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Make your own lumber with a chainsaw mill by Jacqueline Tresl Issue #39. Milling a board with a chainsaw lumber-maker.

Make your own lumber with a chainsaw mill by Jacqueline Tresl Issue #39

Figure1: The pieces. Beams, joists and walls were made with a chainsaw mill. Figure 2: The frame. Figure 3: The surface to which the chainsaw bar is bolted. Figure 4: The assembled mill frame is bolted to the chainsaw bar. Figure 5: Muffler clamps hold settings to determine thickness of boards. Figure 6: The metal-edged starter board makes the first cut flat and straight. Starterboard, chain and mill. Guiding the lumber-maker through a cut. These are trying times for those of us who need to buy lumber. There are many methods for making boards from trees. The affordable and practical solution for the carpenter who needs lumber is to make his own boards at home with his chainsaw. The construction of a chainsaw lumber-maker requires a bit of steel and pipe and a few bolts (Figure 1). Once the frame is welded, two recesses need to be ground into the centers of the channel stock pieces which make up the two short sides of the rectangle (Figure 2).

How To Get The Look. What better place to drift off to sleep than in a dreamy, Bohemian bedroom?

How To Get The Look

Take a look at these ethereal bedroom spaces and I think you'll agree that: Everyone needs a stress free zone! These boho bunks are so cosy. Here, the stained glass windows, exotic rug, candles and books tie the Boho look together. This is Bohemian gypsy to the extreme. I love the unexpected combination of raspberry with shades of green. Golden gypsy caravan interior. I feel relaxed and lighter just looking at this! Via free people Lush velvet bedding and oriental rugs along with mismatched vintage furniture create the look. Exotic rugs used not only on the floor but on the wall, along with the houseplants, create texture and add interest. Tape-Hinge Acrylic Box Construction. Victorian Double Headed Book Stand : Factory 20. BaldManModPad. It ain't easy being at the spray park with the paparazzi all up in your bidness, but our baby finds a way to cope.


She took my dad and me to eat for father's day... out of the limelight and into the burritos! Zocalo!!! My parents pulled a fast one on me, and took my child away for 5 days... Tis bittersweet. I began/yet have not finished several needed projects. This dood's stereo that's been in our backyard for months has finally been sanded down quite a bit, and had a couple test runs with the finishing. I took down some old lady blinds, painted window trim and put up some new blinds. Julie got me this awesome book for father's day... The book got me in the mood, so I wobbled down to the local cool wood store, and picked up this here gigantic piece of bending birch plywood.

I'm whipping up some cabinets for the bathroom that are in the following condition. A case of the mundays: pipe dreams. Plumber's crack?

a case of the mundays: pipe dreams

Not hot. furniture made from plumbing materials? Now that's hot ... our 9' wide x 7.5' tall bookshelves were our first project / furniture purchase as a married couple. easy peasy and a lot cheaper than purchasing metal & wood bookshelves the same size. wade is grateful that they add a bit of masculinity to our apartment. i'm just plain smitten w/ using industrial elements as decor. check out these other sexy plumbing inspired projects ...

{clockwise from upper left} we need a bigger house! A little bonus: while maybe that canopy bed is out of the current picture, make your own industrial pipe curtain rods.


Concrete. Alternative Building. Tarps & canvas. Birch Bark & Twigs. Hardware. Furniture. Mag Ruffman: Make your own 'shabby chic' crackle finish for antiquing picture frames and furniture. Mag Ruffman. This is a guest post written by my lovely colleague Vicky Sanderson, a triple-threat guru in the fields of entertaining, decor and cooking!

Mag Ruffman

Vicki writes Hot Home Products, a weekly column on home improvement, décor and housewares that appears in the Toronto Star and on - Follow her on Twitter: @vickysanderson Feeling seasonal stress already? Relax. It’s supposed to be fun, remember? Just in case that wise yogic counsel didn’t induce calm, here are three ways to instantly dial down the holiday pressure. Give gifts that encourage family togetherness. Foodie Blues? Enough with all the cooking already! Be a Pig Hero Remember what it’s really all about, and make a donation on behalf of someone far, far away whose life isn’t as blessed as yours.


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