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Specializing In Photo-Real Architectural Renderings. Professional Minnesota Architectural Illustrator. Three transformative ways to think about the future. Pete Ryan I’ve been a futurist for 20 years, working with businesses and nonprofits to try to anticipate and meet impending challenges.

Three transformative ways to think about the future

When I first started out, I’d sit down with people and say, “Hey, let’s talk 10, 20 years out,” and they’d reply, “Great.” But gradually I’ve seen that time horizon get shorter and shorter, so much so that I recently met with a CEO and he said, “I want to talk about the next six months.” I call this kind of thinking “short-termism,” and it has pervaded every nook and cranny of our society, from our homes to our businesses to our government policies. We are facing huge problems in the world today, civilizational-scale problems. For the cost of an iPhone, you can now buy a wind turbine that can power an entire house for a lifetime. Kurilpa Bridge - Wikipedia. The Kurilpa Bridge (originally known as the Tank Street Bridge) is a A$63 million pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[1][2] The bridge connects Kurilpa Point in South Brisbane to Tank Street in the Brisbane central business district.

Kurilpa Bridge - Wikipedia

In 2011, the bridge was judged World Transport Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival.[3] Baulderstone Queensland Pty Ltd constructed the bridge[4] and the company’s design team included Cox Rayner Architects and Arup Engineers. A sod turning ceremony was held at Kurilpa Park, South Brisbane on 12 December 2007. The bridge was opened on 4 October 2009 by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. Structure[edit] Kurilpa Bridge is the world’s largest hybrid tensegrity bridge.[5] Only the horizontal spars conform to tensegrity principles. So. Algorithms Are Designing Chairs Now. The Elbo chair is unusual piece of furniture.

So. Algorithms Are Designing Chairs Now

Not for its looks—though the legs, back, and arms bear an uncanny resemblance to bones—but for how it came to be. Arthur Harsuvanakit and Brittany Presten of Autodesk’s generative design lab created the chair, but they didn’t design it. Yes, they wanted the Elbo to reference the Danish mid-century modern style. And they wanted the seat 18 inches off the floor, and capable of supporting 300 pounds. But they let algorithms decide everything else. Makerspaces Sites.


11 Unbelievable Ways to Filter Water with Plants. Water is essential to everyday life.

11 Unbelievable Ways to Filter Water with Plants

Easy access to water is usually guaranteed in an urban setting by a cooler or plenty of the bottled stuff sold from store to store, but what happens when you’re in a situation where there isn’t anything obviously filtered for miles? A lack of safe drinking water is a very real problem: according to a 2014 study by the World Health Organization, 750 million people around the world lack access to safe water—that’s approximately one in nine people. Remember: Always Sleep on The Left Side of The Body! Here’s Why - You Me Healthy. Do you have a favorite sleeping position?

Remember: Always Sleep on The Left Side of The Body! Here’s Why - You Me Healthy

Do you like more sleeping on your stomach, back or on side? Most of the people do not know that you sleeping position has an important role in the overall health. The position you are sleeping has the biggest influence on the digestive system. The Ayurvedic medicine is a representative of this view which points sleeping on the left side of the body. 20 Principles for Successful Community Organizing. By Si Kahn / 1.

20 Principles for Successful Community Organizing

Most people are motivated primarily by self-interest. As a creative community organizer, you are always trying to figure out people’s common self-interest, the glue that binds political organizations and movements. 2. Institutions and people that hold power over others are rarely as united as they first appear. World Game. World Game, sometimes called the World Peace Game, is an educational simulation developed by Buckminster Fuller in 1961 to help create solutions to overpopulation and the uneven distribution of global resources.

World Game

This alternative to war games uses Fuller's Dymaxion map and requires a group of players to cooperatively solve a set of metaphorical scenarios, thus challenging the dominant nation-state perspective with a more wholistic "total world" view. The idea was to "make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone",[1] thus increasing the quality of life for all people. History and use[edit] Fuller first publicly proposed the concept as the core curriculum at the (then new) Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

How to Sell Original Artwork for Profit: 10 Steps. Theosophical Society in America - Wikipedia. The Theosophical Society in America (TSA) is a member-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the teaching of Theosophy and affiliated with the international Theosophical Society based in Adyar, Chennai, India.

Theosophical Society in America - Wikipedia

The name "Theosophical Society in America" was legally adopted by the American Theosophical Society in 1934.[1] Previously, other organizations had used the same name during the years 1895-98 and 1898-1908. Philosophy[edit] The Theosophical Society is composed of individuals united by their concurrence with its three Objects, by their dedication to promoting brotherhood, and by their interest in study and spiritual self-transformation. Why Using Pirated Software Will Make You a Worse Producer. Nanotechnology. Construction Estimating Software _ Free Cost Estimate Spreadsheet. Summary: This cost estimate spreadsheet comes with its own free software!

