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The Carbon Cycle Game

The Carbon Cycle Game

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Climate change: Rising sea levels hit Maputo, Rotterdam When people talk about the impact of rising sea levels, they often think of small island states that risk being submerged if global warming continues unchecked. But it's not only those on low-lying islands who are in danger. Millions of people live by the sea - and are dependent on it for their livelihoods - and many of the world's largest cities are on the coast. By 2050 the number of people living in delta cities is set to increase by as much as 70%, experts suggest, vastly increasing the number of those at risk. To shed light the impact of rising sea levels, we are taking a close look at two very different cities, Rotterdam and Maputo , and their varying responses to the problem. Much of Rotterdam - Europe's busiest port city - lies several metres below sea level, and this vulnerable position has led it to develop some of the best flood protection in the world.

Energy Flow Through Ecosystems Summary:The objective of this lesson plan is to give students a basic understanding of how energy flows through an ecosystem by introducing them to the concepts of food chains and energy pyramids. Included in this lesson are two small group activities and a power point presentation. The power point presentation provides the students with fundamental knowledge about one way that organisms in an ecosystem interact and depend on one another. By using the power point lecture, the students are able to visualize food chains and energy pyramids. It is hoped that through the small group activities, the students will help each other gain a better understanding of how energy flows through an ecosystem.

Secondary Biology teaching resources – TES From tiny microbes to life itself, our collection of free biology teaching resources covers all aspects of the subject, no matter how big or how small. Why not have a browse of our latest collections in TES Science and Socrative science GCSE revision quizzes? Alternatively, you can search for lesson plans, activities and worksheets, as well as material for biology revision. @tesscience Careers in STEM Biomes Video & Map GREEN Click on a biome on the above graph for more information, informative videos, and links to scientist profiles, travel information, lesson plans and species profiles for each region. We'd like to know where you're coming from. If you've used this site for a class project or browsing for fun, add yourself to our map and communicate with other "ecogeeks"

Global Warming Explained, In About A Minute : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture Jean-Pierre Clatot/AFP/Getty Images On a pleasant day in 2011, researchers roamed San Diego's public parks in search of volunteers to fill out anonymous surveys about global warming. In the end about 270 responses were collected from a mix of park visitors and nearby community college students. The researchers wanted to know how well the average American understands the basic processes responsible for global warming, and whether there's a relationship between this basic understanding and the belief that global warming is actually occurring. The results were sobering. While a majority of volunteers believed that global warming is a reality (80 percent) and that human activities are a significant contributing factor (77 percent), only a slim minority was able to explain even rudimentary aspects of the mechanism.

Population Issues & Facts - Population Connection When Population Connection was founded as Zero Population Growth, or ZPG, in 1968, there were 3.5 billion people on the planet. Since then, our world population has doubled – with no end in sight. The United Nations projects that world population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050, and nearly 11 billion by 2100. Why does it matter? One in eight people is hungry.

The Human Body This astonishing series takes us on a journey breathtaking twists of the most complex biological mechanism on earth - the human body. Using a technique that allows us to see photos changes over time, graphics, drawing and illustration calculated computerized techniques in order to investigate any effect, due to a corner of the human body in his various stages of growth, maturity and the final state - decay. Matriculation, girls, pains of adolescence, complex activity of the brain and eventually death shown in steps with detailed explanation. Offering clear voice of Dr. Robert Winston allows 10-year-old child even gain knowledge and understand the human body than ever before. Life Story – Every second, a world of miraculous microscopic events take place within the body.

A Zunal Biome Zoo You will be assigned into groups of five and be given one of the world biomes to conduct your research.In your groups you will assign the roles of specialists to break down the assignment. You will work individually on your specific specialist role and find the information relevant to produce your virtual tour. As a team you will work together to make a virtual tour of your biome through a PowerPoint presentation. You must include; *An introduction page that briefly describes your group and biome 2nd Biannual NGSS STEM Education Conference Download the conference schedule and a map Session 1 Arms & Arteries: Adventures in Biomechanical Engineering Looking for ways to integrate engineering into your life science and biology classes? Try biomechanical engineering!

Using the Carbon Cycle Interactive Game in the Classroom - Windows to the Universe Have students read the Windows to the Universe page entitled The Carbon Cycle. Introduction: Ask students to (based of the reading) list the places where carbon is found on Earth. As a class, brainstorm why carbon is important and why carbon is sometimes hazardous. Tell students that for this online interactive game, they are all playing the role of carbon atoms. They will travel through the carbon cycle.

A szimuláció során egy szénatomot követünk, aki az atmoszférából indul körútjára. A különböző állomásokon - amiknek a sorrendjét mi választjuk ki, kis nyilak segítségével - ismeretterjesztő infókat olvashatunk, és a kérdőjeles csillagokon egyszerű kérdéseket (igaz-hamis vagy feleletválasztós) kell megválaszolni. Ha az összes állomást - atmoszféra, felszíni óceánok, mély óceánok, tengeri állatok, földi növények és talaj - meglátogattuk, a játék véget ér. by gnadori Apr 18

A játék során a programot használó egy szénatom szerepében vándorol végig a széncikluson, ahol hat helyszínen kell járnia ahoz, hogy a játékot "megnyerje". Útja során érdekességekkel, tudását ellenőrző kérdésekkel és az adott helyszínt leíró szövegekkel találkozik. by gnadori Apr 18