet. The contestants were (click on each for design specifications). The Performance Summary The results surprised me! Of the waveguides, the Nalley's "Big Chunk" took top marks. With these results, I'm convinced that the waveguide design is the way to go for cheap wireless networking. The How To Build your own Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna (Cantenna). Copyright 2003-2007 Gregory Rehm - All rights reserved.

Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip) Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip) Rob Flickenger Jul. 05, 2001 05:20 PMPermalink Like many would-be 802.11b hackers, I'm increasingly obsessed with pushing more bits further and faster for less cost (I believe the unofficial goal of our community wireless project is to provide infinite bandwidth everywhere for free. Of course, there are problems with approaching infinity, but it's still fun to try!) The work that Andrew Clapp and others have done is helping to demystify the ancient black magick of Resonance (i.e. antenna building). And so, over last weekend, some friends and I decided to give it a go for ourselves. (standard disclaimer): Anything you do with your gear is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Anyway, our first run was a direct rip-off of Andrew Clapp's terrific original design (knowing next to nothing about antenna construction, it's helpful to start off with a working known good.) Once this was up and running, we looked at the design, and of course speculated about ways to optimize it.

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