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AirServer - 一般15美金, 師生12美金, 可試用一週. 可支援Apple Airplay & Android Miracast

AirServer - 一般15美金, 師生12美金, 可試用一週. 可支援Apple Airplay & Android Miracast

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Chromecast 2代不能再叫電視「棒」,同時發表Chromecast Audio 儘管這次可能是Google保密最糟的一次Google發表會,但在這次會場Google還是發表了兩款Chromecast裝置,第一款就是新版的Chromecast,第二款則是CHromecast Audio,可以透過3.5mm音源線將任何的音響都變成網路音樂播放裝置。 新版的Chromecast還是帶來了一點驚喜,首先,它有了新的面貌,不再像以前那樣只是一根棒子,現在變得像是曲棍球的外型,而且還帶有不同的顏色。(不過,說真的,插在電視機後面誰又看得到呢?) 此外,Chromecast現在也支援Wi-Fi串流標準(802.11ac, 5Ghz),在裝置內有三根天線以實現Wi-Fi串流最佳化,而第一代Chromecast則只有一根天線。 ▲不用的時候HDMI接頭可以這樣收藏 此外,新的Chromecast還有一個叫做「Fast Play」的功能,其實就是Chromecast會預抓緩衝影片串流內容,讓你播放之前就已經先預備好想看的內容。

Screencasting and Video Editing Software Record Anything. With ScreenFlow you can record any part of your monitor while also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone, multi-channel audio device and your computer audio. Edit Everything. Online whiteboard & online collaboration tool Tour Cases Examples 40 best retro and vintage Photoshop tutorials - RetroSupply Co One of the best ways to stay fresh, relevant and in-demand as a designer or illustrator is to learn from other talented creatives. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s important to continually sharpen your skills – so to help you level up, we’ve scoured the web to bring you the very best retro and vintage tutorials for Photoshop. To make navigation easier, we’ve divided the tutorials into the following categories: techniques, styles, typography, posters, photography, and retro and vintage tutorials that involve both Photoshop and Illustrator. There’s no time like the present for learning new skills. Scroll down to start adding new strings to your creative bow – or bookmark this page for when you’re next able to invest a little time into growing your skill set.

The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom Congratulations! Your school district or principal has just decided to use iPads in your school. But how do you make sure this new technological tool enhances learning, while tying in with your lesson plan—and doesn’t just provide another way for students to spend too much time playing Candy Crush or connecting with friends on Snapchat? 新一代 Chromecast 和 Chromecast Audio 在台上市,無線投放影片、音樂 去年中發表的 Chromecast 第二代和 Chromecast Audio 終於宣布在台上市,前者可以將手機或電腦中的影片透過 Wi-Fi 串流到大螢幕的電視上撥放,後者則是讓傳統沒有連線功能的音響變成 Wi-Fi 音響,接上 3.5mm 音源線後,就可以把手機和電腦裡的音樂透過 Wi-Fi 從音響播出,兩款裝置售價皆為 1,445 元。 和前一代棒狀的 Chromecast 相比,新的 Chromecast 外型改採圓形設計,並提供黑、萊姆黃、珊瑚紅三色販售,如果從 PChome 購物或是其他通路管道購買只能買到黑色版本,萊姆黃和珊瑚紅只在 Google 商店上販售。除了外型的差異之外,Google 先前曾表示新的 Chromecast 連線品質強化,可改善原本的 Chromecast 偶爾會斷線連不上的問題。

5 Reasons to Choose Vimeo Instead of YouTube Two platforms clearly stand out when it comes to hosting online videos: YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube's definitely the big dog. At 800 million unique visitors per month, with roughly 72 hours of content being uploaded each minute, it's by far the most used video-sharing platform on the web. (It doesn't hurt that it's owned by Google, either.) But upload statistics alone don't necessarily make it the best platform out there. Google launches App Maker Google today announced the launch of App Maker, the newest entry in the low-code, drag-and-drop app building market. Like its competitors from Microsoft and numerous startups, App Maker promises to make it easy for anybody to quickly develop basic apps that serve a very specific purpose inside an organization. The new service features a cloud-based drag-and-drop development environment that lets you build the user interface and populate it with data from your G Suite applications, Google Maps, Contacts and Groups and virtually any service that offers an API. These applications then run on the same infrastructure on which Google’s own G Suite apps run, and IT admins can also manage them in exactly the same way as Gmail, Drive and other G Suite applications.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Hey welcome to my tutorial page! Below are whole lot of tutorials (mostly Photoshop ). I hope you find these tutorials helpful. If you have any questions regarding any of these tutorials please contact me via my contact page… Coding on iPads – Beginner to Pro Code and programming may not be the most important topics on the planet but it is an area of study that sufferers two major problems. one: an industry with millions of unfilled job positions and two: a world where not enough teachers feel confident to run programming projects. The iPad can offer a solution in these situations. There’s an app for that (and a generation) Android 畫面投射到Apple TV, 免費促銷中. 省300元 * Free for limited time. (Regular price: $9.99)* Mirroring360 Sender allows you to mirror your Android screen to your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV*, Fire TV Stick*, Windows PC*, Mac*, or any other Android devices* wirelessly.

Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Let's Talk Tech Editor's Note:This post was co-authored by Aaron Sams, Managing Director of and founding member of the Flipped Learning Network. The greatest benefit of flipped learning is the restructuring of class time, which is more of a pedagogical solution than a technological solution. However, the in-class benefit is dependent upon the utilization of technology tools. So what technologies are necessary in a flipped classroom? Content Creation Tools

How To Unblock Youtube At School, College And Workplaces The query, how to unblock YouTube at school is one of the most frequent queries entered in search engines every years. Surprisingly, the restrictions apart, YouTube continue to hold the third place in the list of the world’s most accessed websites. The reason is, it’s a home to the unlimited numbers of videos, and it lets the users view and share any content of their choice. For some, it’s a serious business place while for others it’s a serious educational platform and for the rest, it’s a place of relaxation, fun, and entertainment. One can use this freedom of sharing either in a constructive way or a destructive way. 50 free Photoshop actions Adobe's flagship image-editing software Photoshop has a powerful programming language built-in that allows you to record tasks as an 'action' and replay the steps to complete the task automatically. Not only can you record your own but you can also import actions, opening up a whole range of effects and time-saving options – whether you're using an older CS or have signed up to the very latest Creative Cloud version. So to add to our collections of Photoshop plugins and Photoshop resources, here are some great Photoshop actions that are free to download and install, for photographers, graphic designers, game artists and more. You can jump to the section you want from the menu below, but you should definitely check out the entire list – who knows where inspiration will strike! Photo filters

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