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Illuminating Repurposed Vintage Relics. GIVEAWAY: 3 Crumpler Bags. Getting your gear from point a to point b was a lot easier before you had to carry a laptop, or a change of clothes or even an extra cell phone charger. We’ve gotten to the point now that we can’t even leave the house without a bag to hold the daily essentials and that bag needs an upgrade. Whether it’s a huge expandable duffle, a DSLR kit or a “go bag,” Crumpler has something that will work for you.

We also happen to have over $400 in Crumpler Bags to giveaway on their behalf. You could be one of three lucky winners if you keep reading… If you want to walk away from this with a brand new Crumpler Dry Red No 5 ($175), Peak Season ($65), or Enthusiast bag ($175) for $0, just follow these steps: To Enter: 1. 2. We’ll pick three different winners on 4/5. World Class Chalkboard Decal. Total Recall – Official Trailer. Mission Workshop Arkiv System Bags. Killspencer Dopp/Folio. Black World Map. Crazy Expensive Stuff From The New York High-End Audio Show. Every year, unbeknownst to most of the public, the most outrageous and amazing pieces of audio equipment are tossed (see: very carefully placed) into one hotel for The New York Audio & AV Show. This is not the kinda stuff you get at Best Buy or hook up to the turntable you bought from Urban Outfitters. This is the stuff for the hardcore audio fan who happens to have deep pockets.

So we figured, “Hey, why don’t we go and make ourselves feel like crap?” So we did, and here’s some of the most insanely expensive (yet incredibly awesome) items we found: YG Acoustics Anat III Professional Signature Loudspeakers in Custom Titanium Finish If you have to make a decision between buying a pair of speakers and sending your child to college, you know you’re seriously considering top-of-the-line equipment. They’re one of the most accurate loudspeakers in the world, and they’re custom finished in titanium, cause why the hell not when you’re dropping six figures on speakers. Blue Blood Playing Cards. Blackhawk Secretary Trunk.

Skinth Skinny Sheaths. ImageSnap Custom Ceramic Tiles. The Clean Bottle Square. Possum Belly Pipe Shelves. Chrome Stock Cobra Hoodie. One Widow Playing Cards. The Worton Weekender – Black Edition. Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders. 10 Brilliant Rube Goldberg Machines. We normally like to keep things simple and do things the easy way, but we’re completely fascinated by Rube Goldberg machines. They require a level of skill and patience we doubt we’ll ever posses and they’re the ultimate expression of doing something just because you can. (Plus, they’re really fun to watch when you’re not sober.) Check out some of the best Rube Goldberg machines ever posted on the internet. Thanks to Jarritos for making this post possible, for more information on Jarritos and all the new flavors, check out The Page Turner Part of the brilliance behind The Page Turner by Brooklyn-based artist Joseph Herscher is the fact that it’s set off in a completely natural way. Honda – The Cog We’re no grease monkeys, so if someone took apart a car and laid out all of the parts in front of us we couldn’t say for sure what they all do.

Ok Go Music Video When it comes to Rube Goldberg machines, the more over the top the better. Mythbusters Rube Goldberg Machines Toys. Rival Bros Coffee. We can’t remember the last time we turned on the Food Network or Travel Channel and didn’t see something about a show involving cupcakes or food trucks. (Yes, we’re man enough to admit we occasionally enjoy both of those channels for the culinary contributions to our nightly meals.) They’re everywhere. Combine that whole back-to-the-roots, small batch production mentality to coffee and you’ll end up at Rival Bros.

Started in Philly by the famous chef Jonathan Adams and artisanal coffee expert Damien Pileggi, Rival Bros is everything Starbucks should have been from the beginning–small batches of coffee custom selected, combined and roasted with an almost obsessive attention to detail. If you live in Philly you can pick up it made fresh from their “food” truck. If you don’t, order it online and brew it yourself. The coffee is so good you won’t even want to put booze in it.

