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It’s not very often that records management and rodeo riding get paired in the same sentence, but as Silver Sponsors of the recent IRMS Conference and Sunday evening’s welcome event, our management team at Box-it found themselves involved in both!

The Sunday evening buffet at the annual IRMS Conference is always a relaxed, informal occasion and one that Box-it has been supporting for many years. It is the traditional icebreaker following the afternoon delegate registration. This year’s conference opening event at Celtic Manor in Wales, was as popular as ever and among the many fun activities was a very entertaining ‘bucking bronco’ which certainly brought out the competitive spirit in people. We’ve all had those moments, leaving our mobile phones unattended in a room with our other halves or friends – fearing the worst that they’ve looked through it while we’ve been away.

But not because we’ve got something to hide, because our mobile phone has become like our personal diary. Gone are the days of filling a daily entry in a notebook with your favourite pen, and here are the days of portable memory mapping. Promotional Event Branding - TFH Gazebos. A look into the ever-changing mobile crystal ball. “Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes… you’re under…” Now we don’t exactly believe in all this hocus-pocus stuff of crystal balls, dream catchers, psychics and lucky heather, but with recent rumours and developments we can take an educated delve into the digital crystal ball to see what the future might hold for mobile.

A look into the ever-changing mobile crystal ball

The mighty little devices that grace our hands and pockets everyday has grown in importance, not just in everyday life but in the business world, and this importance and power is growing at an unbelievable rate each day. So what does the future hold for our beloved mobiles? So, sitting at our desk at work or out walking the dog in the park, we will have the ability to control our lighting, heating, adjust the temperature of our fridge, start the washing, the hovering, even the locks on our doors – it seems that every electronic device in the home will soon have the ability to be controlled using our phones. The car. Posted on March 17th, 2015 by jake2035.

Categories: Business SMS, Mobile Marketing InfographicsTags: business mobile marketing, business sms marketing, mobile marketing infographic, SMS for airlines, SMS for airports, sms for businesses Now, as you can imagine we were over the moon when we heard that statement from one of our very very happy customers Flight Quotes, so we were keen to try and grab 5 minutes with them to learn about their success. You’re hired! Healthy profits to rival Lord Sugar’s Apprentice. The main aims in business are all about those numbers: customers, costs and profits.

You’re hired! Healthy profits to rival Lord Sugar’s Apprentice

There is nowhere that this rings truer than in The Apprentice. Keeping costs minimal and profits high is advice which echoes each year within the hit business series – even though precious few of the contestants ever seem to get this right. At Text Marketer, we often get asked what sort of response rates and returns you can expect from an SMS campaign. With many variables that can determine response rate, this can be a tough question to answer, however our always low pricing keeps costs to a minimum, which – if everything else performs well – can provide high profit margins that would give even Lord Sugar a run for his money. Your data quality, opening lines, calls to action, products and timing of texts can all determine the response and returns your business gets.

10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Stats 2015. A brand new year is upon us, and it is already gearing up to be a great and fascinating one for technology, in particular the smartphone.

10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Stats 2015

The big technology giants are persistently trying to think of innovative ways to use the power of the nifty little hand held device to make our lives that little bit easier, whether through work or play. So if you’re a keen gadget fan and have always wanted a Back-To-The-Future-style hover-board, then this might be the year you’ve been waiting for. Businesses have now woken up to the power of mobile marketing, not only through how lucrative it can be but also how relevant and convenient it is for their customers. From appointment reminders being sent out by text to saving logistics companies and online retailers millions with the convenience of delivery details delivered straight to mobiles, retailers, traders and marketers love affair with mobile can only continue to grow.

Digital dilemmas – Choosing between money off or percentage discounts? British shoppers love a good deal and are always on the hunt for the latest bargain.

Digital dilemmas – Choosing between money off or percentage discounts?

