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Pet Build System (puppylinux)

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An application packaging tool. While looking for something else I ran across this dialog about Exodus at " Calinou commented May 24, 2019 What about using Exodus?

an application packaging tool

It should work well with command-line tools at least. @anderspitman Author anderspitman commented May 24, 2019 • Wow exodus is awesome! You could compress and distribute the binary generated by Exodus directly, but if you want better desktop integration, you'll want to pack it into an AppImage (which may or may not work, I haven't tested). " As 'Exodus' in the context of Linux was unknown to me I followed the path to where it says: Exodus is a tool that makes it easy to successfully relocate Linux ELF binaries from one system to another. Exodus aria2c | ssh Exodus handles bundling all of the binary's dependencies, compiling a statically linked wrapper for the executable that invokes the relocated linker directly, and installing the bundle in ~/.exodus/ on the remote machine.

" Well, this is all way above my pay-grade.


Pet building system. I have started the git repository.

Pet building system

Please fork and add your recipes!!! There are literally thousands needed. I have 4. Rome wasn't built in a day. See UPDATE: new2dir is no longer a requirement. New git repository for Puppy Linux initrd.gz programs. This should have been done years ago, actually before the very first version of puppy was released, but it wasn't and no one has addressed the problem. We all now the old routine.. compile .. new2dir.. dir2pet, manual garbage. Anyway, for the old schoolers who like the manual approach I have kept the old functionality of new2dir and dir2pet, probably not a bad idea for noobs. However, if you're sick to death of the old school method, I have patched new2dir and dir2pet to be automated with some cli options, well the cli options are essential, there is a little help on the cli until I document this fully (soon). script goes in >>> pet package comes out.

This is in no way a competitor or replacement for amigo's excellent src2pkg. Have fun.

Pre & Post Install Scripts (Pet Packages - Puppylinux)

How to install a .deb package I downloaded? @bigpup:- bigpup, he's referring to the .deb package available for download on the webpage he linked to in his original post.

How to install a .deb package I downloaded?

Specifically, this one:- obd-auto-doctor_3.3.0-1_i386.deb I rather suspect J_D_ will have problems with this in Tahr, however, as in addition to libbluetooth3, it requires at least QT 5.2 or newer. I'm not certain whether anybody on the Forum has yet put together a package for this new a version of QT... EDIT:- J_D_, you'll need this package from the Tahr repo:- It's pretty hefty, at around 59MB. Seems like overkill for a .deb package of just 1.2 MB in size..... I haven't checked yet, but you ought to able to obtain libbluetooth3 from the PPM. Pet building system.

How do I create a sfs or pet? Hi Lassar, RSH's PaDS, which dancytron provided a link to, is very useful.

How do I create a sfs or pet?

But I think you'll have to load Tahrpup64's 32-bit compatibility SFS first. Available via Menu>Setup>Quickpet>Useful pets tab. After loading it, don't forget to open a terminal and type (without the quotes) "ldconfig". That's with a small "L". Pet Packaging 100 & 101 & intro to 200. (this script will walk you through almost everything including menu entry and icons if you get errors you probably just need a dependency or you've got an instance of RTFM) General .pet Packaging 101 (a little more command line a lot less bloat) 0.

Pet Packaging 100 & 101 & intro to 200

Find your source package (I recommend getting sources from ... use the one ending in orig.tar.gz) 1. From a terminal download the package: 2. Extract the package 3.


New2dir. Src2pkg. Alien2puppy. Deb2pet. Deb2txz.gz. Ipk2pet. PET2SFSGUI. Rpm2pet. Sfs2pet. Sfs combiner. Taz2pet. Xbps2pet. Slax2pet. Make Systems (Computer Compiling) Installing From Source (Puppylinux) Packages (Puppylinux)