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The Dissolve - Coming This Summer

The Dissolve - Coming This Summer
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emmas designblogg - design and style from a scandinavian perspective Overdrive: The Films of Léos Carax - Harvard Film Archive February 15 - February 24, 2013 “It’s incredible how much cinema can do. We forget.” – Leos Carax When he released his first film in 1984 at the age of 23, Leos Carax was heralded as some sort of cross between Rimbaud and Antoine Doinel (of The 400 Blows) – part prodigy and part enfant terrible, a creature of the cinema. The film’s lead actor, Denis Lavant, reappeared in Carax’s next two films, always playing a romantic young man named Alex. As if the bigger-than-life ambition of The Lovers on the Bridge had brought this cycle to fruition, and the difficulties of the film’s production taken their toll, Carax waited several years before making another movie, Pola X, his only work without Lavant. Initially Carax was often compared to two other French filmmakers from the 1980s: Jean-Jacques Beineix (Diva) and Luc Besson (Subway). A critics’ favorite here and in France, Carax also arouses cult-level enthusiasm in his fans on both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s not hard to see why. Pola X

The PhotoBook | Commentary on photo books Panic Movement The movement's violent theatrical events were designed to be shocking,[2] and to release destructive energies in search of peace and beauty.[3] One four-hour performance known as Sacramental Melodrama was staged in May 1965 at the Paris Festival of Free Expression. The "happening" starred Jodorowsky dressed in motorcyclist leather and featured him slitting the throats of two geese, taping two snakes to his chest and having himself stripped and whipped. Other scenes included "naked women covered in honey, a crucified chicken, the staged murder of a rabbi, a giant vagina, the throwing of live turtles into the audience, and canned apricots References[edit] Bibliography[edit] Arrabal, Fernando (1973).

Disturber – New Photography Magazine Tu mourras moins bête Ask The Dust Many people prefer personal computer pcs above notebooks, and even for good explanation. They tend to be reliable and will do issues notebook computers are not able to. Nonetheless, as a way to truly take full advantage of everything that a desktop has to offer, there are certain things you ought to know. You will definately get that information and facts within this item. Join an online group for those who find out about personal computers. If you intend on storing lots of songs or video lessons, get a tough generate that will protect your requirements. Make sure you look at the online before spending dollars in a traditional tech store. Prior to buying a fresh desktop computer, compose a list of all of the issues you would like to make use of your laptop or computer for. Reconditioned personal computers are a good option when evaluating an inexpensive equipment. An inexpensive sub $300 pc may seem wonderful, but perform your due diligence before purchasing.

Contemporary Art Daily Journal d'un photographe 6th Mar 2015 | 1 note Journal d’un photographe. 5th Mar 2015 | 6 notes Journal d’un photographe. 3rd Mar 2015 | 1 note 2nd Mar 2015 | 1 note 27th Fév 2015 | 1 note 26th Fév 2015 | 1 note 25th Fév 2015 | 3 notes 24th Fév 2015 | 3 notes 23rd Fév 2015 | 2 notes 20th Fév 2015 | 5 notes SHOW ME PICTURES J Ë S Ş Ẽ | Explain the news