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WikiStart - DomotiGa

WikiStart - DomotiGa
New version 1.0.015, you must upgrade your database.Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first! Added: support for Eneco Toon thermostat, control and read values via portal.Added: Toon code to set program state and thermostat setpoint. Added: Toon Commander, needs work, basic settemp and state works though.Added: Panasonic Viera TV support.Added: Cross-Origin support in JSON-RPC Added: HTTP/1.1 100-Continue support in JSON-RPC Added: Preliminary support to push deviceupdates and logupdates via JSON-RPC RAW ChangedAdded: Database settings table for Toon thermostat.Added: Support for the following new devices to RFXtrx plugin. (RFXtrx Firmware 71 needed)...And lots more!Find the whole changes list here If you use this software or just like the project please consider a donation, either in ideas, code, hardwareor by making a small payment so I can buy new hardware to develop for.Choose one of the options below to make your donation.

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LagartoMAX - panstamp - Documentation wiki and source code Lagarto-MAX is a lagarto process which receives, resends and processes events transmitted from any lagarto server running on the same IP network. Lagarto-MAX is a key piece into the lagarto architecture since it's able to integrate real values belonging to different networks and present them to the user in a homogeneous way. Moreover, being user-programmable, Lagarto-MAX can take decisions based on time or network events.

Virtual Gira HomeServer on ESXi Category: KNX/EIB Published Date Written by Timo Sariwating Hits: 7926 openami - openAMI (open source home-automation) (a open source ambient intelligence/home automation framework) Introduction The openAMI project aims to become a flexible and highly customizable ambient intelligence and home automation solution built completely using free software, off the shelf hardware and DIY electronics. Goals Our final goal is to provide two different frameworks: xPL Monkey - Home Automation - RFXCOM My involvement with xPL has come to an end. Automation has moved on considerably over the past few years, and it is now possible to buy a stand-alone controller off the shelf for a reasonable price, without having to spend hours writing your own code. This website is being maintained as a record of my xPL development work up until 2011.

SmartHome.pi · mknx/smarthome Wiki Installation and FAQ for Smartvisu/Smarthome on Raspberry PI The Test Case (or for whom this manual is for) I do now that there are many different hardware setups around. In order that you don’t waste your time reading this document here the setup which is the basis for this manual: Some KNX actors (switch, blinds, heating) Some KNX sensors (4/8 sensor) ETS GAs programmed and working KNX IP interface (router) on DHCP Dlink router running DHCP server (not connected to the Internet) , WLAN Raspberry PI type B, headless mode Notebook, iPAD, iPhone for connect to Web services Home Automation via xPL: X10 and other tools : Business Intelligence Blog This is a landing page for some Home Automation projects I worked on and made available for download. These projects fit in the wider xPL project – an open source community project for home automation based on the open xPL protocol. Learn more about xPL: xPLLib version 4.4 This version has a few minor updates in the xPLListener class and a major update in the XplMsg class. It is upgraded to .Net 2.0.

HomeVision Home Automation Controller Imagine controlling your entire home with a hand-held remote while watching TV. View a complete system interface on your TV screen. Or from a web browser anywhere in your home (or in the world). The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone Last Updated: September 23, 2012 Would you please raise your hand if you think that iPhone/iPod Touch is an ideal platform for remote control of any kind. Yes, I thought so too. Get Started OpenRemote is software integration platform for residential and commercial building automation. It is independent of any automation protocol, and can be run on many off-the-shelf hardware devices. OpenRemote's architecture enables fully autonomous and user-independent intelligent buildings. End-user control interfaces are available for iOS and Android devices, and for any devices with modern web browsers. Application examples See below some video show-cases of how our community is using OpenRemote today:

Harmony Home Automation Server Harmony CBUS Interface Module C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for Buildings and Homes. It is used to control lighting and other electrical services such as pumps, Audio Visual Devices, Motors, etc. Harmony Dupline Interface Module Dupline is an advanced central control system. It can perform various intelligent control and network functions and at the same time operate as an interface to a PC via its Ethernet network connection. Harmony Rako Interface Module Rako modules use radio signals to communicate, eliminating the need for extra wiring.

ProXR Lite Web Relays Web Relay Web Pages Allow You to Control RelaysEasy Setup - Just Plug Into Your RouterControl Relays with your LAN or Internet connection Selecting The Web Interface By selecting the Web Relay interface you will be sending commands through your local area network or internet to the board. Boards on this page are equipped with a Web-i communications module that adds Ethernet communications to the board. The board will plug directly into your router where it is assigned an IP address.

Home InControl Home Automation (InControl Console) InControl Console is an application that runs on your pc. It allows you to use our iPhone & Android application to control your zwave devices from anywhere you have internet access on your phone. Development Tools - XPLProject The xPL Project is a community driven effort, therefore most of our tools are released under the GPL or LGPL. In most cases, commercial use of components and source code is okay, however you should check the details of each tool that you wish to use. We have development tools for the following platforms: knx touch panel In today’s world, many people are investing more and more in their residences, in an attempt to create a comfortable environment to come home to. EIB / KNX “Smart Homes” (equipped with EIB / KNX Home Automation Systems) are at the forefront of these efforts. However, until recently the problem has remained, how to conveniently and aesthetically control these “Smart Systems” and how to integrate external system such as Audio, Video, HVAC Intercom, Alarm systems and smart phones.and have the same user fraindly GUI on inwall touch screen, ipad / iPhone and web interface ? CD Innovation comes to the rescue with a new line of products - The Maestro series.

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