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AQA A Level Business Specification Material

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AQA Year 1 & 2 FORMULAE - Revised May 2016. AQA A Level Business key terms Year 1. AQA A Level Business Key Terms Year 2. 3.1 - 3.10 Tutor2U - Business study notes. Business Models & Theories in Your Pocket. AQA Business Key Terms and Formula. AQA Summary of the Mark Scheme Year 1 & 2. AQA Business – Topic Summaries. A Level Business Assessment Objectives. AQA Business Command Words 2016 Version I. Teaching topics Theories & Models – AQA A Level Business 2015. AQA Business Marking Scheme Overview. AQA A Level Business – Subject Lesson Outcomes - Year 1.

AQA A Level Business – September 2015 – 17 – Overview by Unit. Year 2 Business Assessment at A Level.

Topic Tests

3.1 What is business? 3.2 Managers, leadership and decision making. 3.3 Decision making to improve marketing performance. 3.4 Decision making to improve operational performance. 3.5 Decision making to improve financial performance. 3.6 Decision making to improve human resource performance. When Lego lost its head - and how this toy story got its' happy ending. When Lego lost its head - and how this toy story got its happy ending By James Delingpole Updated: 17:22 GMT, 18 December 2009 Five years before we edged to financial catastrophe, an unlikely rehearsal was played out by toy giant Lego.

When Lego lost its head - and how this toy story got its' happy ending

In as long as it takes to develop a new model Star Wars range, it went from massive profit to near-fatal loss.

3.7 Analysing the strategic position of a business

3.8 Choosing strategic direction. 3.9 Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies. 3.10 Managing strategic change. AQA Business Theories - Articles & Videos. Additional Presentations.