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Catchup Math Home Saxon Home School Go Math! Academy Get math help for your students Whether it's for homework help or to get ahead in math, Go Math! Academy is a great new destination for your Grades K–6 students. Power Basic Programs Learners are guided toward mastery of essential math concepts from basic operations through fractions, decimals, and percents and the fundamentals of algebra and geometry. Through practice, review, word problems, and real-world activities, this program is designed to assure that students of all abilities master essential math concepts. Power Basics’ on-level content and below-level readability pack a powerful punch. Designed to provide students with on-level content at a controlled reading level, the Power Basics ® program includes the following components: Student Text, Workbook, Test Pack, and accompanying teacher guide or answer key for all components. This powerful program: Enables student mastery of core content that meets the standards Supports differentiation and all levels of learning Includes student-friendly design in a small, lightweight, soft-cover text Features extensive practice and review and frequent opportunities for assessment Power Basics: Geometry ... details ...

Moving with Math - Achieve More Life of Fred Mathematics VideoText - RightStart Mathematics by Activities For Learning Inc. We recommend VideoText Interactive for high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. This program uses the same philosophy as RightStart™ Mathematics; students are taught to think mathematically and, consequently, develop an excellent understanding of algebra and geometry. Start the VideoText Module A, pre-algebra, half way through RightStart™ Mathematics Level G. Some students prefer to do the RightStart™ lessons the first part of the week and the VideoText lessons the second half. VideoText Interactive Algebra Module A may be purchased at a discounted price when purchased at the same time as either Level G Starter Kits or the E to G Add-On Kit. VideoText Interactive Algebra, the high school program recommended by RightStart™ Mathematics, offers the course either online or on DVD. Tom Clark; creator of VideoText Interactive, says: "When a RightStart™ Level G student wants to begin Module A, we suggest a 1-lesson-per-week approach. To order, visit the store.

Connected Mathematics Project Khan Academy Make Math More College Prep Math and Science Curriculum for Homeschools CAT Academy Math Without Borders: Home Learn Math - Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 & More

Many parents, though, don't intuitively know how to teach a concept, and the Singapore textbooks don't include the explanations. by maymaybean Apr 23

I've used both Singapore & Math Mammoth, and definitely prefer Math Mammoth by maymaybean Apr 23

About SM & MM: I'd prefer to use both, because none of the word problems were better than SM, but they did ask for some different things. I'm thinking that the combination will be fabulous.

But Singapore Math is still hands down my favourite for that level of math. I think it's great to do more than one math program because there isn't a perfect math program out there. by maymaybean Apr 23

While each level has both a teacher guide and a home instructor’s guide available, the latter is designed specifically for homeschoolers, is less expensive, and is what I recommend. You do not need bo by maymaybean Apr 23

The scope and sequence of the U.S. Editions does not align with state or national standards. For example, they leave most work on graphs, statistics, and probability for upper levels rather than teaching these concepts in elementary grades. Instead they focus on laying a solid foundation in basic concepts and processes using a three-step process, taking children from concrete, to pictorial, then abstract approaches to learning. Since I prefer this approach over that of the standards, I would recommend the U.S. Editions rather than the Standards Editions in most situations. by maymaybean Apr 23