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Graphic and Web Design Blog - Part 2

Graphic and Web Design Blog - Part 2

Templates | 1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog One of the must-haves of a web designer (and even graphic designers and bloggers) is a business card. Call it a little bit old fashioned but business cards are still very useful. They contain the most available point of contact for the possible employee. It makes your clients realize that you are a legit artist and very good one at that. This calls for a very good and catchy business card. Read More Hello guys. Read More With the explosion of flat-designed websites, web designers now follow the trend in a snap, adapting a cleaner and much simpler design which can be found in flat UI kits. These kits will allow each designer to fully utilize the trend and produce eye-popping results. Read More Speed up your design process by taking inspiration from these free responsive HTML templates we gathered from around the web! Everyone’s running around trying to hop on the newest trend: flat design, but before flat, there was responsive web design. Have fun! Read More Read More Read More Read More

Photoshop Tutorials | TutorialKing ♛ 1,78 triệu người trên Facebook sẽ chết vào năm 2011 - Next web Theo thống kê của công ty kế hoạch di sản kĩ thuật số Entrustet, một số lượng lớn tài khoản Facebook sẽ không được coi là “đang hoạt động”. Kết luận được đưa ra sau khi công ty so sánh dữ liệu về việc sử dụng Facebook với Tỉ lệ tử trung bình (cung cấp bởi Trung tâm kiểm soát dịch bệnh, Hoa Kì), và phát hiện ra trong năm nay, khoảng 480.000 người dùng Facebook mang quốc tịch Mỹ sẽ không còn, con số này trên toàn thế giới là 1,78 triệu người, và có nguy cơ tăng cao qua các năm, đặc biệt là khi Facebook vượt hơn 600 triệu người dùng. Vô số tài khoản bị coi là ‘không còn hoạt động’ hoặc trùng lặp. Với những loại tài khoản như ‘rô bốt xã hội’, hồ sơ nhãn hiệu bị ‘bỏ xó’ hay trùng lặp bát nháo, bằng cách nào Facebook có thể đưa ra một con số chính xác về lượng người đang sử dụng dịch vụ của họ? Người thân có thể yêu cầu xóa bỏ tài khoản này. Để giải quyết vấn đề này, Facebook áp dụng quy tắc coi tài khoản không được đăng nhập trong vòng 30 ngày là vô hiệu lực.

Convert 1stDelicious Portfolio Layout From PSD to HTML [Very Detailed] In this article you will learn how to convert 1stDelicious: A Simple Clean Portfolio Layout from PSD to HTML in a detailed step by step tutorial. You will learn how to create this layout by using a CSS framework, CSS Sprites and CSS3 into a valid HTML/CSS and cross browser compatible layout. I hope that you can go through this tutorial and learn a few techniques that will help you in future projects. Now, let’s get started with this tutorial. Links you will need to complete this tutorial: Here’s what we’ll be creating (Click on image to view a full working demo). You can also download this tutorial source files from here. Step 1 – Preparation If you read the Photoshop tutorial for creating this layout you probably noticed that 960gs grid system was used for guidelines creation. You will also need a good code editor of your choice; you can use a plain text editor such as the Notepad. Step 2 – Getting Your Files Ready Step 3 – Simple Earlier Layout Step 4 – Adding Logo and Menu to Header

27 Best Looking Free Drupal 6 Themes There are hundreds of Drupal themes which you can find on the Internet but not all of them are good looking. So, this time I have collected the best looking free Drupal 6 themes I have found. I have no idea how much of you guys use Drupal, but I’m a big fan of Drupal and this time I take a big risk and hope you’ll at least check out this selection and compare it with your CMS. 1. Stunning Drupal theme! 2. Great looking theme! 3. Beautiful cartoon-style Drupal theme. 4. Clean, good looking theme for an e-commerce website. 5. Great piece of work! 6. Good looking Drupal theme. 7. Interesting piece of art. 8. This is very cool and great looking theme for Drupal’s administration section. 9. Great Drupal theme for a blog. 10. This theme looks nice. 10.1. View Demo 11. Great theme for a corporate website! 12. Beautiful theme for a small and simple website. 13. Beautiful theme for a blog or portfolio website! 14. Clean and simple theme which looks great! 15. Very interesting theme. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Free Photoshop - Hundred of Freebies, Add-ons and Files for PS BEST COLLECTION 40 Download Required File Through Downloader (100% Working) Teddy-Factory.(Super Hit Best Collection) 17.87 Mb Teddy-Factory. Teddy Factory Game Long DescriptionTry your skills in a factory! BEST COLLECTION 40 is available on a new fast direct download service with over 2,210,000 Files to choose from.Download anything with more then 1000+ Kb/s downloading speed.Signup process takes just 10 sec to go.Signup today and enjoy the speed ! Would you like to leave your comment?

WEB UI Treasure Chest v 1.0 | ARRRRR!!! Say hello to our treasure chest, which contain more than +100 elements for website design. Full PSD layered file, most of files are fully editable. Big part of this files contains elements “you don’t wanna waste time on” like bullets, arrows, scrollers, checkboxes, etc, some typical stuff, but also some lovely elements 200+ Free Abstract Brushes To Use For Light Effect Adobe Photoshop comes with basic brushes so it is never enough for designers.We have to find and update our brushes with new trends and we all have to respect who creates these brushes and share with us for free.Of course some brushes are not for commercial use but better to check all these for the future use. There are of course thousands of brushes in design world but today i’m gonna present you specific brush sets(including 200+ brushes) which are all abstract brushes to use for light effects. Abstract-Brush-II 28 abstract Curves Abstract Brushes V:13 Abstract Brushes V:16 Abstract 04 Apophysis Brushes Abstract Brush Set 14 Explosion 2 Brushset Neutron-Collapse Brushset Living Cell Brushes Silicon Brushes Real Smoke Comet Brushes Ultimate Brush Set Abstract Butterfly Brushes Psionic Storm Abstract Brush Set Abstract Brush Set X Abstract Brushes V:2 Sui Generis Brushes V:2 Sui Generis Brushes V:3 Abstract Christmas Brushes Abstraction PS Brush Abstract Brushes V:3 Brushes Pack 3 PS Abstract V:6 CS4 Brushes