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Астрономия и телескопостроение - Ж. Вокулер, Ж. Тексеро "Фотографирование небесных тел" Сервис мануалы для объективов. Farpoint CGE Knob and Adjustment Wrench Kit - Telescope Accessories at Telescopes. Home Page. I “accidentally” took apart my Celestron 20mm erecting eyepiece. How do I put it back together?

Caring for Your Optics - Do It Yourself. Any telescope or binocular that you use for astronomy, no matter how humble it may be, deserves the best care you can give it.

Caring for Your Optics - Do It Yourself

Much of the time you’ll be using it right at the limit of its capabilities, and when you’re trying to see very faint objects or fine detail, little things make a big difference. Then again, life is full of imperfections, and there’s no point fretting about them. Every telescope gets dirty. Dirt on lenses or mirrors scatters light, making dark skies less dark and bright objects less crisp — but not nearly as much as you probably think. Schmidt Cassegrain telescope advice - astrophotography basics. MTM Scientific, Inc. Plans, Kits & Products Index.

Simulates a digital SLR camera - SLR Photography Demystified. Симулятор объективов позволяет сравнить объектив, сделать выбор фотообъективов и помогает решить как выбрать объектив. Любительское телескопостроение. Светофильтры. Аксессуары Celestron в интернет-магазине Четыре глаза.

Aluminum Anodizing at home - DIY aluminium Anodising. Nstruction Notes For equatorial mount. Still under construction, several sections are incomplete - last updated: 9h Dec 1999.

nstruction Notes For equatorial mount

My intention is to produce a step-by-step article on the construction of this mount. The design and plans are free for personal use only, these plans may NOT be reproduced without permission. Drawings Note: A *.BMP (bitmap) file is included together with the AutoCAD *.DRW file within the ZIP archive. If you don't have access to a CAD program use the BMP file - this can be opened in virtually any Windows-based graphics or paint program (e.g., PaintShop Pro). Home Aluminum Anodizing. Anodizing aluminum is another one of the projects I wanted to try.

Home Aluminum Anodizing

After reading up on it, it seemed fairly straight forward to do. Being in the grips of a Midwest winter, it seemed like a good time to get started. That, and the fact that I'm using aluminum more and more with each new rocket project. Dual Axis Stepper Motor Controller. The circuit described herein uses the Motorola SAA1042 stepper motor controller IC to provide the high current signals to the stepper motors.

Dual Axis Stepper Motor Controller

There is one SAA1042 for the polar axis motor and one for the declination axis motor. The clocks for the SAA1042 are derived from a 4 MHz crystal oscillator which is divided down by a programmable divider comprised of four 74HC160 counter IC's and a 74HC02 Nor gate. The programmable divider allows the user to set the stepping rate for sidereal motion over a wide range. A further set of dividers is used to create a number of clock frequencies that are switched into the SAA1042's to allow motion control for both axes. On the schematics, these clock frequencies are labeled 0.5x, 2x, etc. and denote the frequency with respect to sidereal rate (1x). CGE Cable Replacement Kits Main. The RA/DEC Cable Kits will remain in production as long as there is still a reasonable demand.

CGE Cable Replacement Kits Main

The mounting hardware is custom CNC machined parts (not cheap) and I will have more made once I have a minimum of 10 orders in hand. That might mean a 3-month wait, perhaps longer. RxPec - Visualise periodic error. RxPec is a small utility program that simply reads alignment information from a selected Registax project file and writes a "comma separated values" (.csv) file that MS Excel can use.This makes it very easy to produce a graph showing the periodic error and declination drift in a particular recording processed by Registax.

RxPec - Visualise periodic error

RxPec screenshot Using the program is straight forward, but consider these issues for successful operation When recording, the camera should be oriented correctly in the eyepiece holder of the telescope. It should be oriented such that the long side of the frame corresponds to the RA direction. You can test this by turning the RA motor off temporarily, and watch the direction of the drift on the screen. If you want MS Excel (or any other program associated with .csv files) to start immediately, then check the small checkbox before pressing the convert button. MS Excel graph The following graph was created in MS Excel 2000. Download. LxGuideStar - Long exposure webcam autoguiding. Back to Long exposure webcam autoguiding LxGuideStar is freeware.

LxGuideStar - Long exposure webcam autoguiding

With LxGuideStar you can autoguide your telescope with a long exposure modified webcam. You can autoguide on stars at least as as faint as Mag 10 when using only a 60mm refractor and an SC3 BW webcam. Parallel(LPT) or serial (COM) ports are supported for webcam long exposure control. Крепеж для труб - хомуты, опоры Матлайн - производство пластиковых колодец, резервуаров. Поставка полипропиленовой трубы Ekoplastik (Экопластик) и FV-Plast, канализационной трубы Корсис и Вавин, гофрированной трубы Магнум, Труб ПВХ. водозапорная арматура. WEB-CAMERAS. How to Make a Webcam Astro-Camera. How To Make Your Own Web Cam Astrocamera This page explains how I modified a Logitech Quickcam Express webcam for astrophotography.

How to Make a Webcam Astro-Camera

It should be general enough to apply to just about any inexpensive webcam. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, this is a fun alternative to purchasing a ready made webcam conversion like the Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV All you need is the type of little web cameras mounted in a ball that sit on your computer. Sorry, I no longer have the original housing, but hopefully you get the idea of how to do the conversion from the description on this page.