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Exploring the world of 3D printing

Exploring the world of 3D printing

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Could the 3D Printer save the public library service? I have noticed for a short while something on the internet about public libraries becoming “Maker Spaces” where people can use, amongst other things, 3D printers. There’s this video which explains the possibilities, if you’ve not seen it already: For those of you who have not heard of 3D printers before, that feeling you now have after watching the video has a name. It’s called “Future Shock” and you’re going to have to get used to it. Give yourself some time and, when you’re ready, we’ll move on. Basically, 3D printing does for producing plastic objects what home printing did for photographs.

Green Is The New Red — Activism Is Not Terrorism When I received this collection of comics, I had to drop everything and read all of them. Liberator is a series about young vigilantes who go above the law (and go underground) to rescue animals from vivisection labs, dogfighting rings, and anywhere else they are abused. What I love about the series is that it presents a counter-narrative to the political reality of “eco-terrorism.” What is 3D Printing? An Overview. You’ve heard of 3D printing from newscasters and journalists, astonished at what they’ve witnessed. A machine reminiscent of the Star Trek Replicator, something magical that can create objects out of thin air. It can “print” in plastic, metal, nylon, and over a hundred other materials.

Unfold ~fab Second post today, I'm catching up while sitting next to a humming Rapman printing a batch of ceramics. Unfortunatly I need to keep an eye on the flowrate and correct pressure or printhead speed every few minutes. More on that in another post. Luckily the Rapman has manual controls. turns head-adjusts speed-back to typing. Yesterday I was going through the excellent documentation of the frostruder at Makerbot. All goodies that where not available when I started, looks very usefull for adapting to Rapman. turns head-does not adjust speed-back to typing. 3D printing All our products and projects are produced with 3D printing technologies. First we make a CAD file in a 3D software, such as Studio Max, Maya, Solidworks or Cinema 4D. We then upload the file to a 3D printer and finally unpack the 3D printer and take the product out.

Your Neighborhood NSA by The Center for Investigative Reporting — Beacon You’re being watched. With funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and local taxpayers, police departments across the country are collecting unprecedented amounts of information about Americans. They’re using images from bridge crossings, GPS data, facial recognition, smart video motion recognition, license-plate readers, camera networks and other technology to create or expand surveillance hubs on a citywide or regional level. The Center for Investigative Reporting is deeply interested in the emerging technologies that could revolutionize policing – and how the public is monitored by the government.

One step conversion of an image to gcode for Makerbot Unicorn and Reprap style 3D Printers How to take an image like this: and in one step generate the gcodes required to do this: All credit for goes to the original creator Neil Gershenfeld of MIT Center for Bits and Atoms and David Carr of Make Your Bot who optimised the code that is in use here. By attaching a pen to a 3D printer it is easy to turn it into a basic pen plotter. However producing the G-codes require to drive your 3D printer as a pen plotter can be anything but easy. This short guide seeks to change that. Advances in 3D Printing We've chosen a selection of articles and videos that showcase advances in 3D Printing technology. Wearable Technology - 3D Printed fabrics - Great video - Courtesy of EcouterreFood Technology - MIT's 3D Food Printer - Cornucopia - Courtesy of Marcelo Coelho MIT3D Printing in Animation - Shows a 3D Printed object used in a Dutch advertising campaign - Courtesy of Creative ReviewPrinting with Silver Ink - Potential for printing integrated Circuits - Courtesy of Singularity HubPrinting with Stainless Steel - A Steel powder is used for 3D Printing - Courtesy of Shapeways and Singularity HubFancy printing a vase? - Well, not quite but its a great start! - Courtesy of Shapeways3D Printed Cells - Scientists use a 3D Printer to create the first “printed” human vein - Courtesy of InhabitatBuilding Technology - Make this 3D Printer mobile and it could turn up and print your house!

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Anand Gopal, No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes Welcome Anand Gopal ( (Twitter) and Host Juan Cole (Informed Comment blog - (Twitter) No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes Anand Gopal’s No Good Men Among the Living is a deconstruction of the American “War on Terror” as it pertained to Afghanistan. It is an argument that the US military allowed itself to fall into chasing phantoms, put up to search and destroy missions by tribal allies mainly interested in using the Americans to settle feuds and deflect rivals. They got drawn into what anthropologists call the segmentary lineage political system of rural Afghanistan.

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