Construction Estimating Software _ Free Cost Estimate Spreadsheet

A cost estimating spreadsheet can help you estimate building costs and control building costs when building a new home, home addition, room addition, or remodeling. This free spreadsheet has made cost estimating and controlling costs easier. It is absolutely the easiest to use and one of the best available.The spreadsheet comes with its own software! NO Microsoft Excel to buy! Robotics Meet Architecture in Yves Béhar’s Solution for Micro-Unit Living. Whether you side for or against tiny-apartment developments in urban locales, you’re going to see this trend — or at least the exploration of it — on the rise as cities continue to face housing shortages coupled with shifting demographics of more single occupants or smaller households.

Robotics Meet Architecture in Yves Béhar’s Solution for Micro-Unit Living

Add To Collection Save this image to a collection. Beautiful Woven Refugee Tents Get Their Power from the Sun Abeer_Seikaly_woven_tent_2. Drawing inspiration from traditional basket weaving techniques and the flexibility of snake skin, the designer uses weatherproof fabric drawn between durable, curved plastic tubing. This creates a structurally sound tent that can handle both compression and tension loads Drawing inspiration from traditional basket weaving techniques and the flexibility of snake skin, the designer uses weatherproof fabric drawn between durable, curved plastic tubing. Tower garden. Geodesic Hub Connectors.

Fluxable designs

Fluxable jobs. SUSTAINABILITY. SELF SUFFICIENCY NEWS AND ARTICLES. Cyberpunk. Open Source Everything. Elon Musk. Pecha Kucha Inspire Japan. The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy. Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, is a man on a mission. Implosion Group - Dan Winter's Fractal Physics + Bliss Science..Sacred Geometry&Physics Consciousness. You Bet Your Garden - The New Treated Woods: Safe for Garden Use? Healthy News and Information. What if I told you that you can start an edible garden that will continue to produce food year after year with very minimal maintenance, monitoring, and no sowing after the first year (unless you want to diversify).

It’s vital that you use open pollinated heirloom seeds to establish this system.

Water movement

Water collection. Can urban agriculture work on a commercial scale? Cavitation implosion. Causes of a Burst Home Radiator. The influence of Lemna sp. and Spirogyra sp. on the removal of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors in treated wastewaters - Online First. Greenlee - Made for the Trade™ - a Textron Company. In Focus: The Architectural Applications of Zinc. Mundaneum. America Could End Homelessness in One Year by Doing This.

If America really cared about solving the problem of homelessness among it’s citizenry, here’s an idea that would work. Oh- and that opening line references the fact that as far back as 2011 empty houses in America outnumbered homeless families by five times, according to Amnesty International. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DNA tensegrity.

Intro to build

Energy. Presentation. Architecture. Welding. New Matter Perks. Advanced software. Computers. Agriculture. Large scale precedents. Shelter additions. Automated. Carpentry. Tech. Vehicle advancements. Anti pollution. Mechanical. Going to outer space. Personal additions. Guy built a Lamborghini in his basement. Emerging Trends. Human Body. 50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Old Things. Fisics. Why aren’t we building tools that transform the experience of being an engaged citizen? At FOCAS13 I was lucky enough to spend several hours talking about citizen involvement in city decisions, as part of a great working group. We ultimately produced a short proposal for the Public Experience Network, to help city staff directly tap experience around specific issues.

Celebrating Wildflowers - Ethics and Native Plants. Making Ethernet Cables - Tricks of the Trade. Parking space requirements for American cities. Put your stuff up in the air! Hanging DIY ideas & tutorials. Posted by on onsdag, juni 27, 2012 · 9 Comments. Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking. The 46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks Every Human Being Needs To Make Life Easier.

Seeing a nuclear reactor start up is cooler than my sci-fi dreams. The Workspaces of Men Who Are On Their Game. 14 'makers' who are changing the DIY world. Building Techniques. Agriculture. How To's. Water lifting devices. Crafts. Composting Toilets. Communal Living. Design Resources. DIY. Eco house videos. Eco Innovation - MDTree. DIY1. Watching ceramics masters do their work is incredibly soothing.

23 Totally Brilliant DIYs Made From Common Thrift Store Finds. This Awesome Invention Just Took Camping To The Next Level. Workshop 88. City & Community Video Abstract.