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Tours Barcelona (foodie)

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Museos de Barcelona que abren gratis. Interview with Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads. EMPRESA - Tee Travel. Somos una agencia de viajes mayorista-minorista especializada en la creación, promoción y comercialización de paquetes turísticos, con itinerarios llenos de contenido, basados en Senderismo, Cicloturismo, Enoturismo y Turismo Cultural.

EMPRESA - Tee Travel

Nacimos en Vilagarcía de Arousa en el año 2001, con el afán de transmitir experiencias, unido al reto de crear emociones y superar las expectativas del viajero. Inicialmente, nos constituimos como agencia de viajes mayorista, siendo receptivo del Norte de España para los principales tour operadores europeos, erigiéndose El Camino de Santiago como nuestro principal producto y carta de presentación. En el año 2012, nos enfrentamos a un nuevo reto, el de poner en marcha Camino en bici, la marca de alquiler de bicicletas para realizar el Camino de Santiago en bici, ofreciendo un servicio más completo.Y ya en el año 2013, y como parte del proyecto de expansión, abrimos en Sarria (Lugo) una Oficina Receptivo Nacional e Internacional del Camino de Santiago.

Retos: Spain — Sample Itineraries — Heritage Tours Private Travel. Worlds of Flavor Spain. Las Ramblas in BarcelonaText by Nancy Harmon Jenkins ©2008.

Worlds of Flavor Spain

Food and wine experiences in Barcelona. BrightSide Tours - Private & Personable Barcelona city tours. KIA ORA TRAVELLERS – small groups, big destinations. Culinary Walks: Barcelona - Culinary Backstreets. Taste this tour! - The Barcelona Taste. City-discovery. Culinary Food Tour in Barcelona. Secret Food Tours As local Barcelonians, we are extremely passionate about our local food, our city and its history.

Culinary Food Tour in Barcelona

As such, we love to share with you the best Spanish foods and its unique culture. By booking Secret Food Tours Barcelona, you'll get to try delicious food and drink from across Spain but more specifically from the Catalan Region, plus we will show you how to find the best shops and restaurants, and many other great local tips to make your experience truly memorable. Private Gourmet Tour in Barcelona, a gastronomic delight! Barcelona, as the capital of Catalonia, has always been at the forefront of Spanish culture and has become, in recent years, a “can’t miss” destination for gourmet foodies, initiated by other travelling gastronomes.

Private Gourmet Tour in Barcelona, a gastronomic delight!

Barcelona is a paradise for foodies of all ages, brimming with unique ingredients, flavors, traditions and influences. Enjoy a unique and intimate opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights and delights of Barcelona like a true insider. Feel like a local in Barcelona’s most authentic areas and discover the real soul of our city though a 3 hour visit followed by a private dinner in a top rated culinary restaurant in town. Your private guide will come and pick you up at your hotel and will lead you to our first stop for a delicious and refreshing cocktail. At the second stop, you will discover the fundamentals of our tapas culture in an intimate and colourful setting—in an authentic bodega for some regional appetisers—a must do in town.

Barcelona Food and Wine Tours - The best Foodie&Tours. It’s not hard to understand why the Catalan capital of Barcelona has long been among the most popular destinations in Europe.

Barcelona Food and Wine Tours - The best Foodie&Tours

On the face of it the city simply has it all. Over 4km of stunning beaches, beautiful weather all year round, and a rich cultural history with glorious architecture to match - all alongside the sumptuous food and wine that has highlighted Catalonia as an ideal foodie getaway location. Whether you’re into fine dining, tantalising tapas tours or the bustle and vibrancy of some Europe’s best food markets, there’s no way you’ll be leaving here disappointed. The best of typical Catalan cuisine can be found in Barcelona. Mouth-watering staples include Pa amb Tomaquet – a deliciously simple dish of bread rubbed with tomato, salt an olive oil - whilst carnivores will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of Embutidos – platters of cured meat – on offer.

A foodie tour of Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without exploring one of the city’s prestigious food markets. Local Food & Wine Walking Tours in Spain! Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours. Free Walking Tours Barcelona. Tours in Italy and Barcelona - Journeys to Italy. Aborígens: Local Food Insiders Barcelona. Aborígens is a project run by two Catalan professionals with experience in journalism and communication, bla, bla, bla… To be honest, as you read this we are probably dipping bread in a pan for the last remnants of a delicious meal, or drinking a beer in a bar with a slightly dubious reputation.

Aborígens: Local Food Insiders Barcelona

Talking about our professional history in a country on the brink of bankruptcy likely means very little, so we want to emphasise that we are people with a passion for food, who would love to share our love for Catalan cuisine with you over a few beers –and find out more about you as well. Whilst we await your arrival, we shall put some bottles of cava to one side for your welcome and give you a brief explanation of what the Aborígen spirit is all about. 1_ As children we didn’t fall into a pot of homemade stew and weren’t guided by a mentor in food sorcery. We are simply people who like to eat and drink. That’s how we were raised. 2_ We are not possessed by a rebellious spirit, nor irreverent.