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mysql « Bobobobo’s Weblog First, recognize that THERE ARE several ways you can connect to a MySQL database from an application. click for larger The 3 main ways are: Clojure Alchemy: Reading, Evaluation, and Macros By this point, you probably have a magical understanding of Clojure. In the same way that alchemists thought of each chemical substance as a force of nature with no rational relationship to other chemicals, your alchemical elements are "form", "special form", "evaluates", and the like. This chapter will serve as your periodic table. By the end, you'll be able to clearly see the relationships among Clojure's component parts.

Mini Iconset (60 icons) Iconset Rating Stats Views: 248263Downloads: 23297Posted: Jun 16, 2011 Categories Mini IconsApplication Icons Download file(s) Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API Your data model has started to stabilize and you're in a position to create a public API for your web app. You realize it's hard to make significant changes to your API once it's released and want to get as much right as possible up front. Now, the internet has no shortage on opinions on API design. But, since there's no one widely adopted standard that works in all cases, you're left with a bunch of choices: What formats should you accept? How should you authenticate? Should your API be versioned?

Installing mod_wsgi on Ubuntu 12.04 About mod_wsgi mod_wsgi is a simple and easy to setup tool that serves python web apps from Apache server. It is also one of the recommended ways of getting Django into production. In this article, we will be discussing the installation and set up of mod_wsgi with the Apache server. Prerequisites: This article is the second in a series of 3.

Self-Taught Developers: Are You Missing Your Foundation You seem to equate "foundation" with knowledge that's not immediately applicable. There's some truth to that, but I think it misses the forest for the trees. Knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to excellence in software development. Think of programming like writing an essay. Clearly some knowledge is required; you need to include some information in the essay or it's completely pointless. But the difference between a good essay, one that persuades the reader, and a poor essay isn't in the information it contains. How to Back Up and Restore a MySQL Database If you're storing anything in MySQL databases that you do not want to lose, it is very important to make regular backups of your data to protect it from loss. This tutorial will show you two easy ways to backup and restore the data in your MySQL database. You can also use this process to move your data to a new web server. Back up From the Command Line (using mysqldump) If you have shell or telnet access to your web server, you can backup your MySQL data by using the mysqldump command. This command connects to the MySQL server and creates an SQL dump file.

Using SVG Learn Development at Frontend Masters SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. Basically, what you work with in Adobe Illustrator. You can use SVG on the web pretty easily, but there is plenty you should know. Why use SVG at all?