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Dwarven Battle Bonnet pattern by Sally Pointer/ Wicked Woollens *NEW! A lot of people are asking me for the modifiations with cables, bobbles, ‘spectacle helm’ and a ribbed beard. This has now been written up as a new version ‘Dwarven Battle Bonnet 2’ which is also top down construction and desn’t necessarily need fulling. Do check that out too before you buy the pattern, see which one you prefer! Hand carved, Initials, Lovers, Tree, Bark AaronRuff As a young boy growing up in Maine, Aaron Ruff was fascinated with the idea of stumbling upon hidden treasures and unearthing ancient relics. The son of a craftsman, Ruff has grown up with a strong sense of artistry and construction. Working as both a carpenter and cabinetmaker, he enrolled at Parsons to study furniture design. But after taking a class in jewelry making, Ruff soon discovered his true craft. While enjoying the familiarity and technique of creating furniture, he found a more intimate connection with constructing objects that people could actually wear and behold.

Eco-Friendly T-Shirts Turn Aid Into Sustainable Charity In the United States, 95% of shirts that are donated to places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are not actually sold for resale, but sold for incredibly cheap prices and then shipped to developing countries where they are put back on the markets. Inspired by the latest fashion trends in Nairobi, the founders of Project Repat saw this system as an opportunity support local artisans and NGOs. How does it work? The t-shirts are purchased on the local markets in countries like Kenya, where Project Repat commissions local artisans to take the recycled shirts and make them into new t-shirts, scarves, skirts, and bags.

Shoulderless Shirt 30th September 2010 Introducing DIY Weekly! I have to admit that when I do DIY projects, I always forget to take a before shot and write down exactly what it is that I did, which is no use to you! To remedy this I’ve decided to aim to upload one DIY tutorial per week. Hopefully this will focus my DIYing, help me remember to take photos of the process, and make sure that you guys get to see inside my DIY obsessed world! Here’s this weeks DIY. dinosaur heels Talk about walking with dinosaurs! Kick it really (really) old school with a pair of Dinosaur Heels that look just as good touring Jurassic Park as they do strolling down Park Avenue. These prehistoric pump upgrades are fully functional, the standard heel has been replaced with a steel bolt welded to the sole shank, with hollow dinosaur toys to cover up the hardware.

Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down, Pewter, Jewelry, Necklaces Hard Times Weighing You Down? When times get tough...don't let the bastards grind you down! Made in Rhode Island of lead-free pewter, this humorous and uplifting necklace is a tangible reminder that you can overcome anything that comes your way. Sterling silver chain made in India. Includes card explaining the origin of the phrase (see below). Exclusively at UncommonGoods.

Lace Embelished Sweatshirt 10th October 2011 If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I fell in love at first sight with the Jason Wu AW11 collection. Gorgeous tailoring, velvet bow ties and thigh high splits were topped off with one stand out piece for me – a lace embellished sweatshirt. Women’s Size Table « Pattern School There is no actual universally accepted standard measurement set for women. Every manufacturer and text book lists a different set. These are the ones I now use unless otherwise instructed by whichever company I’m working for. The measurements were originally based on the ISO bust, waist and hip for commercial garment manufacture, and I’ve since manipulated them based on tens of thousands of data sets entered by viewers of the site. What they represent is my best attempt to produce a ready to wear size table with reasonable commercial incremental overlap. Obviously, a size table is only any good if you are producing ready to wear sizing.

DIY Cutout Striped shirt Supplies: striped shirt, ribbon, or elastic I love basics with an interesting twist...Such a simple DIY and fun surprise in the back. Cut back in half. DIY Shoes - Part 1 - Intro & Supply List If you’ve ever researched making your own shoes you know how much specialized knowledge and difficult to source materials are involved. Unfazed, I set to work developing a way to make shoes that is accessible in material and technique. (Don’t worry hardcore readers, more elaborate methods are on their way, master this first!) I’ve consolidated tons of research, hundreds of hours of work and a whole lot of unacceptable test shoes into a series of blog posts. This is a method for making basic women’s flats. They’re classic, they’re easy to wear, and, from a shoemaking perspective, they have some advantages: