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Is fashion e-commerce site Stitch Fix just another gimmick in a box? Bill Gurley doesn't think so. Katrina Lake got into Harvard Business School with an essay detailing the company she dreamed of starting.

Is fashion e-commerce site Stitch Fix just another gimmick in a box? Bill Gurley doesn't think so

It would be a fashion e-commerce business that would ship personalized boxes of clothes to women. Clothing picks would marry stylist expertise and data analytics, art and style. Lake impressed Harvard, got accepted, and immediately started planning her business. Her second to last month of Business School, the first box (a "fix") shipped. After graduating, she headed to San Francisco to set up her startup shop. Now, two and a half years later, Stitch Fix is poised to play the scaling game. Stitch Fix just raised its Series A in February, and it wasn't out looking for funding. The timing was fortuitous.

A quick search online of the Stitch Fix name will surface all its fans, who blog about it whenever they receive a box. With every Stitch Fix, a person receives five items that have been hand selected by a stylist. In skimming the blogs, that seems to be the case. October Stitch Fix Box. *This is not a sponsored post!

October Stitch Fix Box

I pay for these clothes on my own. However, this post does provide referral links for new sign ups which gives me a little credit to go towards my next box. So, this month’s Stitch Fix box arrived while I was in Chicago! Oops….so I had to hurry and decide which items to keep and which items to send back! Please excuse all these selfies including my wet hair and my husband’s Army gear in the background! My Latest Stitch Fix Box Review.

Right before we left for our trip to Italy, I received my latest box of Stitch Fix goodies.

My Latest Stitch Fix Box Review

Perfect timing, right? I was even more excited about the fact that this was the best box I’ve received yet! I fell in love with three out of the five items that were sent my way, which I would consider a big win. Since the weather is starting to get cool around these parts, I was also excited that the items I was sent were geared toward the changing temperatures and seasons. The photos above show what I was sent this month. When I first saw the black pants I was a little skeptical about them. As far as the tops go, I put a picture up on Instagram asking what you all thought about the three. And then there is the trench coat. Want to sign up for Stitch Fix? And in other fashion-related news, I’ve been easing myself into fall with some in-between pieces that are helping to make the transition a little less painful. Pictured above: 1. Madison Madison Mayberry. Code Couture: From Metrics to Fashion with Stitch Fix — Librato Blog.

Stitch Fix is an online fashion retailer with a unique concept: rather than just click-and-buy, customers fill out an online style profile and receive a selection of items picked by a personal stylist.

Code Couture: From Metrics to Fashion with Stitch Fix — Librato Blog

Behind the complex platform is a powerful IT infrastructure built by a dynamic group of PhD statisticians and engineers. We talked to Dave Copeland, Director of Engineering at Stitch Fix, to learn how he and his team keep the online platform healthy and seamlessly integrated with complex warehouse logistics. Tell us about your experience with monitoring Before Librato, we were using a hodgepodge of tools, which was by design difficult to manage.

We did not have a visualization tool either. Why Librato? I first heard about Librato at a Heroku conference in San Francisco. Stitch Fix: When Data Analytics Meet Fashion – BusinessNewsDaily. Stitch Fix is a data-driven mail subscription service that combines e-commerce with the human touch of a personal stylist. / Credit: When Katrina Lake applied to Harvard's MBA program, she wrote her application essay about an entrepreneurial aspiration she had: to create a business that applied data and recommendation algorithms to the retail shopping experience.

Stitch Fix: When Data Analytics Meet Fashion – BusinessNewsDaily

During her second year of business school in late 2010, Lake began testing that idea by having friends fill out style-preference surveys and picking out clothes for them based on their answers. This one-person, low-budget operation would go on to become Stitch Fix, the mail subscription service that combines high-tech analytics and personal stylists to send women clothes they'll love.

For all the complicated algorithms the company uses, the way Stitch Fix works is actually quite simple. Sample of Stitch Fix profile questions Credit: [5 Business Ideas for Fashion Fanatics] And scale it, they did. Online Personal Stylists for Women.