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Related Top News - Five ed-tech stories to watch for 2010

Related Top News - Five ed-tech stories to watch for 2010

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CENTER FOR THE FUTURE OF TEACHING AND LEARNING The Status of the Teaching Profession 2011 finds that the state’s historic budget cutbacks present significant challenges to classroom teachers and school site leaders are struggling to find the time, resources and capacity they need to meet the dual challenges of effective school management and ensuring quality instruction for California’s students. The report also provides new information on key issues impacting the teaching workforce, including more than $100 million in cutbacks to teacher professional development, a dramatic decline of more than 50% in the enrollment of prospective teachers in preparation programs, a 40% drop in the production of newly credentialed teachers, and escalating educator retirements. Amid an increasing state and national focus on teaching quality, the report also examines the capacity of principals to conduct teacher evaluations.

EDSITEment - Lesson Plan - To Build a Fire Activity 1. Introducing London and Picturing the Scene Introduce your students to Jack London's biography and place him in literary history, using the biographies and other information available in the "Preparing to Teach" section. The Roberts Court’s Free Speech Problem On January 21, in its first decision of this term, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court’s five-member conservative majority announced that the First Amendment bars Congress from imposing even mild constraints on the ways corporations can employ their vast financial resources to drown out the voices of ordinary people in federal election campaigns. On June 21, in one of its last decisions of the term, Holder v.

Surf Your Watershed Watershed Profile Watershed Name: Etowah USGS Cataloging Unit: 03150104 GA 6th Congressional District GA 9th Congressional District GA 11th Congressional District Water quality monitoring data from this watershed (Provided by STORET) Environmental Websites Involving this Watershed Assessments of Watershed Health Information provided by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Subject List of Databases Welcome to iLibrary, the starting point for information from reference databases made available for public use by paid subscriptions from the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library and other library funding agents. Links from this site lead to sources purchased by the library community in electronic form which are comparable to the print subscriptions held within our libraries. In contrast to the Internet, these sources provide searches that are efficient and results that are reliable.

Curriculum - Letter-scanning project brings history to life abstracted from "Curriculum Administrator 1999 Web Site Awards" by Odvard Egil DyrliRead more by eSchool News February 1st, 2000 Curriculum Administrator magazine recently recognized what its editors consider the top curriculum web sites developed by companies, educational organizations, and individual schools. The top three sites, designated as “Platinum Award” winners, are: Classroom Connect ( This site offers teachers extensive links to web sites with educational material in art and music, math, health and physical education, language arts and languages, and science. The site also offers a database of educators developing online learning tools, an activity-each-day curriculum, and listings of teacher resources and materials.

Information on Censorship of the Written Word Welcome to The Censorship Pages. Here you will find information about the freedom of speech and of the press in reference to the written word. These pages provide the resources needed to explore how, and why censorship happens not only in the United States, but all around the world. I hope these pages are helpful and encourage you to get involved. PLEASE NOTE: These pages were coded over six years ago as a resource for Bannd Books Week. Many of them are now no posted on the web or have moved to a new address.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That should be the motto of Freecycle™ We all do our best to Refuse, Reuse, and Recycle, but I bet we could do a lot more if we just knew how. Take a look at the discards that you send to the curb on “trash day”. Old Content "Class, it's time for your test on our study of Africa. Number a paper from 1 to 50. I am projecting a map of Africa on the screen. For number 1, write the name of the country and its capital. EDSITEment - Lesson Plan - Naturalism Activity 1. Introduction to Literary Naturalism Share with students, or have them visit and read, literary critic Donna Campbell's review of Naturalism in American Literature, via the EDSITEment reviewed Internet Public Library. In particular, review with students Charles Child Walcutt's common themes of naturalism as noted in his American Literary Naturalism: A Divided Stream (cited at Donna Campbell's Literary Movements website).

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