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10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

Ekaterina Walter is a social media strategist at Intel. She is a part of Intel’s Social Media Center of Excellence and is responsible for company-wide social media enablement and corporate social networking strategy. She was recently elected to serve on the board of directors of WOMMA. QR codes have been around since the early '90s, but only with the widespread adoption of smartphones and barcode-scanning apps have customers been able to easily access QR codes in significant numbers. According to comScore, 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their devices to scan a QR code in the three-month average period ending October 2011. Will QR codes reach widespread public consciousness, or are they destined to be a quirky aside for mainstream promotional campaigns? So, what can marketers do to take customers out of their comfort zones and try something new? Image courtesy of iStockphoto, youngvet

QR Code - How To Use QR Codes You may have seen these recently in various places, you may have heard people talking about them in the realm of mobile and wondered what the heck they are. Quick response codes (known as “QR” codes) are a very convenient way to display a small bit of information that is easily scanned and processed typically by mobile devices. Allowing physical items to almost become interactive, by providing information that is easily scanned like a website URL. To make a simpler analogy, most people are familiar with Universal Product codes (known as UPC codes). Everything you buy at the grocery store (and almost any store these days) has one of those that the cashier will scan. The computer then immediately knows what the product is based on the code that it picked up. Does anyone remember the days of grocery shopping and the cashier had to punch in the prices and codes for every single item you purchased. Basic QR Code Usage Whole Foods Market (popular in the US/Canada) uses these in their stores.

Generate and decode QR-codes online Purpose & How To This app is for decoding and generating QR codes online, you do not need any browser plugins. Successfully tested with Firefox 3.6, IE7, Opera 10.53. Generate your QR code by simply writing some text in the textfield above and clicking "Generate". QR Codes? A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. Thanks Big thanks to Zebra crossing, this app is using their QR decoding site for decoding your QR codes. Appendix I do not guarantee any resulting QR code generations or detections, use this application at your own risk!

QR Codes Explained and Ideas for Classroom Use When I lead workshops or give presentations I typically don't distribute handouts in paper form. Instead I just give the link to my digital resources for that day's presentation or workshop. Recently, I have started to deviate from that policy just a little bit. Distributing those QR codes before the presentation also creates a good segue into conversations about what QR codes are and how they can be used in schools. The following posts have more ideas about using QR codes in schools:Interactive Bulletin BoardsQR Codes in the ClassroomQRPedia - QR Codes for Wikipedia EntriesAssign QR Codes to Your DocumentsCreate a Mobile Language Lesson With QR VoiceTom Barrett's Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes

The complete list of 'OK, Google' commands With Google Now, you can use voice commands to create reminders, get help with trivia questions, and, yes, even find out "what does the fox say?" And, with today's update from Google, the voice assistant's reponse will sound more natural than ever. (Though, of all the voice assistants, Google Now was already the most natural-sounding one.) If you can't get enough of talking to your phone (or your Android Wear watch), we put together a long list of OK, Google commands to help you get more done with just your voice. OK, Google There are two ways to say a command. With newer Android devices, just say "OK Google," followed by a question or task. If "OK, Google" isn't working for you, make sure that feature is enabled. The (almost) complete list of Google commands We searched high and low for a complete list of "OK Google" commands, but came up short. If you know of a command missing from our list, please leave a comment and we will be sure to included it. The basics Open [app name]. Search Travel

Best APKs you won't find in the Play Store The vast majority of Android users only ever install applications from Google Play. However, the potential of Android goes way beyond the Play Store and Google services. There’s a plethora of APKs that Google doesn’t offer, and we've prepared a list of the best Android APKs and apps you can't find in the Play Store. Jump to: Best Game outside the Play Store: Fortnite Fortnite, the battle royale game that became a veritable cultural phenomenon in 2018, is so popular that creator Epic Games decided that they didn't need to pay Google's 30% cut for the Play Store, choosing instead to host it themselves. But be warned, there are still plenty of fake, malware-laden APKs out there claiming to be Fortnite. Download Fortnite Best for gaming: Humble Bundle The legendary Humble Bundle recently received a few updates, meaning it's no longer available in the Play Store (maybe Google now sees it as a competitor?). The money you pay gets divvied up between charities, the developers and the website.

Pro tip: How to uninstall stubborn Android apps Have you ever needed to uninstall an app from your Android device only to find, for some odd reason, that you can't? What gives? You installed the app from the Google Play Store, so the uninstall process should be a simple matter of going into Settings | Apps, locating the app, and tapping Uninstall. But sometimes, that Uninstall button is grayed out. Or can you? Remember, this is Android, so there's always a way. Here's the thing — sometimes an app requires what's called Device administrator privileges (on some devices, this will be called Phone administrators). Let me show you how to take care of this. If you open up Settings and go to Security, you should find (depending on your device) either Device administrators (such as on Motorola devices) or Phone administrators (such as on LG devices). Figure A The Verizon-branded LG G3 Phone administrators window. In order to remove an app's privilege, tap to uncheck the app in question. Figure B

Android M To Introduce Granular Permission Control Remember App Ops? Back in Jelly Bean 4.3, the feature could be accessed by resourceful users to switch on or off permissions for individual apps. By KitKat 4.4.2, the feature was completely hidden from users. Google's explanation was that App Ops was never meant for public consumption - it was devised for internal debugging only. After some rumblings earlier this month, we've seen information suggesting that - with Android M - that wish may be fulfilled after all. Disclaimer: No matter the confidence level, there's always a chance product updates, features, and some or all details will be changed or cancelled altogether. We do not have possession of any APKs we can distribute or unreleased devices, so please don't ask for them. Confidence level We'll give this rumor a confidence rating of 9/10. The rumor From our information it seems that Google wants to decouple permission acceptance from app installs. The second home of permissions controls will be in the device's Settings app.

