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String, Material & Modge podge

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Knotted Hanging Lanterns & Video. Upcycle Old Clothes By Sewing A Patchwork Cushion. Make an extra-specially personal patchwork cushion by using old clothes that bring back memories.

Upcycle Old Clothes By Sewing A Patchwork Cushion

You can use old garments of your own, or that belonged to family or your partner; just make sure they mean something to you. 1. Gather together the garments that you want to use. Measure the usable areas of the fabric, such as shirt backs, or dress skirts, to make sure that you have enough fabric. One Hour Bag. Close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

One Hour Bag

As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change. BY CLICKING THE ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS BUTTON, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND ALL SPECIFICATIONS AND GUIDELINES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE. Ric-Rac: 1 hour bag- tutorial. This bag is so easy !

Ric-Rac: 1 hour bag- tutorial

This is the new bag I made to take back to work this term. It took less than an hour from choosing the fabric to dumping my junk in it. In fact this tutorial took waaaayyy longer than the bag ! (the colours are great in real life but the orange doesn't photograph very well - sorry ) This pattern is on a piece of A4 paper so I'm sure you can work it out from that.

You will need: Using the pattern piece and cutting on the fold of your fabrics. 2 pieces in your handbag fabric2 pieces in your lining fabric2 pieces in wadding or batting to give your bag a bit of body.1 magnetic purse snap (optional)2 x 6 1/2 inch squares of fabric for the pocket (optional).2 strips of fabric 3 inches x approx 29 inches for the strap1 strip of wadding about 2 1/2 inches by 292 large Buttons. Uk.pinterest. Bunte freunde: anleitung: t-shirt CUTTING, WEAVING & BRAIDIN... Fresh and Fun: Vintage Sheet Wrapped Frame. I have tons and tons of vintage sheet strips left over from all that fat quarter cutting.

Fresh and Fun: Vintage Sheet Wrapped Frame

Now what to do with all those strips. I have several projects that I will share with you soon the first of which is Vintage Sheet Wrapped Frames. I always pick up nice frames at the thrift store and hold onto then until a mood strikes me. Gather a frame any size, it does not matter unless you already know what you want to use it with, then you may need a certain size.. You will also need scissors, glue and strips of vintage sheets or fabric. Ok rewind, back up, edit. Glue the end of a strip onto your frame, on the back or side, not on the front. Mod Podge Shoes. My husband jokes every time I get the bottle of Mod Podge out that I’m going to Mod Podge fabric to our computer keys or Mod Podge our kids clothing to their bodies.

Mod Podge Shoes

Hey, don’t tempt me. I know, I may go a little overboard with this stuff…….but I just had to try it on some shoes. Originally, I saw the idea on a site my sister showed me. And the lady Mod Podged starburst wrappers to some shoes. How to tie sliding adjustable knots for Maori Necklaces. How to Make Rag Rugs – Tutorial How to Make a Beautiful Braided Rug. How to Make Rag Rugs 72K+ As I've mentioned before, we've been very excited to get moved into our farmhouse since we basically found out we didn't have any other options.

How to Make Rag Rugs – Tutorial How to Make a Beautiful Braided Rug

But even though that was the case, we are determined to make the best of it that we can. Previously to moving into our camper, we sold everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Everything that we did not use on a daily basis, all furniture, all decor, and anything extra that couldn't fit in the rv (some clothes, books, ect) was sold. Well I guess not everything turns out the way we planned so here we are, 9 months later in our new home without anything much for it and without any money to buy things for it. One of the things I wanted for my new house was some pretty rugs. It was incredibly cheap (for a nice rug) and not very hard to put together. What You Need: Rags, Old Clothing, Old Sheets, ectScissorsSewing MachineThread I found 2 old sheets at a thrift store in good shape.

Learn how to Mod Podge. Whirl-it lampshade - free DIY tutorial. We really needed a new lamp, and we´ve planned to make one for months.

Whirl-it lampshade - free DIY tutorial

This week we finally got around to it. It takes a bit of different materials, but it´s really easy when you´ve started. We recommend making it outdoors, as it gets quite messy. The result is pretty neat, especially at night when the threads cast shadow on the walls. Paper, Beads & Inspiration: Fun with wallpaper and Mod Podge. I have been enjoying myself with my wall paper sample books.

Paper, Beads & Inspiration: Fun with wallpaper and Mod Podge

I am also for the first time ever using Mod Podge. I had been reading about Mod Podge a lot lately and the glossy variety looked like just the kind of stuff to finish my beads. I had tried varnish and that worked OK but it didn't get a nice gloss. There are quite a few other varieties of Mod podge so there is more undiscovered crafting fun left for me! So first I started with marking out my triangles on the paper.