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Halbleiterrelais Halbleiter-Relais, auch als Solid-State-Relais (SSR) bezeichnet, sind in vielen Anwendungen eine Alternative zu mechanischen Relais. Insbesondere die hohe Zuverlässigkeit und praktisch unbegrenzte Lebensdauer sind ein entscheidendes Einsatzkriterium. Im Kleinleistungsbereich sind die Optotriacs sinnvoll einsetzbar. Zur Reduzierung von Störstrahlungen oder besonders bei induktiven Verbrauchern empfehlen sich die Typen mit Nulldurchgangsdetektor. Datenblätter finden Sie beim jeweiligen Hersteller: Produktübersicht weitere Staffelpreise im Shop Preisangaben in EUR je Stück inklusive gesetzlich gültiger Mehrwertsteuer, zuzüglich Versandkosten Bei größeren Mengen gelten weitere Staffelpreise, sie werden automatisch mengenabhängig gewährt. Bestellung

Job and Product Design - ZigBee Home Automation Overview ZigBee Home Automation is the industry leading global standard helping to create smarter homes that enhance the comfort, convenience, security and energy management for the consumer. It is the technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers. The latest version of ZigBee Home Automation standard, which is fully interoperable with previous versions, adds several important new features that improve the battery life for security sensors to over seven years, standardize pairing of devices and simplify installation and maintenance for consumers and custom installers alike. These features have a significant impact on operational and device costs to service providers and quality of service to consumers. All ZigBee Home Automation products are ZigBee Certified to perform regardless of manufacturer, allowing anyone to purchase with confidence.

Web design and tools - Homemanageables Z-Wave Home Automation & Remote Monitoring Starter Kit - HM-SK001 Overview Features At A GlanceTotally wireless - no wires to runFully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled networkPerfect for your home or businessUser-friendly interface is easier to use than an ATMFast and simple setup takes about 30 minutesWith Remote Access, system is controllable from your cell phone, internet connected computer, or land line via a toll-free voice command system How Does It Work? Using the latest wireless technology, each wireless device sends and receives commands from the system, controlled on your computer. Remote Access Service Homemanageables affordable Remote Access Service makes life simple by giving you total control of your home no matter where you are. What's IncludedHomemanageables Software(2) HM-LM001 lighting modules (dimming)(1) HM-AM001 appliance module(1) HM-DW001 door/window sensor(1) HM-US001 USB Z-Wave Interface(1) three foot USB extension cableQuick Start GuideCoupon for FREE 30 day trial of Remote Access Service Back To Top Q: Is it easy to use?

RF Remote Control --- How to build a simple remote control system --- Note: Ming no longer manufactures the RE-99 receiver & TX-99 transmitter RF components. We will leave this project up for users that may still have the Ming RF components. If you plan to build this project, simply replace the RE-99 receiver & TX-99 transmitter with the RWS-434 & TWS-434A RF receiver & transmitter modules found HERE . Due to the huge interest in this project, I have just recently finished the NEW schematics. This project uses the Ming TX-99 V3.0 300 MHz AM, RF Transmitter module shown below for transmitting data. The photo above shows the Ming TX-99 V3.0 . Here's a quick sample of how to configure a switch to power up the transmitter and enable the transmission: Transmit Switch Configuration Using the pushbutton switch to make/break the ground connection for the power circuit to your transmitter, you save power and only transmit data when you push the switch. Note: Ming now has a new version of the RE-99. Click HERE For

How to Automate Your House With Your iPhone The iPhone’s ability to connect to wireless systems via Wifi and/or Bluetooth opens up a wide range of potential devices that the iPhone can control. This functionality isn’t limited to your television or stereo but expands over a variety of electronic equipment in your home. Today we’ll take a brief look at ten iPhone applications that are built to control elements of a home automation system. Read Before You Buy The big disclaimer that you should be aware of before buying any of these apps is that almost all of them require extra hardware of some sort. Needless to say, many of these apps are targeted at serious technology geeks already familiar with home automation technology. HomeWorks Light Control “The HomeWorks Light Control application allows you to control your Lutron HomeWorks system over a Wi-Fi, Edge, or 3G network with the convenience of iPhone and iPod touch. Required Hardware: A Lutron HomeWorks System (more info…) CozyHome A Pre-programmed automation controller from AMX

Low-power communication device Short-range devices are low-power transmitters typically limited to 25–100 mW effective radiated power (ERP) or less, depending on the frequency band, which limits their useful range to few hundred meters, and do not require a license from its user. Applications for short-range wireless devices include power meters and other remote instrumentation, RFID applications, radio-controlled models, fire, security and social alarms, vehicle radars, wireless microphones and earphones, traffic signs and signals (including control signals), remote garage door openers and car keys, barcode readers, motion detection, and many others. The European Commission mandates through CEPT and ETSI the allocation of several device bands for these purposes, restricts the parameters of their use, and provides guidelines for avoiding radio interference.[1][2][3] Frequency bands[edit] SRD860[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

ecobee Solution Ecowizz La solution Ecowizz permet de comprendre et d’agir sur la consommation d’énergie à domicile. >> Quels Bénéfices? Visualiser sa consommation d’énergie (TV, machines à café, lampes, frigo) Piloter l’enclenchement / le déclenchement des appareils selon un planning personnalisé Accéder aux conseils personnalisés selon les mesures de sa consommation d’énergie Echanger et partager avec un réseau de professionnels de l’énergie ainsi que son réseau social (amis, famille, etc.) >> Comment ça marche? La solution Ecowizz est composée de plusieurs prises intelligentes ainsi que d’un compte web personnel. Elle fonctionne avec un PC ou un MAC. Les prises intelligentes se branchent entre une fiche murale et des appareils électriques.

Ecowizz: Stromsparen per Funk | CleanEnergy-Project © Geroco Das Schweizer Startup Geroco hat eine interessante Lösung entwickelt, wie sich der Stromverbrauch einzelner Geräte im Haushalt detailliert herausfinden und in weiterer Folge optimieren lässt. Das Produkt nennt sich Ecowizz und funktioniert folgendermaßen: Die einzelnen Messstationen namens Ecowizz plugs werden direkt zwischen Stromquelle und den gewünschten Geräten angeschlossen. Mit einer energiesparenden ZigBee Funkverbindung werden die ermittelten Daten dann drahtlos an einen speziellen USB-Stick geschickt und können über einen Online-Account in Echtzeit abgerufen und ausgewertet werden. Da die reine Erkenntnis natürlich noch keine Stromkosten spart, kann Ecowizz auf Wunsch auch den Standby-Betrieb von Elektrogeräten unterbinden. Wer einen besseren Eindruck von der Funktionsweise der Onlineauswertung bekommen möchte, kann sich auf der Ecowizz-Webseite übrigens mit einem bereits existierenden Demo-Account einloggen. Matthias Schaffer