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Movie Scripts and Screenplays Web Site
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Downloadable lesson materials CrowdWish Level: B2/Upper Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking, reading and listening Language: idioms (dream come true, like magic, step in the right direction etc) and wish (including wish + would) ELT Resourceful – Crowdwish The lesson is about a new online service, CrowdWish, which invites people to post their wishes on their website. You’ve got to have a dream Level: B1/Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking and writing Language: reason and result linkers, adjectives of personality A free downloadable lesson, based around a Russian advertising video for shampoo. ELT Resourceful – You’ve got to have a dream Orangutan asks for help in sign language Skills: speaking and listening Language: environment vocabulary (e.g. deforestation, consumers, sustainable) ELT Resourceful – Orangutan asks for help in sign language The lesson starts with an activity to find out what students know about orangutans. Gratitude Skills: Reading, speaking, listening and writing ELT Resourceful-Gratitude A good deed To R.P.

ESL EFL Teaching Activities, Worksheets, Lessons These fun grammar activities, games and worksheets help you to teach your students comparatives. You will also find engaging resources to teach comparative adjectives, sentence structure and common comparative expressions. This impressive set of ESL grammar activities, worksheets and games helps your students to learn superlatives. These rewarding grammar games, ESL activities, worksheets and lessons combine comparative and superlative adjective forms and structures together. Here are some grammar worksheets, games and ESL activities based on the zero conditional. In this section, you will find a large variety of grammar games, worksheets and ESL activities to help teach your students how to form and use the first conditional. This page provides teachers with a variety of ESL grammar activities, games and worksheets based on the second conditional. Here is an engaging set of grammar games, ESL activities and worksheets to help students practice or review the third conditional.

What is Lux: Shedding Some Light on Low Light Cameras You've seen the claims: "Outstanding reproduction in low light." Cameras with low-lux ratings are the norm, and manufacturers seem intent on seeing just how low they can go. Claims of 2 lux, 1 lux, 0.75 lux and even 0 lux are not uncommon. What do these ratings really mean? What is a lux, and just how many do you need? What is Lux? Simply stated, the lux is the metric unit for measuring the amount of light that falls on an object, and is the European equivalent of the British foot-candle (or lumen). A camera with a 1-lux rating claims to be able to produce an image by the light of one candle that is about three feet away from the subject. When a manufacturer slaps a 1-lux rating on the side of its camera, it is giving a subjective opinion of what is an acceptable image. Also, since "acceptable image" is a subjective term, lux ratings will vary from one manufacturer to another. The Nature of Light Lux is a measurement based on light produced by a single candle. Optics

Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English Using Mr. Bean to Teach Present Continuous (Speaking Activity) English Current Skill focus: Speaking Grammar: Present Continuous (Present Progressive) ESL Level: Pre-intermediate to Intermediate Number of students: 2 or more Equipment needed: projector/video screen Time Required: 15 minutes Present Continuous Speaking Activity Description After teaching your students present continuous, put them in pairs. Next, load a short Mr. Explain to the student facing the video that his job is to describe the video to his partner. Let them do it. After, have the pairs switch seats and change the video. Note that the word oyster is important in the above story, so be sure to preteach this vocabulary. Present Continuous Speaking Activity Expansion This could be made into a more robust lesson 30/40-minute lesson by: 1) Creating warm-up questions about the topic of each video. Do you like flying? 2) Pre-teaching key vocabulary (flight attendant, life preserver, buffet, oyster, spoiled, etc) My students always enjoy this activity, and it’s likely because Mr. Good luck with your class.

amazon 11 must-see TED-Ed lessons Short animated lessons you’ll love, from atomic structure to the science of stage fright (and how to overcome it). Bite-size snacks of knowledge, TED-Ed Video Lessons are short, free educational videos written by educators and students, then animated by some of the most creative minds in the business. The topics of these addictive little videos range from quantum physics to the art of beatboxing, and once you watch one, you may want to watch 10 more. Know an animator or educator who could make a great TED-Ed Lesson? Nominate them here. Here are 11 of my favorite TED-Ed lessons to start. 1. This is the lesson that started TED-Ed. 2. This is a great example of a lesson that answers one of those questions I had always been curious about, but never took the time to look up. 3. A great melding of content and animation. 4. Awesome language arts lesson by linguist and TED speaker John McWhorter. 5. 6. 7. A great lesson for anyone who has (or might want to get) a tattoo. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Authentic Teaching | Five techniques to speak any language Click the picture or scan the QR code below to go to our Zaption lesson Ready to print handouts and activities: więcej o tej lekcji na blogu Student’s Handout Teacher’s Handout Activity 1, 2 & 3 – Warm-up, Global listening & Speaking Activity 4 – Introduction Activity 5 – Technique 1 Activity 6 – Technique 2 Activity 7 – Technique 3 Activity 8 – Technique 4 Activity 9 – Technique 5 Scan or download the QR code to access the Zaption lesson Scan or download the QR code to access the full version on the talk The Definitive Guide to Making YouTube Thumbnails That Will Be Clicked Thumbnails are the most important aspect of any video’s release, other than the content itself. Seriously. This is because thumbnails, in combination with titles, are often the biggest deciding factor in whether or not a person will click to watch a video. Due to their overwhelming importance, we at Frederator have put together a guide for creating thumbnails that details the principles and tactics we use when crafting our own thumbnails. The Main Goal The main goal for our thumbnails is to get our audience, and new audiences, to view our content and then go on to watch more of our content. The Three Principles The three guiding principles Frederator uses for making clickable thumbnails are: Our thumbnails accurately portray the content in the video.Our thumbnails get our audience excited about watching the video.Our thumbnails draw the attention of our audience. We discovered these principles by the methods I described above and abide by them because they work. The Tactics 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

All Things Grammar - Home 5 free tools to create your own teaching resources This post features a list of 5 free tools for teachers who enjoy making their own teaching resources or would like to start and don’t really know how. Below, I am talking about online tools you might use to create visuals, presentations, animations, comics, and quizzes. The tools I’m mentioning here might be used by you, the teacher, to create something for your students, or you might choose to involve your learners: use the tools in the classroom together or let your students use them at home. Let me start by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just a humble blogging teacher trying to share some useful information with whoever might be reading. I’m a big fan of creating my own teaching resources (as is probably pretty evident from this blog) and for quite some time now I’ve been trying to move past creating extra worksheets that accompany the coursebook. Could I use it with any of the students I teach? Canva Canva is my go-to online tool and my absolute personal favourite. Qzzr

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