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Flight Sim Pit Builders - SimHQ Forums. B737 Motorized Throttle Quadrant. - IDL-20004 DragonflyVR™ Flight Yoke – Iris Dynamics Ltd. The DragonflyVR is our most popular flight simulation yoke.

IDL-20004 DragonflyVR™ Flight Yoke – Iris Dynamics Ltd.

Suitable for cockpit environment or desktop use, this magnetic force feedback yoke provides a smooth and extremely realistic feel. Developed using patented magnetic force feedback technology, the DragonflyVR is the only yoke actuated with linear electromagnetic fields rather than cumbersome mechanical linkages. The DragonflyVR contains fewer heavy machined parts, which drastically reduces the price without reducing the quality. The DragonflyVR is beautifully simple and awesomely robust; no maintenance is required. From taxiing to landing, the DragonflyVR is capable of recreating pothole, pavement segment, control forces, wind, turbulence, landing gear, stalling, and real trim effects. Features: Specifications: Stroke Length: 5.25” (133mm)Maximum Linear Force: 7.5 lb (33.3N)Rotational angle: +/- 100° (200° total)Maximum rotational Torque: 2.5 ft·lb (3.39 Nm) Basic unit does not come with a yoke handle.

XHSI - home. Welcome to the homepage of XHSI, an open source project to build high-fidelity airplane simulator instruments for X-Plane.

XHSI - home

About XHSI XHSI-ND in 4 different modes: MAP, VOR-CTR, APP & PLAN XHSI recreates a Navigation Display (ND) commonly used in the cockpit of modern commercial jet airplanes, recent commuters and bizjets, and brand-new light aircraft, even the smallest two-seaters. It is modelled after the Navigation Display of the Boeing 737-NG series, but can be used by any X-Plane aircraft, even if the cockpit panel doesn't have the necessary switches, or simply no navigation display at all.

XHSI-ND is displayed in its own window, which can be resized, even to full screen. To compare XHSI with the ND in a real B737-NG, see Flying Dutchman's Photo Galleries. A cockpit on a budget. On The Glideslope – Basement aviation from a guy who loves to fly (and sometimes leaves the ground) HOw to Build a Boeing 747 Throttle Quadrant. B747 throttle lever set Saitek. Cessna Home Cockpit Video Tour (Prepar3d / Saitek) How I Configured X-Plane Screens For The Basement Sim – On The Glideslope.

Cessna 172 Cockpit - Your dream flight . . . BBI-32 Button Box Interface - With Connectors [BBI-32] - 29.99GBP : Leo Bodnar, Simulator Electronics. Custom Sims. How to make own home cockpit. Cessna 172 Simulator. Motion for Simulators. ArdSimX Interface for your Home Cockpit Simulator. ArdSimX is the latest of our Arduino Interfaces.

ArdSimX Interface for your Home Cockpit Simulator

If you're looking for info on ArdSim, the previous interface, check here. ArdSimX Interface allows you to easily link all your controls and instruments to X-Plane using any of the popular Arduino boards (Mega, Uno, Nano, Mini, Micro), without even requiring any programming. One or two Arduino Mega boards may be enough for the whole cockpit, and you can use up to 9 boards with ArdSimX. Teensyduino: Using Flight Sim Controls on Teensy with Arduino.

When you select "Flight Sim Controls" from the Tools->USB Type menu, Teensy implements a special USB type intended to controlling flight simulator software.

Teensyduino: Using Flight Sim Controls on Teensy with Arduino

A simulator plugin is used. Currently X-Plane is supported. Together with Arduino functions and libraries, Flight Sim Controls provides an incredibly flexible platform for implementing almost any type of flight simulation control. Quick Installation Steps Example Programs Examples are available in File > Examples > Teensy > USB_FlightSim. Special Variable Types Special variables provide access to simulator data and commands.

How to link X-Plane to all kinds of electronics using Teensy boards. Cockpit Simulator Builders. HomeFlite Simulator Cockpit Plans. Just Look At These Features The design incorporates features most asked for by flight simulation enthusiast Lower monitor for instrument display upper monitor(s) for outside view Accommodates most yokes, throttles, wheels and HOTAS systems Plenty of room for commercial or DIY switches and control panels Final cost is a fraction of commercial units with the same functionality Flexible design to meet the builder's needs Environmentally friendly construction materials Compact size perfect fit Recesses and cut-outs to accommodate control panels The cockpit can be built in several configurations the choice is yours.

HomeFlite Simulator Cockpit Plans

DIY Flight Simulator Cockpit Plans and Blueprints. ExtPlane-Panel/ at master · vranki/ExtPlane-Panel. Inicio. Welcome. Dear Visitor, Like You all can suspect from the title and photos, my passion is constructing my own static flight simulator from the world famous Dakota.


The whole story starts in november 1998 when I, for the first time, played with the idea on constructing a cockpit. On this web site You can read about the whole story from the beginning, the gathering of information until the final construction of each separate part. Today an no 2007 the cockpit is almost complete except for some small details and some improvements. It has become a little bit my lives work and I look back at it with great pride.

On this web site You can find numerous articles about the construction of the cockpit together with some photos. Sim Innovations - About. Flight Simulator and Licensed Cessna Pro Flight Sim Products. GL Studio on Raspberry Pi Integrated with X-Plane. How To Build The Cessna 172 Cockpit Simulator Project. By Rory Gillies (20 January 2004) Introduction As an avid flight simulation enthusiast for many years I've accumulated thousands of hours in the virtual skies, mostly in single engine GA aircraft such as the Cessna 172.

How To Build The Cessna 172 Cockpit Simulator Project

As with many hobbies and pastimes, as your interest develops the complexity and quality of the equipment you use gradually increases. My knowledge of computers and networks enabled me to literally expand Microsoft Flight Simulator (originally 98, then 2000 and 2002, and soon 2004) using Luciano Napolitano's excellent WidevieW software (developers website; FlightSim.Com review by myself). Along with more WidevieW PC's an additional video card was added to my flying PC to move the panel from the main screen to a separate flat screen monitor, but the quest for more realism continued. The range of hardware available to MSFS users has never been better, with a whole host of specialised, high quality commercial products on the market to enhance the simulation experience.

Flightdecksolutions. Connecting RaspberryPi to XPlane. Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware. Sim-Avionics. Baron 58 Home Cockpit Simulator. ArdSim for Cockpit Simulator - Main. Interfacing Arduino with Flight Simulator- Tutorial. FSX Keyboard Emulator - How to for Gaming Simulation.