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Origami roses ⇆ bloomize

Origami roses ⇆ bloomize
The sight of these classy chocolate roses got me into a serious mood to make roses, paperwise that is. And I ended up making 3 different kinds cos’ they look so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to learn to make them all! 1. Kawasaki rose I first tried the Kawasaki rose, named after its creator Toshikazu Kawasaki, by following this demo and cross referenced with another demo [part 2|3]. The leaves are folded based on this tutorial. Notes: There were several steps I had no idea what to do, so after some struggling and hair-pulling, I finally figured out what was going on EXACTLY! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 2. I watched this demo to make the Bird base rose created by James Sakoda. 3. 3. Followed this demo to make this rose bud. Both centre creases must be well-creased mountain folds, so that the folding up of each quarter will be easier. [Update: See how I’ve used one of these roses for a DIY wedding – preview and reveal]

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Fold + cut a standing paper Christmas tree ⇆ bloomize I really enjoy making and dressing up these standing trees with my favorite mini dot stickers and an origami star. Here’s what I did: 1. Use a square. 2. Fold half lengthwise, breathwise and diagonalwise to get these creases. 3. Tissue Paper Carnations Today is the start of Flower Week on Folding Trees. Every weekday, I will be showcasing different types of paper flowers. You may be surprised at the variety of flowers you can make using different paper craft techniques! If you know of any amazing flower tutorials I should include in my round-up, let me know! Coffee Filter Flowers Hello lovely readers, Apologies for the delayed post today. This post was originally one sweet little DIY tutorial all set to go live at 9am this morning then I got immersed in the intoxicating world of coffee filter flowers and ended up adding another and another until I was up to my eyeballs in coffee filter tutorials and inspiration! So it took waaay longer than expected but I do hope you’ll find it useful. If you’re looking for a cheap, simple and pretty DIY project for your wedding, coffee filter flowers could be just the thing! photo via Just Simple Designs

design & form - DIY and interior blog Time for a new DIY. There is surely some easier way to make these. But this is how I did. Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board I am a meal planner. I refuse to go grocery shopping without my week’s worth of meals planned out and list made. (It’s either that or wander aimlessly around the grocery store for two hours and then make ten more trips back during the week to get things I forgot.) Once I get the groceries unloaded, I usually forget what I planned for, so I put together this super easy wipe-off menu board to keep track of what’s for dinner each night!

How to Make Paper Cherry Blossoms - U Create Thank you to all the wonderful readers at U Create and Kari for having me here today to share with youa simple DIY that will bring some gorgeous flowers into your home, even before spring arrives! I am Ananda from A Piece Of Rainbow,where I blog about creative and useful DIY for our home and garden. I love decorating with flowers made of all things, such as Kari’s stunningly beautiful denim flower wreath!

Crepe Paper Roses Today we’re happy to present the first Folding Trees tutorial from a contributor! (If you would like to write for Folding Trees, see our Submissions page for details.) Find out how to make SiSi’s beautiful crepe paper roses with our tutorial: You will need: 25+ Fun Science Experiments For Kids DIY Home World Creative Ideas For A Beautiful Home & Garden 25+ Fun Science Experiments For Kids June 20, 2014 by author Leave a Comment

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