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Supplementary resources for EFL teachers&learners. IATEFL 2015: Pre-conference Event Day – MaW SIG – Part 3. Duly refreshed, it’s time for the afternoon sessions… How to write ELT activities for authentic film and video – Kieran and Anna Kieran and Anna also produced: “How to write film and video activities” – from the Teacher2writer training modules.

IATEFL 2015: Pre-conference Event Day – MaW SIG – Part 3

(Yep, another module! Seems to be a trend today, for presenters to plug their Teacher2Writer module! :-D ) In today’s talk, they intend to consider: Role of video and film (more and more important)Sourcing video and filmExploiting video and film Changing from video as an add-on (think glorified listening activities) to something more integral. You need to think about: Syllabus fit – a strict publisher’s brief fit or just integrating it into what you are teaching? Established approach to writing for video Pre-viewing tasksWhile-viewing tasksPost-viewing tasks Publishers will break it down like this and include things like vocabulary lists for you to use too.

Pre-viewing activities: For communicative goals – prediction, discussion. IATEFL 2015: Pre-conference Event Day – MaW SIG – Part 1. The Materials Writer’s Essential Toolkit Here I am at the IATEFL 2015 PCE Day, and I have to admit, MaW SIG has its work cut out for it today, as there is a portion of me that is rather sorry to be giving up my precious Easter holiday to be attending a conference!

IATEFL 2015: Pre-conference Event Day – MaW SIG – Part 1

Fortunately, as the venue came in to sight, my enthusiasm and excitement finally made themselves known. Having registered and collected the usual conference bumpf, I have even read the programme now and everything! Bring on the Materials Writer’s Essential Toolkit! As it’s a long day of many talks, I am breaking it into several blog posts to make it more digestible… Sessions 1 and 2 – 10.10 – 11.30 Writing Multiple Choice Activities – what Sue Kay has learnt… Who knew that there could be so much to say about Multiple Choice Activities? Sue kicked off by talking about advantages and disadvantages of this question type: Advantages Disadvantages Challenges Are the items difficult enough? Distractors – wrong answers that tempt ss away. The Material Writer’s Essential Toolkit – MaWSIG PCE at IATEFL 2015. Workshop summaries.

IATEFL 2015 has kicked off, and – yes, this year I’m attending it.

The Material Writer’s Essential Toolkit – MaWSIG PCE at IATEFL 2015. Workshop summaries

Feeling incredibly lucky and very grateful to my company, without whose support I wouldn’t have been able to go! Today I spent a delightful day at MaWSIG pre-conference event. There were eight information-packed sessions and workshop focusing on practical hands-on ideas useful for any materials writer, no matter how experienced you are. Below is a brief overview of the day – if you want to find out more, scroll down to detailed summaries. After a brief introduction by Nick Robinson, Sue Kay gave a session on writing multiple-choice questions. A theme that came up in two talks was the changing role of ‘non-visuals’ in ELT. Nick Tims gave a wonderful, lively session in which he made a very strong point that whenever you find yourself frequently doing a certain action in several clicks, you should find a tool that does that action in one click.

Below are the notes that I took during the sessions. Disadvantages: More tips: 2. IATEFL Manchester 2015 MaWSIG Pre-Conference Event. The Materials Writing Special Interest Group is the newest IATEFL SIG, and very active.

IATEFL Manchester 2015 MaWSIG Pre-Conference Event

They have a blog, a facebook page, and a Twitter account. Each SIG has a pre-conference event (PCE) with a specific theme. The MaWSIG theme this year was The Materials Writer’s Essential Toolkit and featured a whole range of speakers with huge amounts of experience between them. I’ve done a little materials writing myself, and thought this would be a very useful way to find out more about how to develop in this area, even if none of my materials end up being published.

I’m very happy I chose to go to this PCE as it turned out to be incredibly useful, with lots of tips that I can start using straight away, and hopefully build on if and when I get more writing work. How to write multiple-choice activities – Sue Kay This was a very practical way to start the day. When writing distractors, here are a few techniques you can use: The role of the image in materials design – Ben Goldstein and Ceri Jones Related.