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RC Planes

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Ultra light sloper build. DLG style slope soarer. The design for this lightweight aerobatic slope soarer was inspired by a DLG or discus launch glider.

DLG style slope soarer

I wanted an ultra light sloper that would fly in very light winds and on small slopes. Plan, specs, materials list, build and flight videos below. There are a few unusual design features in this build. Rudder and elevator are operated by a pull line acting against a torsion spring glued into the hinges. This means there are no pushrods along the tail boom and servos can be mounted well forward in the fuselage pod.

Torsion springs bent from 0.4mm SS wire The trick is to make a torsion spring strong enough to operate the control surface against the airflow but not so strong as to overpower the servo. Glueing down the torsion spring on the elebvator hinge line. Swappable FoamCub - Build and Demo. UPDATED 5/14/2014 (See below.)

Swappable FoamCub - Build and Demo

Designed in 3D in Sketchup after the Multiplex FunCub, the Swappable FoamCub is a versatile airplane. It flies slow or fast, has STOL capabilites, climbs vertically, has plenty of aerobatic capability and prefers a rough landing surface to a smooth one. It's one fun airplane. If you build one, please tell us how it went! (The forum thread is a good place to do that.) Flight Video Swappable FoamCub Flight (YouTube) Forum Thread Share your photos, tips, build experiences, mods, etc. on the FoamCub Swappable forum thread. Swappable FoamCub - Build and Demo. Du-Bro RC - 30", 2-56 Threaded Rods. Du-Bro RC - Mini-NY Steel Pushrod Assembly (QTY/PKG: 2 ) Semi-Flexible Pushrod 36 (2) (gpmgpmq3714) Great-Planes RC Airplane Pushrods. Interfacing 2.4G RC transmitter to Arduino. Today you can buy complete quadcopter of helicopter kit for as low as $50.

Interfacing 2.4G RC transmitter to Arduino

They are made to be used right away as there are all you need including batteries, chargers, transmitter and other means. But like always these cheap models don’t last long. And so the rest of stuff you get. Usually transmitter is locked to model and cannot be reused on different types. So there is two ways – throw it away or try to find another use for it. Everything you want to know about electric flight. The most reliable RC Calculators on the Web for electric Motors. FS-TH9X 2.4GHz 9CH Transmitter - RC Helicopters/ Airplanes Transmitter Receiver. FS-Th9X has revolutionized the way people experience RC, and now this radio transmitter can stand up to the top competitions.

FS-TH9X 2.4GHz 9CH Transmitter - RC Helicopters/ Airplanes Transmitter Receiver

AFHDS (automatic frequency hopping digital system), is developed by FLYSKY for all the Radio Control model lovers and is patented by FLYSKY at home. The system is specially developed for all the Radio control models, that offers super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities, very low power consumption and high receiver sensitivity. SketchUp for RC Aircraft Design Tutorial #1. Curved Fuselage Panels From Foam Poster Board. Hi Guys,

Curved Fuselage Panels From Foam Poster Board

One Sheet and Two Sheet No-Waste Flying Wings. Hello again out there...

One Sheet and Two Sheet No-Waste Flying Wings

Some people would say I dont have a life, always off by myself playing with airplanes. But I say "That is a pretty good life". Anyone else out there feel that way? Anyway, here is what I am playing with now. I thought it would be interesting to try to design a foam plane that was made with one full sheet, no other foam board and no scrap. The span is 40". FliteTest. FliteTest. PHOTON Scratchbuilt Foamboard Motorglider. Here is an easy to build 100% Readi-Board ("Dollar Tree") foamboard motorglider for casual flying around the park.

PHOTON Scratchbuilt Foamboard Motorglider

The video list below has 10 videos detailing every aspect of planning, building, tuning, and flying this plane. Start with "Armin Wing" and "Foamboard Fuselage Tube" building technique videos if you are not already familiar. With a 60" wingspan, 45" length, 2200kV motor, it can fly up to 30 minutes on a 2200mAh 3cell battery pack. All-up weight approximately 850g. Optional folding wing makes for a compact plane for transport. Estimated cost: $80, build time 6-8 hours Parts: 5 pieces of Readi-Board foamboard, one outrunner motor around 200-250 watt range with suitable propeller, one ESC, 4 x 9 gram servos, 4 x 20" servo extensions, RC receiver, plastic gift cards, packing tape, hot glue (links to recommended parts are listed in YouTube video descriptions)

Airplanes - Twisted Hobbys. Bloody Micks. Improve the Bloody Wonder. As many have discovered the Bloody Wonder / FunBat is a marvelous plane.

Improve the Bloody Wonder

The thin wing combined with a huge wing area makes it possible to fly the plane both slowly and very, very fast. The large control surfaces make it possible to perform crazy quick turns with full control. The boxy body combined with the double vertical fins make it stable in turns. It is as agile as a flying wing, but has better side stability and is less pitchy. The Bloody Wonder is also one of the simplest scratch builds available.

The original plane was constructed by Bloody Mick and called the FunBat. By now I have built five versions of the Bloody Wonder/FunBat. I know that a lot of people are building these planes and think that rather than going through the same refinement process, they might use my experiences directly to build a better version to start with. Even if the plane is great there are a number of things that can be improved: The nose is simply to short. Improve the power plant.