Nevermore Body Company. Vintage Plaid Playing Cards. Rough & Tumble Messenger Tote. Cobra iRadar Detector. No one wants to get busted by the fuzz. At the same time, no one wants to drive slow. You have places to be, people to see and a car that just doesn’t feel right if the speedometer reads less than 65. Unfortunately, the speed limit isn’t as arbitrary as you’d like to believe it is, and sooner or later you’re going to end up pulled over spending time in the business end of a squad car. Unless you have the Cobra iRadar detector. Cobra isn’t a new name to any of you that have owned a radar detector before. They were always affordable, but never quite as good as the others on the market…. until now. By downloading the free iPhone or Android app, and connecting to the iRadar, you get access to AURA, the Cobra exclusive speed and red light camera database. How To Build A DIY Toolbox Boombox. U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook.

Stormproof Match Kit. On the surface, waterproof matches sound about as realistic as a knife made of light, but they actually exist. For less than a 6-pack, you get 25 stormproof matches and 3 striker sheets packed conveniently in a waterproof container. Each match will stay lit for up to 15 seconds even after being submerged in water. So far, we have tested their effectiveness in the following situations: lighting up in the car, starting a fire and bathroom sanitation. In an emergency situation, what's more important: beer or fire? These are so convenient and inexpensive that you'll never have to answer that.

Waterproof case that floatsIntegrated, replaceable striker (3 included)25 waterproof & windproof matchesUp to 15 seconds of burn time. Fulton’s Clip Joint Playing Cards. Elecom Orime Laser Mouse. Mixtape: Getting Shit Done. Yamaha EPH-100 Headphones. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones. Bluetooth technology, in theory, is awesome. No cords to get tangled up when you’re on the treadmill. No wires that you have to plug in to get your sweet jams from your phone to your ears. Unfortunately, in practice bluetooth just makes you look like the dude wearing the headset having a very loud conversation in front of a crowd of complete strangers because there weren’t really any other good bluetooth options – but now there are. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless is the first pair of bluetooth headphones that we would actually enjoy syncing to our own phones.

Much like all the other Beats by Dr. Headphone Rug. Must Have Mustache Gear. Mustaches have always been cool. Ok, that’s not entirely true. They had a bit of a falling out with popular culture during the 90s, but they’re back for the time being. This time, it’s not about saving flavor for later, it’s about saving Men everywhere from prostate cancer. For thirty days every year, we steal the hairy face crown back from hipsters everywhere and turn November into Movember in the name of changing the face of men’s health. Here’s all the sweet mustache gear you need to get through the month formerly known as November, or just to have because mustaches are cool. 1.

Mustache Wallet – $30 2. Cool Material doesn’t “officially” have a team this year, but check out these other teams and send some dollar bills their way because every little bit helps. Team Hair Up There (Ben Dahl of Cool Material)Team Art of Manliness USA Team Guns N’ Mo’ses (Guyism Style Editor and Friends) Team Park and Bond. PHX-1 Design Tool Set. Lomokino Movie Camera.

ZIIIRO Celeste. Crossbow Snow Launcher. Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker. DIY Furniture. Visual Etiquette TV and Movie Prints. See Mix Drink. Tattoo It Yourself Cards. Jeweled Hex Cufflinks with Stems. iHome iW1 AirPlay Wireless Audio System. With access to services like Spotify, Grooveshark and Rdio, your music is with you wherever you are. You don’t need to deal with CDs or computers to pump out some sweet jams in the living room, the party or even the beach. But that just leaves one problem… the speakers. Even if you crank your iPhone to maximum output you’ll barely be able to hear it over the crashing waves, spilling beers or dancing. If you don’t want to be tethered to a power outlet, which kind of defeats the purpose of having wireless access in the first place, you need something like this iHome iW1 AirPlay Wireless Audio System. Stream music from any iDevice with AirPlay or from iTunes using Wifi and the Bongiovi Acoustics powered iW1 doesn’t need any cables.

If you do decide to go battery operated and there’s no wifi around, just plug in your device with USB. Fantastique Playing Cards. Gentleman’s Hidden Knife. Dyson Hot Fan Heater. Banksy: Myths & Legends. In an age when people share the most mundane details of their lives with the world and celebrities can’t play a bit of tonsil hockey without 8,000 pictures popping up online, it’s amazing that Banksy has been able to keep his identity a secret for so long. In fact, his mysterious life and covert art ops are exactly the kind of things tall tales and grand stories are born from. While you might have to wait for the “Banksy: Yup, I’m James Franco” book, or other insanely mind-blowing autobiography, you can now get your hands on the next best thing. In “Banksy: Myths & Legends,” you get access to some of the greatest myths and legends (okay, that was fairly self-explanatory) surrounding the mysterious street artist, most stemming from those in his home town of Bristol.