The word ‘SALE’ can spark a spending spree within minutes and eliminate all capability for rational thought when shopping, but when searching for the best offer to attract your customers, is there a tried-and-tested method to encourage customers to spend? Research seems to suggest that the basic concept of spotting a good bargain is written in our DNA from an early age, with the ability for it to become addictive very quickly. Getting something far cheaper than its recommended price is a satisfying feeling, so why wouldn’t you share this feeling by making sure that everyone knows about it? As a business you have perhaps flirted with various methods of showcasing offers, deals and discounts, which have all produced a variety of results. How to get the perfect job through SMS. The recruitment industry is fast paced and fiercely competitive.

How to get the perfect job through SMS

Working in the sector demands speed of action and co-ordination – you need to get ahead and keep ahead of the numerous competitors. Read what your customers really want from you - is it a surprise? There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying as having a happy loyal customer for your business - but how can we make our customers happy and loyal?

Read what your customers really want from you - is it a surprise?

5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Marketing Message [INFOGRAPHIC] The world of business is discovering the power of mobile marketing, the incredible response rates are something every business dreams of - however in such a personal form of communication you need to make sure you get your message right.

5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Marketing Message [INFOGRAPHIC]

So here are 5 easy steps to follow to make sure your first mobile marketing campaign will be a success. 5 steps to sending a successful mobile marketing message. Sending your first mobile marketing message? Is There a Perfect Time to Send Your Marketing Message? [INFOGRAPHIC] When sending your marketing message you need to think about the timing of your message, is it relevant to the content of your message? Will your customer appreciate receiving this message at this particular time? There is no perfect time to send a mobile marketing message, however there are some general times that seem to be good for certain industry sectors.

If you own a restaurant, café or fast food outlet and you are looking for some extra footfall during the lunch hour, then sending lunchtime offers around 11am while customers stomach’s are rumbling and lunch time plans are being made is a perfect time. What Are the 7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing?  Mobile marketing. Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing. Are you sabotaging your campaigns by committing grave mobile marketing sins? Here's a look at a few of them, courtesy of an infographic from Text Marketer. Forgetting a call to action (CTA) is a grave mistake. Your customers need to know what you expect them to do, so include an obvious CTA in your text. Is the way businesses talk to customers changing? Media has changed the way we communicate forever but it is not just the way we communicate with each other that has changed, it's also the way we communicate with brands and businesses. Social media has connected and given the world a voice.

Anything can go viral and spread round the globe in minutes - whether it be good or bad. All Spam No Ham. The Event Tent - Gazebos and Outdoor Event Tents. The beautiful money making game. The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing. Stop These 7 Biggest Mistakes Of Mobile Marketing. The future of business communication. I am sure right now at this very moment there is someone writing a horrid review about a company or person on the internet, for how we talk and engage with each other including businesses has changed. I am sure you have probably had a customer write you a comment over social media, whether it be praise or a complaint is this way of communicating with brands in the future? SMS marketing – Shake your customers’ lapels with a powerful attention grabber.

Most SMS marketing campaigns are dull, dull, dull. Get to #1 in Google in Easy Steps - SEO Book from Ben Norman. The gloves are off, Email marketing VS Mobile marketing. The big heavyweight fight, Email Marketing VS Mobile Marketing. This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it. Women, as we all know, hold the real power, whatever men say down the pub about being the master of the remote control and wearing the trousers in their relationship. Mobile Marketing Case Study – Dominos Pizza. Posted on August 16th, 2011 by Henry. Categories: News and Case StudiesTags: Bulk SMS, Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing is firmly established as a powerful and profitable tool for the fast food industry.

Text Marketing Ebooks. The Gazebo Guide: Find an Outdoor Shelter - The Event Tent. The Event Tent - Gazebos and Outdoor Event Tents. Trials and Motocross news. TFH Gazebos Welcome to TFH Gazebos, a family run business based in Essex specialising in various types of Pop up Gazebos and Event Tents, commonly known as Instant Awnings, Mini Marquees, Instant Shelters, Easy Up Gazebos and of course Pop Up Gazebos and Gazebos. Exhibitors area. A Guide to Selling and Promoting Digital Products Online. Elevations Exhibitions. Exhibitors area. Market Equipment.