How to Manage App Permissions on Android 6.0 Google’s finally done it. Android 6.0 Marshmallow includes a new, iOS-style permission system for new apps. You can also manually revoke permissions from any app — even ones designed for old versions of Android. You don’t need to root, install a custom ROM, or switch to an iPhone to do this anymore. Android’s New Permission System Apps designed for Android 6.0 will now ask for a permission when they need it. But you can manually manage any app’s permissions, even if it was designed for an older version of Android and doesn’t normally ask you. Manage a Single App’s Permissions To do this, you’ll need Android 6.0 Marshmallow or a newer version on your device. Open the Settings app and tap “Apps” under the Device heading to get started. You’ll see a list of all the apps installed on your Android device. This will take you to the new “App permissions” screen. Older applications weren’t designed for this feature, and they generally just assume they have access to any permissions they request.

Android Community - Tracking the Android Platform GPS Status - MobiWIA Before you start: If you have problems with the GPS receiver (no lock), or issues with the sensors (wrong compass orientation etc.), please read the FAQ. The FAQ contains a lot of useful information about possible problems, use cases etc. GPS Status & Toolbox is a simple program to show all the GPS and sensor data of your phone. It is designed to be simple, yet effective. It helps you to see what is happening while the GPS is trying to acquire your locations and can be used as a simple compass, as a leveling tool, will measure the phone’s speed and acceleration, the brightness or the air pressure (if your phone has the necessary sensors.) The program also supports basic navigation functions that are useful when you are out in the wild. The program has four screens plus it can display a system notification to show GPS data. The screen has three main parts: The sky grid (G), the signal strength bar (V) and the instrument panels. Usually at least 4 satellites are required to have a GPS lock.

Hack Androids lock screen with an Arduino | Latest Hacking News Hack Androids lock screen with an Arduino Here is a very interesting article found at about how to use an Arduino to hack a 4 digit pin code android device. The code will try to the top 20 PIN’s before starting its brute force cycle. For this attack to work you will need an Arduino Leonardo, or an Arduino that can act as a HID (Human Interface Device), an USB OTG (on-the-go) cable and a target device. If you went from 0000 – 9999 the hack would take roughly 16 hours, the odds are you would get it before then though. See the video below to see what this code does: You can also find the code for this project below:

5 Best Android Shortcut Apps for Quick Access to Everything Smartphones are in a rut. Whether you’re using an iPhone or something running Android, you get a static row of icons at the bottom along with rows and rows of additional ones above or in a drawer. Doing anything generally involves stopping what you’re doing and tapping on one of these icons. Fortunately, on Android, we can make changes that speed up how we interact with our phones — no rooting or flashing required. Developers have come up with some rather creative shortcuts for placing a call, sending a text, and quickly accessing other common tasks. Here are five that caught my attention. 1. Assistive Touch places a button on your iPhone screen that floats above everything else. When Assistive Touch launched for iOS, some Android apps had already experimented with the idea of putting a floating button on the screen. EasyTouch is one of those apps. The downside to apps like this is that the button is always visible. EasyTouch is free to use. Download: EasyTouch for Android (Free) 2. 3.

11 best photo editing apps on Android Adobe Photoshop Express: the fast and easy Adobe Photoshop Express is a great all-around photoshopping app for Android. Photos on your smartphone are easily modified with just a few swipes on a simple interface. It gives you the feel of the PC Adobe Photoshop on your mobile device. The absolute basics like rotation, cropping, red-eye removal and flipping are very easy to perform within the app. If you are a bit more advanced in your photoshopping, you can take advantage of the professional design features. Adobe Photoshop Express AirBrush: the selfie perfector AirBrush is any selfie fan's best friend. AirBrush has only a few functions but executes them well. If you are a first timer at selfie editing, the app gives you a series of easy-to-follow tutorials to get you started. AirBrush - Best Selfie Editor PhotoDirector: the ultimate When a massive multimedia software company like Cyberlink delivers a photo editing app to Android, you're going to want to pay attention. Photo Editor Snapseed

Top alternatives to Facebook app for Android Fast for Facebook Fast for Facebook lets you choose a design layout upon installing, rather than having one thrust upon you. It lets you choose interface size (essentially the amount of "stuff" you can see on screen) and color scheme. It has a dizzying amount of options which are intimidating at a glance, but upon closer inspection make a lot of sense. Download the Fast for Facebook app here. Friendcaster This is very popular Facebook app alternative. It may be a little too similar to Facebook's own app for me to really appreciate it, but it does have some really interesting options like news feed filters, which can be used to only view posts which contains links or pictures, for example. Download the Friendcaster app here. Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) Seesmic is an interface for both Facebook and/or Twitter. and took just seconds to install and get started on my device. I didn’t really appreciate how it displays my own page: without profile picture or banner. Flipster for Facebook