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Geodesic Hub Connectors

Geodesic Hub Connectors

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The Dome Site [ history | architecture | stratodesic | kits | links | vrml | trademark ] Domes: The Engineering Wonder Domes maximize volume while minimizing surface area... providing structural integrity with a minimum of energy/material making them perfectly stable and inert as molecular packages. They are energy efficient as architectural structures - retaining heat, while minimizing solar heat load and they minimize drag and distribute wind/snow loads ... and they're just durn pretty to look at! History

Mundaneum Coordinates: Drawers of the Mundaneum's Universal Bibliographical System bibliographic index cards, which in the present day reside in Mons, Belgium. The Mundaneum was an institution created in 1910, following an initiative begun in 1895 by Belgian lawyers Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine,[1] as part of their work on documentation science. It aimed to gather together all the world's knowledge and classify it according to a system they developed called the Universal Decimal Classification. Otlet and La Fontaine organized an International Conference of International Associations which was the origin of the Union of International Associations (UIA). Magical Dome House in Remote Thailand Constructed in Six Weeks for Just $8000! When most people imagine their dream home, they probably think of a large, sprawling vacation house that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Steve Areen thought about building his dream home, all he had to do was find $8,000 and a place to build. He did just that and, in a few weeks, he had a vacation home in the middle of Thailand that could make anyone drool. Steve was given a place on his friend Hajjar Gibran’s mango grove to build his home. With a Thai friend’s guidance, his son-in-law’s masonry skills and a lot of work, the team made progress quickly.

FUTURE / The Architect of Now / Dante Bini addresses our immediate and timely need Surrounded by well-manicured shrubs, Victorian porches and wrought- iron patio furniture, Dante Bini's stately house is the last place you would expect to find one of the most innovative architects of the past 40 years. "I love all architecture, all of it," Bini says defiantly. Though he has lived on and off in the United States for more than 25 years, his thick Italian accent still curls words like smoke, each sentence drifting in unexpected directions toward the next. "This house, this is old. But when it was built, it was of its time."

50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Old Things If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of old stuff just lying around your house. It’s not doing anything but taking up space, but you’re either too busy (or lazy), sentimental or just have more important things to deal with. Well if you’re looking for a little inspiration or a new DIY project, here are 50 creative ways to repurpose, reues and upcycle old things. Frameless Geodesic Dome What is it? It’s a frameless geodesic dome designed to be easy to fabricate and build. It is 18 feet wide at the widest point and about 13 feet tall. It feels very spacious for it’s 209 square foot floor. s in Spain - Geodesic Dome - Iceweasel Originally we had planned to do a smooth dome on the round room, a bit like the moorish domes you see throughout this area. But when we looked into the safe construction of these we came across geodesic domes, which are easy to construct and very, very strong. So, we've decided to do a modern take on those domes of old! The main structure is made up of triangles of wood (same wood as the ceiling planks) in three different sizes. These are held together by metal tubes and strapping. The inside covering will be cane, topped with some sort of cork-crete to provide the insulation.

Celebrating Wildflowers - Ethics and Native Plants An idyllic setting in an alpine meadow of the Albion basin in the Wasatch Mountains. Photo by Teresa Prendusi. For many of us a field of wildflowers is one of the most beautiful experiences we can encounter in Nature. There is a deep impulse we carry from childhood into adulthood to reach out and pick a flower in a beautiful butterfly-filled meadow or along a public wooded trail lined with spring beauties, irises, or wake-robins. It is because we all carry such memories that we have devoted an entire website to Celebrating Wildflowers.

Geodesic Dome Diary written by Rene K. Mueller, Copyright (c) 2007, last updated Tue, November 4, 2008 As I proceed I will update the diary. Neo Geo: geodesic construction in contemporary architecture The MyZeil centre in Frankfurt by Massimilano Fuksas demonstrates the complexity of form that can be achieved with modern materials and techniques Geodesic construction is founded on the principle that the triangle is an inherently stable form, independent of size, and that a triangular framework held together in tension enables the creation of structures that are lightweight but profoundly strong. Applying these building methods to spherical forms encloses the maximum interior volume with the least amount of surface area, meaning significant material and cost savings can be achieved. These inherent benefits have ensured that geodesic methods remain a relevant and popular choice for architects and developers seeking to 'do more with less'. Cornwall, UK: almost two million people visited the Eden Project's biomes in their first year of opening