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How to make an Origami Spiky Cuboctahedron aka Spike Ball

How to make an Origami Spiky Cuboctahedron aka Spike Ball

Origami Polyhedra - In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order About this page: This page will detail how to make four different types of mathematical shapes by producing and assembling a number of tiny paper pieces. I did not invent the pieces or the method of making pieces; in fact, they seem to be called "Sonobes" (though I've always called them "pieces" and will do so here). The Epcot Ball! Preliminary instructions: As I said, these models are all made up of a number of absolutely identical paper pieces. Paper type and paper size: Unlike for the fighter jet paper airplane, I strongly recommend that you use lined filler paper for these models. Accuracy issues and making the squares: Basically, all the rules that apply to my paper airplane instructions apply here. Folding a single piece: (The convention here is different from my paper airplane page: solid lines mark valley folds, and no mountain folds are involved anywhere. A completed piece. A freshly cut square of paper. Okay. Okay. Good.

Kusudama Me! - Modular origami! Origami desde Lerma: Un par de dragones Supongo que para este momento todos están informados de mi falta de inspiración reciente, dadas mis INTERMINABLES entradas sobre lo mal que he estado trabajando últimamente. Así que si quieres ir directo a la entrada, sáltate este párrafo completo, que no hago más que pobretearme sobre como me ha costado tantísimo trabajo recuperar un diminuto porcentaje de mi antigua capacidad de plegado y diseño, todo por culpa de todo el trabajo escolar en el que he estado enfrascado últimamente, y por cuya culpa he perdido hasta el gusto por doblar. Ehjem, ya acabé. Volviendo al tema de nuestra incumbencia, mientras no tenía nada que diseñar se me ocurrió la posibilidad de adaptar la base de mi dragón a todos los tipos de dragón que apruebo. Por si alguien no recuerda mi maravilloso dragón occidental, he aquí el vínculo a la entrada que escribí para él. En fin, preséntoles las últimas dos adiciones a mi catálogo de modelos reproducibles indefinidamente. Wyvern Ahora les seré sinceros. Oriental

Modular origami Modular origami or unit origami is a paperfolding technique which uses two or more sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure than would not be possible using single-piece origami techniques. Each individual sheet of paper is folded into a module, or unit, and then modules are assembled into an integrated flat shape or three-dimensional structure by inserting flaps into pockets created by the folding process. These insertions create tension or friction that holds the model together. Definition and restrictions[edit] Examples of modular origami made up of Sonobe units Modular origami can be classified as a sub-set of multi-piece origami, since the rule of restriction to one sheet of paper is abandoned. The additional restrictions that distinguish modular origami from other forms of multi-piece origami are using many identical copies of any folded unit, and linking them together in a symmetrical or repeating fashion to complete the model. History[edit] Types[edit]

FOLDING TREES Origami papier: Des idees d'origami papier, pliages faciles d'origami- Origami enfant - Tete a modeler Origami : idées et modèles d'origami Origami expliqué : un dossier et des activités sur l'art de plier le papier : l'origami. Modèles et idées de pliages d'origami. Si l'origani peut se réaliser avec de très belles feuilles, il peut aussi être réalisé avec n'importe quel papier y compris le papier de récupération. 2.71 sur 5 note basée sur 1136 évaluations. Pliages origami et activités de bricolages origami Dans cette rubrique sur l'origami, vous trouverez un ensemble de fiches et d'activités sur l'art de plier le papier : l'origami. Les activités d'origami sont les plus économiques possibles. Des infos, des conseils, des activités... Boites en origami Des idées de boites en origami. Etoiles origami Une rubrique spéciale pour tous les origamis étoile ! Vous trouverez dans cette rubrique les explications illustrées ... Fleurs en origami Des idées de pliages origami pour réaliser des fleurs origami. Jouets en origami Origami de décoration Des pliages origami pour la décoration de la maison.

Origami Cube What is the Origami Cube?The origami cube is a cube you can fold from a square sheet of paper. Another name is water bomb. Folding the Origami Cube top1 Some Mathematics top If you like to use the whole square for a cube, you have the formula: This is the largest cube, theoretically. See more in book (5), page 63f. and page 71ff. Origami Cube on the Internet Englisch Dr Stephen O'Hanlon (Ring of Origami Art)Water Bomb ( .pdf file) Gerwin Sturm (Origami for everyone)Waterbomb H. Puzzle Playground (Puzzle_com)Square to Cube WikipediaWater balloon Deutsch H. Jennifer's PuzzleFlechten eines Würfels aus 3 Streifen Umwelthaus Pinneberg e.V.Wasserbombe aus Papier WikipediaWasserbombe (Spielzeug) zzzebraWasserbombe Feedback: Email address on my main page This page is also available in German. URL of my Homepage: © 1999 Jürgen Köller top

Origami Diagrams I thought of sharing some of the diagrams I have been collecting over the last few months from various websites. These are available freely over the Internet and are mostly in the PDF format. I still haven’t gotten around to folding most of these as yet. For some of these models, I have found instructional videos on YouTube; and have provided links to view these PDF files as well as instructional videos accordingly. For more videos, please check out the category Instructional Videos on this site. In this category are those tutorials recorded by me. Model: Origami Tessellation batDesigned by: Anna Kastlunger (2006)Diagrammed by: Gerwin StrurmDiagram Courtesy: Origami ÖsteriieichDiagram: Tessellation Bat InstructionsImage Courtesy: Mélisande*’s photo stream Model: Car (VW Bug)Designed by: Charles Esseltine (2001)Edited by: Jeremy Shafer (2002)Diagrams: Car InstructionsImage Courtesy : egg.origamiYouTube Instructional Video: Part 1; Part 2 Model: Praying MantisDesigned by: Robert J.

Mathématiques des origamis Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Les pliages d'origamis sont utilisés en mathématiques pour procéder à des constructions géométriques. Selon les méthodes de pliages utilisées, on obtient des procédés plus riches que ceux propres à la règle et au compas. Formalisation des origamis[modifier | modifier le code] Le formalisme auquel il est le plus souvent fait référence est celui de Huzita. Axiome 1. Les axiomes 1 à 4 ont toujours au moins une construction possible, unique pour les axiomes 1, 2 et 4. Points, droites et nombres constructibles par origami[modifier | modifier le code] On se donne deux points de base. Les points de base sont constructibles par hypothèse.Les droites construites sur les plis définis par les axiomes 1 à 6 à partir d'objets constructibles sont constructibles.Un point intersection de deux droites constructibles est constructible. On peut alors interpréter les axiomes 1) à 4) de la façon suivante : ou mais ni de ni de . Voici par exemple la construction de . .

Gói quà dễ thương chỉ trong 5' Túi quà nhỏ xinh này trông nữ tính quá! Đựng những món quà nhỏ vào bên trong là hết ý luôn nha! Cổ điển mà đẹp "thôi rồi"! Mình có thể thay kẹo bằng bánh quy đựng cũng rất yêu nhé! Một gợi ý gói quà rất hay ho cho mùa chia tay cuối cấp đó nghen. Gift bags made from envelopes The event for which I needed that non-Satanic craft was this past weekend. In addition to little demon-free booklets, we also made these mini gift bags. "Baglets," as one participant christened them. (Or maybe you'd spell it "Baglette"? Find an envelope of any size. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. All done. Update: Try this envelope gift bag project with decorative masking tape.

DIY :: Origami Christmas Tree And finally I managed to post this origami tree tutorial...for those who follow me on instagram, you know I've made these last week. So if you wanna know how to make this....