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JSCompress: Minify Javascript Online / Online JavaScript Compression

JSCompress: Minify Javascript Online / Online JavaScript Compression

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Underscore.js Underscore is a JavaScript library that provides a whole mess of useful functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects. It’s the answer to the question: “If I sit down in front of a blank HTML page, and want to start being productive immediately, what do I need?” … and the tie to go along with jQuery's tux and Backbone's suspenders.

QR Code Generator – create QR codes for free (Logo, T-Shirt, vCard, EPS) What is a QR code? A QR code is a two-dimensional code (2D code, matrix code), this means it contains data not only in one dimension (e.g. horizontally from left to right like the barcodes on the products in e.g. your grocery store) but also in a second dimension (vertical and horizontal). The acronym QR is short for “Quick Response”. QR codes are also often called 2D barcodes. However, this notation is not correct, because it means “a two-dimensional code consisting of bars” although a QR code consists of pixels (so-called “modules”) instead of bars. The QR code was invented by the automotive industry.

Gists from JS Bin vs. CodePen vs. JSFiddle vs. Plunker – cunning ramblings in codecraft Is anyone sick of choices yet? I mean, really, who needs ’em? Right? validate.js Lightweight JavaScript form validation library inspired by CodeIgniter. No dependencies, just over 2kb gzipped, and customizable! validate.js (development - 16kb) validate.min.js (minified - 2.1kb)

Download All Instagram Photos From Any User Online Example: Update (16th Maay 2019): Due to a known issue, users were not able to download all photos from instagram account. However the issue has been resolved and it is working again. Tool-Up Time: The Very Best Front End Web Developer Tools DebugMe Blog We talked a lot with our in-house web developer team, researched the topic for hours and hours and finally put together the DebugMe* list of front end web developer tools which can be useful for every web dev out there. *Our bug tracking and visual feedback giving solution is not on the list because we are more humble than that, however you should take a look at it and maybe give it a try. DebugMe will make your life easier especially if you are a web developer, a web designer or a project manager. Are you a web developer or a designer? This tool will make your life and workflow a lot easier

Unify Client-Side and Server-Side Rendering by Embedding JSON Not many applications I work on these days are solely using the traditional server-side rendering model. Neither do they employ 100% client-side rendering and templating. Usually it’s a mix in which the ‘old’ world meets the new world, giving rise to some interesting design decisions. Local Business Microdata Generator - Microdata Generator Since Google prefers using the JSON-LD version of Schema markup for business listings, this tool now shows the JSON-LD version by default. If you still prefer to use the MicroData format, there is an option to show it. Directions Fill in the blanks, the Schema JSON-LD or Microdata code is generated and displayed below for you to copy and paste on your website. Business Type

25 Free Resources for New JavaScript Developers We asked our campers to share their favorite free resources for new JavaScript developers on Camper News. The list includes some time-tested books as well as podcasts and videos you may not have heard of yet. Books Eloquent Javascript is modern introduction to programming and JavaScript by Marijn HaverbekeThere is also an annotated version of Eloquent JavaScript by Gordon Zhu. Changing Times For Web Developers – 6 Tips You Should Read To Survive The context of this post is about the changing times for a web developer, and I see a lot of web developers still lagging behind especially in the .NET world. If you haven't yet started mastering your art and adapting to the changing trends, you should start today. Think about crafting your web applications properly. Use commonsense to mix and match based on scenarios. Here we go with 6 Tips to be a responsible web developer, and to stay on top of what you do. 1 – Learn to write better JavaScript and CSS

Image To Data URI Convertor - webSemantics <p class=noscript>Sorry, JavaScript is required for this content to be of use.</p> Base64 data URI image converter Data-URI base64 converter Helps improve page load performance over HTTP/1 connections by bundling multiple images into a single cacheable style sheet. When using base64 data-URIs 10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll Demos & Plugins In today’s post we bring to you 10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll Demos & Plugins useful for those who see things horizontally. I guess we have to accept some people scroll both ways! :) Updated: March 2016 Updated all plugins and demos with the latest versions and added some new ones. Also removed plugins which aren’t in development anymore.