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Grammar exercises: word order. Resources for teachers. FUN ONLINE GAME: Guess the sound - Free teaching resources to teach kids: worksheets, flashcards, games, activities, tips and much more! You can support by clicking on the ads in each post. Thank you and please visit us again :) Guess the sound is a really fun online game to revise lots of vocabulary in an entertaining way!

FUN ONLINE GAME: Guess the sound - Free teaching resources to teach kids: worksheets, flashcards, games, activities, tips and much more! You can support by clicking on the ads in each post. Thank you and please visit us again :)

My students love it. I’m sure yours will as well! First off, don’t get discouraged by the graphics of the site where you can find the game because it truly has a lot to offer and is really fun. To play it, you need to choose the topic first. In total, there are eight topics to choose from. Now have a look at three of the topics. As you can see, some of the vocab is quite advanced. Click here to play Guess the sound Let me guys know what you think about the game.

PS If you find interesting or helpful in any way, you can click on the ad below. New English File - PreIntermediate.rar. SONGS / MOVIES / CLIPS. Links by levels. WORKSHEETS & LESSON PLANS. English tenses. Angličtina online snadno a rychle - Home - Macmillan In Company 3.0. CLELE JOURNAL – children´s literature in english language education. Czech resourse for learning English. English Worksheets. Sean Banville's Websites, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Worksheets. ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. Anglicky s BBC - Funky Phrasals Kurz angličtiny Funky Phrasals se orientuje na frázová slovesa – všechna slovesa možná nebudou přímo "funky" - neboli "úžasná" - ale rozhodně vám úžasně obohatí slovní zásobu.

Anglicky s BBC -

Every Day English Kurz v 52 lekcích nabízí nejpoužívanější idiomy současného anglického jazyka. Exam Skills Kurs ve 12 lekcích nabízí užitečné rady, simple techniques and handy hints, jak co nejlépe absolvovat zkoušku z angličtiny. If aneb Podmínková souvětí S tímto kursem angličtiny se můžete v osmi lekcích zorientovat v základních typech podmínkových souvětí, která se v angličtině vyskytují. Takeaway Business English Kurs v šestadvaceti lekcích přibližuje nejběžnější anglické výrazy používané v obchodním styku. Confusing English Kurz Confusing English 1 - 8 se zaměřuje na obtížné a matoucí jevy v různých oblastech angličtiny.

A Phrase a Minute Keep Your English Up to Date Známý lingvista David Crystal Vám pomůže "Keep your English up to date", neboli držet krok s rychle se vyvíjející angličtinou. Global Issues. Frontpage. Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups. WORD ON THE STREETS: Videos and materials. Movie Scripts and Screenplays Web Site. by Jamie Keddie. Famous Quotes at BrainyQuote. BusyTeacher: Worksheets. English for Information Technology, an online course. ESL, English Grammar Exercises, Video lessons,Quizzes, Vocabulary Exercises.

Oxford DNB. ESL EFL Teaching Activities, Worksheets, Lessons. The resources section covers a wide variety of topics and grammar points.

ESL EFL Teaching Activities, Worksheets, Lessons

There are four main categories: General English, Grammar, Questions and Functional Language. All the sections and topics are listed below. There are hundreds of beneficial resources to choose from covering all aspects of language learning. There are grammar and vocabulary resources as well as resources to improve students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The resources cover all levels of English from beginner through to advanced. You can use these teaching resources to introduce or round off lessons, revise specific structures and vocabulary, extend your lessons or to supplement a course book. Within each section, you will also find complete lessons. If you have some ESL EFL teaching activities, worksheets, lessons or games you would like to share, please feel free to send them to us.

Grammar - The grammar section has been designed to make learning grammar appealing and fun for students. Life Skills Resources - People Management. Lesson: People Management What is your leadership style?

Life Skills Resources - People Management

This lesson is designed to get your students reflecting on the best way to communicate with a team in a leadership situation Download the lesson For Fun: People Management Puzzle Do you know what words these definitions describe? English Current : ESL Lesson Plans, Tests, & Ideas English Current. Oxford University Press. Using Mr. Bean to Teach Present Continuous (Speaking Activity) English Current. Skill focus: Speaking Grammar: Present Continuous (Present Progressive) ESL Level: Pre-intermediate to Intermediate Number of students: 2 or more Equipment needed: projector/video screen Time Required: 15 minutes Present Continuous Speaking Activity Description After teaching your students present continuous, put them in pairs.

Using Mr. Bean to Teach Present Continuous (Speaking Activity) English Current

Next, load a short Mr. Explain to the student facing the video that his job is to describe the video to his partner. Macmillan Business. Doplňkové materiály. Let your students do the talking.