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Get Fired From Your Job? You Could Collect #WhopperSeverance From Burger King. Burger King's latest marketing stunt involves some public shaming from customers about themselves, all in the name of free food.

Get Fired From Your Job? You Could Collect #WhopperSeverance From Burger King

The flame-grilled burger chain wants people who have been fired to admit it on LinkedIn. It's not offering them jobs, though some stand to get a bit of help finding them. The "Whopper Severance" plan offers a free Whopper to the first 2,500 people who publicly confess on LinkedIn that they were fired. Guide to using LinkedIn. Reid Hoffman’s Big Dreams for LinkedIn. Early on a Monday evening in June, Reid Hoffman, the founder and executive chairman of the business-oriented networking site LinkedIn, met Mark Pincus, the founder and chief executive of the gaming site Zynga, for dinner at a casual restaurant in Portola Valley, California, a wealthy residential town at the western edge of Silicon Valley.

Reid Hoffman’s Big Dreams for LinkedIn

Breakfasts and dinners are a big part of Hoffman’s life. He recently published two books on how to be successful in business, and is finishing a third, whose working title is “Blitzscaling.” His business is based on the idea of managing your career through relentless networking, which is something he enjoys. If someone told you that Hoffman was the equipment manager for a Pearl Jam tour, it wouldn’t seem like a casting error. He is a big, broad-faced man with tousled brown hair, who typically dresses for work in black shorts, a black T-shirt, running shoes, and white socks. “I have a recruiting dinner,” Pincus said. Hoffman shrugged. “Summer of Love. LinkedIn Isn't Doing Anything For Me - What Am I Missing?

How To Use LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing. With over 380 million registered users, LinkedIn is one the largest professional networks in the world.

How To Use LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing

It can lead to a lot of engagement and provide you with a platform where you can share updates about your company, news, upcoming events and more. The network allows you to connect with professionals in your industry as well as potential customers. 7 Truths About LinkedIn Every Professional Needs to Know. Two Worlds Colliding: How LinkedIn Could Take On Salesforce. Editor’s note: Vik Singh is CEO of Infer.

Two Worlds Colliding: How LinkedIn Could Take On Salesforce

Today’s B2B sales and marketing folks struggle with the overwhelming number of channels for finding and reaching new leads. The customer “funnel” continues to expand as buyers do more of their own research before raising their hand to connect with a sales rep. But imagine if you could make the funnel wider by identifying leads when they’re just browsing your site and haven’t yet filled out your “contact me” form, or leads who haven’t yet visited but are likely to be a good fit for your product? That’s hard to do with the primitive tools that are available for sales and marketers today, unless you bring together some very rare assets — which just so happen to all exist at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the only company with fairly clean and accurate details on pretty much every contact that matters in the business world. The Holy Grail of B2B Sales How LinkedIn Could Win in CRM LinkedIn has an opportunity that none of today’s automation vendors can match. How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile. Is your LinkedIn profile all it could be?

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Shows You Who Visits Your Profile — and Then Some. LinkedIn updated the "who's viewed your profile" section of its platform on Monday, adding personalized tips for how users can generate more profile views.

LinkedIn Shows You Who Visits Your Profile — and Then Some

The new layout includes more detailed analytics about which LinkedIn members visit your profile page. Now users will be able to see which industries their viewers work in, and whether or not those who view their profile share the same job title. 3 Ways You Might Be Screwing Up Your LinkedIn Profile and How to Avoid Them. Using LinkedIn can be similar to online dating.

3 Ways You Might Be Screwing Up Your LinkedIn Profile and How to Avoid Them

Only the people creeping your profile are your current and future investors, employees, customers and colleagues. LinkedIn: The Beginner's Guide. Update: This post was updated October 2013 to reflect current statistics and tools.

LinkedIn: The Beginner's Guide

LinkedIn is considered the non-sexy, sleeping giant of social networks. It keeps a low profile, perhaps due to the professional nature of its users. Nonetheless, LinkedIn continues to exert a powerful influence on connected job seekers, brands, recruiters and industries. Founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to 225 million members in over 200 countries, making it the world’s largest professional network on the Internet (by comparison, Twitter has more than 500 million registered users, and Facebook has surpassed one billion). Currently available in 20 languages, LinkedIn remains a relevant platform the world over. 10 Tips To A More Professional LinkedIn Profile. Regardless of whether you are in business, trying to put your startup on the map, new to the working world or focus mostly on non-profit work, LinkedIn is a very good networking tool to help you achieve your professional goals.

10 Tips To A More Professional LinkedIn Profile

How to Get LinkedIn Followers and Sales With Your Company Page. What Every College Student Should Post on LinkedIn. Are you waiting until after graduation to start building up your LinkedIn profile?

What Every College Student Should Post on LinkedIn

It's time to reconsider. "Every student is blindly trying to make a resume, but surprisingly many don't have great LinkedIn profiles," says Natan Edelsburg, senior vice president at Sawhorse Media. "I often hear, 'Here's my resume. My LinkedIn isn't great, but here's the link.' I usually respond, 'Make it great, and then get back to me! '" Thirty-seven percent of surveyed job recruiters identified social professional networks as one of the most important sources for hiring. Still not convinced? "Employers are looking for recent graduates," says Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's Career Expert and the founder of WORKS by Nicole Williams, a lifestyle brand for young, career-driven women. Write Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Future. I was speaking to one of the best upcoming tech bloggers the other day about LinkedIn, and how I view it. To me, LinkedIn isn’t a place to dump a snapshot of where you’ve been. It’s an opportunity to stay connected to people, and to demonstrate where you are now, and where you plan to go next.

To that end, I’ve got a little advice for you to consider applying to your own profile. Write Your LinkedIn Profile For Your Future First Impressions First, your headline matters. Your Summary Here’s where I think the most work can be done. Lead with what I do most. In every case within the summary, your plan should be to write from the mindset of the prospective employer (or client), such that when they read it, they think, “I need to hire this person.”

LinkedIn connects big data, human resources. LinkedIn, using complex, carefully concocted algorithms, analyzes their profiles and site behavior to steer them to opportunity. And corporations parse that data to set business strategy. As the network grows moment by moment, LinkedIn’s rich trove of information also grows more detailed and more comprehensive. It’s big data meeting human resources. And that data, core to LinkedIn’s potential, could catapult the company beyond building careers and into the realms of education, urban development and economic policy. Chief executive Jeff Weiner put it this way in a recent blog post: “Our ultimate dream is to develop the world’s first economic graph,” a sort of digital map of skills, workers and jobs across the global economy. Ambitions, in other words, that are a far cry from the industry’s early stabs at modernizing the old-fashioned jobs board (think ­ and CareerBuilder).

Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn.