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How to choose Motor and Propeller for Quadcopter and Multicopter You won’t believe how much maths and aerodynamics are involved when the engineers are designing the propellers and motors. Therefore you know how difficult it is to choose the best motor and propeller combination for your quadcopter for best performance. Fortunately this is not a new subject, and there are so many people shared their experience about this. Also there are some general rules you can follow to choose the optimal and effective motor and propeller combination. As part of the quadcopter tutorial I will share some information for beginners about how to choose motor and propeller for quadcopter, which also applies to other types of multicopter.

IM's adventures in RC Tricopters Okay, So in this post I’m Going to cover most of the perpetration for Connecting the Arduino, Gyroscope and Accelerometer. I bought a plastic box from a local electronics store to house all my sensitive electronics in so if (when, more likely) I crash my the electronics are protected somewhat. Okay, So First off I soldered 9 Sets of 3 pin and 1 set of two headers in a row onto a sheet of blank PCB. Home Special Features New - Modular Nose: The modular nosecone takes the hits so your plane doesn't have to. Yes, everyone is going to be talking about this. OpenAero2_Getting_Started - nextcopterplus - OpenAero2 - Getting Started Guide V1.1 - Open source fully featured flight controller code Please read the 'Frequently Ask Questions' before loading OpenAero2 onto a KK2 board. Where can I find OpenAero2 firmware? The latest files are always listed at the bottom of the first post in the RCGroups OpenAero2 thread. A link to the latest beta version of OpenAero2 can be found on RC

FPV Miniquad Revolution Miniquads are great for an endless number of reason; portability, agility, and speed to name a few. You see their popularity grow more and more as they rise in accessability and lower in price. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and to some, seem a lot less intimidating than their big siblings. We've touched on the subject of racing before when we visited the Airgonay Racing Club in Argonay, France. The scream of the motors has an interesting affect on people. Parts List - AeroQuad Forums Here all needed parts are listed separately if you don't want to buy any of the kits above or need additional parts. [hide] - [top]Recommended parts summary [hide] - [top]Priority 1 1 = already included in AeroQuad v1.9 Kit2 = already included in AeroQuad v2.1 Kit3 = already included in AeroQuad Mini v1.0 Kit Note: For more information about the available features based on the microcontroller and shield chosen consult this table. [hide] - [top]Priority 2

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit) Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit) Our latest version of the Quanum DIY FPV Goggles follow on from the successful version 1 goggles and incorporates some major changes, such as adjustable 3 position head straps, neoprene support glove, and integral storage pockets for Battery, FPV Video Receiver and Head tracker components. The new curved optics fix the hour glassing edges found when using larger LCD screens. The newly manufactured monitor housing will make your immersive experience even better due to its re-contoured face cut-out with spacing for your nose and even glasses. The neoprene glove and better custom cut out areas for facial contact on the housing assist in making a light tight sea.

XAircraft FC1212-P + AHRS-S V2+AutoPilot Combo Package Includes: FC1212-P + AHRS-S V2 + Compass + Autopilot + GPS XAircraft FC1212-P is a newly designed flight controller. Its literal meaning is Professional Flight Controller with 12In/12Out, which means it is a professional flight controller with 12 inputs and 12 outputs. FC1212-P itself does not have any Attitude sensors, it could really control attitude of the aircraft under condition of cooperation of AHRS module, such as self-ballancing, etc. XAircraft AHRS-S V2 is second generation product of AHRS-S. AHRS is abbreviation of Attitude and Heading Reference System, which means attitude and Heading Reference System.

My First Quadrotor: Parts Selection and Build Note: All this happened in mid-January. I've just been too busy to finish this and post until now... Yupp. I built it! Here's how it happened... Being a practical man, I want to build a quadrotor for a few concrete reasons: