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3D animated origami instructions to make a peace crane, flapping bird, and football shirt.

3D animated origami instructions to make a peace crane, flapping bird, and football shirt.
About the Peace Crane This animation shows how to fold a square of paper into a peace crane (a bird). The crane is a bird with a long neck and tail feathers. It makes a great table decoration or gift. Good quality wrapping paper can also be used to make the model. Origami is called the peaceful art and this model is usually called the peace crane. Many people recognise it as an international symbol for peace.

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Heart Basket: How to make a Danish woven heart basket, with illustrated instructions. Here is a simple paper craft so traditional, you probably made it in 2nd grade. Our Heart Basket is dressed up with silver and gold metallic paper, some satin ribbon, and a vintage Valentine "scrap." Add some fancy chocolates, and this is the perfect “door knob” gift from the office Valentine Fairy. A Victorian "scrap" is a small illustration, usually color lithographed, embossed, and die-cut. Origami Polyhedra - In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order About this page: This page will detail how to make four different types of mathematical shapes by producing and assembling a number of tiny paper pieces. I did not invent the pieces or the method of making pieces; in fact, they seem to be called "Sonobes" (though I've always called them "pieces" and will do so here). Here is a rather detailed page that shows pieces that resemble mine. I also did not invent three of the models presented on this page.

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes With winter upon us, we thought it would be fun to share a fun project of ours with you: snowflake designs with a Star Wars twist. We created the original set of designs in 2010 and now have the largest collection of designs and templates on the internet. With The Force Awakens opening in December, the latest installment of the Star Wars film series inspired us to create new designs such as the BB-8 and Kylo Ren. We had so much fun in fact that there are 33 designs altogether. Download the Collection. 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School One of the biggest reasons that people are denied the privilege of education is because they can’t afford it. However, today we live in a world where knowledge and information are at our finger tips like never before. Technology has leveled the playing field so that anybody with an interest and an internet connection can receive a world class education. Bloggers, podcasters, search engines and digital content creators of all types of have made it possible for us to learn virtually anything we want to even if we don’t have the money.

The Laughing Bone: Between the Folds: Origami and Paper Art The Artisan From the Website: Origami may seem an unlikely medium for understanding and explaining the world. Recycled magazine coasters My latest after-dinner-while-watching-TV project: woven coasters made from magazine pages. To make a coaster like the green one above: 1. 3D Origami Swan This 3D origami swan was made with 400+ sheets of paper each folded into a small triangle. This type of paper folding is called Golden Venture Folding or Chinese Paper Folding. Note that there are 2 slits which are called "pockets".

Nutella Brownies Recipe I’m very excited to share with you today’s recipe for Nutella brownies. My excitement has nothing to do with the fact that anything made with Nutella tastes better. However, I’m excited because this recipe only contains only four ingredients!!!

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