At 96 pages, you’re not exactly getting an encyclopedia, but that should be expected. ZAL Creations Lighting. Defy Bags: Old Materials. New Ideas. Horn Bike iPhone Mount. Nerf Vortex Disc Blaster. Almoco Flatware. WAVE – Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones. As guys, we like to take our workouts seriously, it’s how we balance out the empty beer bottles we accrue each weekend. This means we don’t walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes while watching Judge Judy. We hit the pool for laps, we bike even when it’s raining and we generally produce more sweat than a perp getting grilled by Vincent D’Onofrio. Here’s what we’ve learned, all that water and sweat: Terrible for Apple products. Since we like to throw some Daft Punk tracks on shuffle when we hit the gym, we’d enjoy being able to do the same in the pool or the rain. The waterproof, cord free design of the WAVE lets you bump some music when your workout is in, or under, water.

Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank. Brixton x Fender Guitar & Record Case. Vapor Sky Personalized Artwork. We’re kind of audio freaks around here. We stash cash for high-performance speakers, iPhone docking units and surround sound systems that rival those installed at Regal Cinemas. We praise Bang & Olufsen. We also happen to have a strange desire to cover every square inch of wall space with uniquely awesome pieces of art, which is why we’re loving the personalized artwork from Vapor Sky.

Pick a piece of audio that’s important to you—a song, a chorus of girls professing their love to you, birds chirping an engine—and it gets transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece of eye candy. By taking a raw-image snapshot of the waveform of your audio, Vapor Sky turns your unique piece of sound into a colorful masterpiece. You’ll receive it stretched and ready to put on your wall which is better than opening Pro Tools and duct-taping your PC up there. Doane Paper Leather Works.

We can’t pinpoint precisely when it happened, but our memory just isn’t what it used to be. If Facebook didn’t keep track of history and Foursquare didn’t keep track of where we were, we’d have no idea what happened last week – let alone years ago. We’ve discovered that there’s also a lot of shit we gotta fucking get done, and if we don’t write it down we’re never going to remember it. So we keep some notebooks handy for sketches, ideas and things we don’t want to forget.

Doane Paper makes some of our favorites because they have grids and lines, but they’re e not indestructible…until now. GoPano iPhone 4 Panorama Lens. Bicycle Wine Rack. Generally, wine and bicycles go together like oil and water. Polish off a few bottles of vino and mounting your metal steed isn’t a great idea. Getting to your destination with an unopened bottle intact is almost as difficult.

You can’t just throw it in your bag because it will end up getting destroyed, and riding with it in your hand makes maneuvering a challenge. What you really need is some sort of holster that you can mount to your bike. This is it. NOTE: This holster will only attach to 1"-1.5"” bike frames! Olive oil-treated vegetable-tanned leatherHandmade in MontrealFits 1” - 1.5" bike frames onlyAntique brass fastenersHidden clamping system keeps bottle in placeAdjustable to fit different types of 3” bottles.

Space Invaders Playing Cards. Mr Jones All Around the World Watch. Gerber Apocalypse Kit. Philips Fidelio Wireless Speaker. Logitech Harmony Link. Plane Pieces Inc. Art and Lighting. If you can think of anything cooler than having a bunch of art and lighting in your home made from recycled pieces of an airplane, let us know because we’re honestly at a loss with these pieces from Plane Pieces Inc. A vintage retention nut and piston from a Cessna 182 Skylane propeller got turned into a desk lamp. A martini table made from an Eames era propeller spinner cone with a glass table top that actually spins.

Tea light holders created from Beechcraft Baron Airplane internal springs. Do we need to keep going? We’ve seen so many pieces of recycled rubber bike innertube turned into products that we were beginning to think recycled design was an oxymoron. Nesting Steel Shot Cups. Jetsam Reconstructed Wallets. Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner. Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug.